ANGELA SUN: We’ve already witnessed two of
the top B-boys battling it out in the Arena. Six more await their turn on stage where they’ll
have to bring their very best if they hope to make it to the semi-finals.
You’re watching The Arena. FLIPZ: The first battle of The Arena was epic with Morris bringing the power and
tricks, while Kid David displayed his killer style and smooth flavor. Both B-Boys gave
it their all during the challenge round showing us their best and most dynamic power. But
in the end it all came down to execution. ASIA ONE: At the end of the day I saw one side
look more polished than the other, so that’s what I gotta go for.
CRAZY LEGS: The winner is…Morris. MORRIS: It was good, a good four rounds, three real rounds, one challenge
round. Like they said me and Kid David both did good. I felt the same. But he had a little
bit more mess-ups than I did. KID DAVID: It was cool. I made a couple of mistakes. I haven’t
really been breaking a lot lately, so I didn’t really expect like my cleanest performance.
When you’re judging two really good guys you have to be really tough on execution. MORRIS:
Well I knew Kid David is one of the hardest dancers here, so I just threw like a lot of
my big moves on him. You know watch out for me. I’m not one to mess around. When I’m out
there I’m there to win. You know afterwards we can be friends, but it’s the Arena,
it’s a battle. I’m ready to make history. FLIPZ: So Morris moves on to the semi-finals
and we’ll see Kid David again to battle it out for the audience award. ANGELA SUN: Welcome
to the second battle of our quarter-finals here on The Arena where top B-Boys are putting
their skills and their creativity to the test. We have some incredible challenges in store
that will help keep the competitors on their toes in more ways than one. Let’s find out
who’s battling next. Flipz, take it away. FLIPZ: Yeah, yeah, y’all. Welcome back to the
Arena quarter finals number two. Are you guys hyped? All right, we’re down to six. Who’s
gonna judge? Legendary, the man, the myth, the legend, all the way from BX, el boricua
from Rock Steady, Crazy Legs. This amazing rocker herself, Asia One. President, founder
of Skill Methods crew, seventeen years strong, Abstrak. Yo, and on the wheels spinning the
breaks: Wicked. Shall we get down to it? Moment of truth you guys. The
next two contenders are… Floor Phantom. FLOOR PHANTOM: Breaking is not only a dance but it’s a cultural movement, so when
you ask me about breaking I’m gonna speak in terms of hip-hop culture. To me tradition
is very very important and trying to keep alive the traditional aspects of the art
is good, but at the same time you don’t wanna limit yourself. You wanna be able to
grow, you wanna be able to understand different things and you wanna be able to implement
different things. I think everyone gets nervous. I think everyone does. It’s a good thing.
I just wanna make sure that I represent correct for everyone that’s behind me on this. Keebz. KEEBZ: In the Arena we’re gonna
see really good battles, ’cause it’s not just any random B-Boy, it’s
some of the top B-Boys in the world, you know. So it’s quality B-Boys. You just gotta
space out and act like no one’s there, just your opponent. And sometimes you don’t even
see your opponent, you’re just battling yourself. Even if you’re friends with that guy, it is
a battle. So just like a boxer, he’s not gonna be nice with you, like you’re fighting him
so you gotta fight back. Who doesn’t like to win, but that’s not all it’s about. It’s
about the journey, you know. FLIPZ: Are you all ready? So Phantom, what’s it gonna be?
Heads. Heads. And it is Heads, it is heads. Yo Keebz, you know what that means, right?
You’re up first, baby. Quarter-finals number two. Let’s get busy. Yo, show me some love,
Wicked. Keebz. FLIPZ: New York, he’s ready to rock. Floor Phantom. Challenge round. Rockin. Hit it. Aight, Phantom. Round three. Round three,
come on Killer Keebz. Thirty seconds of flavor and style.
Texas, Florida…Mind 180. Aight, give it to me, get ready to
rock. Rocking the NYC, the BX. All right, final round. This is it.
Fifteen seconds left. Switch it up, switch it up. And that’s it. Quarter-finals two.
ANGELA SUN: Give it up, guys. FLIPZ: Quarter finals two. Waiting for the judges, yo,
waiting for the judges. ASIA ONE: I feel that you know Phantom, you always look crisp, you always
bring a battle style to what you do. I can appreciate this cause this is a battle. And
I’m looking for burns, I’m looking for strong gestures and really crisp footwork and the
classic package and the rock style. And um at the same time, Keebz, I think your tops
are dope. I like your style up top. I like I like your footwork, I like how you get down.
So it’s definitely, it was very close in my mind’s eye. ABSTRAK: Definitely very close.
You don’t get to see this type of movement in such a a big event as this. Keebz,
always fresh, intricacies always dope, so Keebz yo, much props. Phantom, always funky.
I want people to notice the footwork that he was doing, always on beat, everything is
on beat. CRAZY LEGS: Obviously both of you have a really great foundation when it
comes to your top rocking. I thought it was always refreshing for me. I like the way
you kind of made the top rock portion, top rock challenge of the battle really specific.
Once you was in a square it was only about that particular square, so you made each square
its own set. It was like yeah this is where I’m ending, bam, and I’m toma,
take it, boom, you know. And of course you definitely killed at top rocking,
although you have the whole repertoire and the text and the arsenal, I just felt like
you were pulling your weight a little bit in the battle. ASIA ONE: So the winner is… Floor Phantom. ANGELA SUN: Another huge congratulations goes out to Floor Phantom, our second competitor
to advance to the semi-finals. With two battles remaining in the quarter finals we’re just
getting warmed up. Be sure to get the latest updates on Arena through our Facebook page,
Twitter and of course by subscribing here to DS2DIO. And please leave your comments
below. We’d love to hear from you. From the whole Arena crew and my co-host Flipz, I’m
Angela Sun, we’ll check you next time.

10 thoughts on “THE ARENA: EP 2 – KEEBZ vs FLOOR PHANTOM [DS2DIO]

  1. Thats true.However Morris won international in U.K finals against Lilou 2009 or 2010 wasnt sure what year it was. Ronnie and roxrite won redbull bc one. I guess this show is just beginning..there are more comming..

  2. Hehhee its easy to say it right? Why dont you go in the Arena and show us your style that is not boring. lols

  3. im talking about Lilou vs Morris on Finals in U.K.. I didnt say Physics. Oh yeah I dont think they only claim in the U.S.A – soon or Later Dizzy or other bboys will show up.

  4. I disagree and agree with you. The thing is, that it's really difficult to express yourself in a short time, but that's the point… If you're good enough, you can do it in a short period of time. 15 seconds aren't much of time, but if you're really good, I'm sure, you can make a bloody damn cool 15 second set ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I understand that it's meant to raise the difficulty and to judge the dancer's quick thinking but honestly it just doesn't work well in a bboy battle. As you saw in the final round you have to pretty much abandon toprocking or a whole category of moves just to save yourself more time to throw down other moves. Again I know what you're saying but I really think it's unnecessarily restrictive, especially for bboys.

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