The 600 Round Assault Clip – Rooftop Sniper

This is the 600 round Glock assault clip.
Nobody will have done this before. This is youtube first. World record.
Nobody has this many G18 mags.

100 thoughts on “The 600 Round Assault Clip – Rooftop Sniper

  1. Is that clown SERIOUS??!! If you watch this, ya GOTTA be deaf not to notice that the video is looped. just listen and put any thought about the hillbilly construction of this thing.

  2. chinguen a su madre se nota en el audio q repiten y repiten para asi hacer sonar todos los disparos sean realer pendejos

  3. fakest thing i've ever seen. if you're gonna loop it like that try doing it so it actually looks legit next time…

  4. lol i almost believed this until i saw the turtle beach "earmuffs" lol good clickbait man i had a good laugh thats for sure

  5. it's fake look at the casings there falling in the same place every time. and the video stops for a second and it replace it over and over. you just got exposed fuck your fake ass shit

  6. If this evil technology existed in the 90's, the roof Koreans would still be undefeated to this day.

  7. All the dumbasses going on about the video being looped, did you not even notice some of the mags facing the wrong direction, let alone the fact they are straight taped together, but the video being looped is the only thing you want to call out? The whole thong is obviously a joke

  8. Dude you should never exceed the magazines max capicity. Its not gun for the glock or the magazine. It can cause. It to seriously over heat the bore and cause pressure to build.

  9. Es falso se escucha perfectamente la repetición de el vídeo ( repiten muchas veces una parte del vídeo para que parezca que dispara muchas veces )

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