The Assault On Icecrown Citadel

The chill of this place… Ooh I can feel my blood freezing. You have proven yourselves as abled body champions of the Argent Crusade. Together we will strike against Icecrown Citadel and destroy what remains of the Scourge. There is no challenge that we cannot face united. I, I don’t believe it! Frostmourne stands before us, unguarded. Just as the Gnome claimed. The Blade that destroyed our kingdom. We will eradicate the Alliance and Horde, then the rest of Azeroth will fall before the might of my army. Jaina! Could it truly be you? Uther! Dear Uther. I, I’m so sorry. Jaina you haven’t much time, the Lich King sees what the sword sees. He will be here shortly. Arthas is here? Maybe I. No girl, Arthas is not here. Arthas is merely a presence within the Lich King’s mind. A dwindling presence. But Uther if there’s any hope of reaching Arthas I, I must try. Jaina listen to me, you must destroy the Lich King. You cannot reason with him. He will kill you and your allies and raise you all as powerful soldiers of the Scourge. Tell me how Uther. The Lich King is here? Then my destiny shall be fulfilled on this day. You cannot defeat the Lich King, not here. You will be a fool to try. How do I destroy my Prince, my… Snap out of it girl! You must destroy the Lich King at the place where he merged with Ner’zhul. Atop the spire at the Frozen Throne. It is the only way. You’re right Uther, forgive me. I, I don’t know what got ahold of me. There is something else that you should know about the Lich King. Control over the Scourge must never be lost. Even if you were to strike down the Lich King, another would have to take its place. Or without the control of its master, the Scourge would run rampant across the world destroying all living things. A grand sacrifice by a noble soul. Who can bare such a burden? I do not know Jaina. I suspect that the piece of Arthas that might be left inside the Lich King is all that holds the Scourge from annihilating Azeroth. Then maybe there is still hope. No Jaina! Ahhhhh! He… He is coming… You… You must… Living or dead you will serve me! You won’t deny me this Arthas! I must know! I must find out! There’s nothing left of Arthas. Only the Lich King remains. You will not escape me that easily Arthas. I will have my vengeance! I will not make the same mistake again Sylvannas. This time there will be no escape. You will all serve me in death. So this is how it ends. Prepare yourselves heroes, for today we make our final stand. Hahahahaha! You will all become powerful agents of the Scourge. He’s toying with us. I will show him what happens to ice when it meets fire. Your barriers cannot hold us back much longer monster. I will shatter them all! Kill them all! In the end, you will all serve me!

100 thoughts on “The Assault On Icecrown Citadel

  1. funny thing is that the lich king wants to destroy all but we still fight him but without a master the scourge will annihilate everything. seems like arthas sucks a little 😛

  2. Nice job,but i don't agree with a thing…When Arthas was alive he zerged through many cities,those cities had some champions (as any city in wow),but that couldn't stop Arthas.Even the city called Dalaran,among with it's mages couldn't stop Arthas,and 25 man (or 10) can simply end an expansion,that fucking sux(champions my ass,hundreds of champions can't kill him and 25 players can bah…).

  3. When Uther says that "Even if you were to take down the Lich King, another must take his place". It's like in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean II with the Flying Duchman "If you stab the heart, yours must take its place".

  4. @HowtoOfficial You know, it wouldn't surprise me if Arthas Menethil masked his soul's presence in order to ensure that Jaina wouldn't hesitate to help strike down the Lich King. If Jaina discovered that Arthas's soul was still in the Lich King's body, she'd try to save him and they'd all be destroyed.

    It's what I'd do if I was him as I wouldn't want those I care about to die and/or become the Lich King's servants trying to save me.

  5. Very Nice 🙂 Love it. Even though people say that WoTLK was a bad expansion, i disagree. I think that it was great. Sure, it was quite easy but overlooking that, it was great.

  6. Damn, that was pretty amazing. I roll Horde, so I'm not that familiar with Jaina… but has she always been such a woman?? 😛

  7. wait why could they not save Arthas, I mean once the lich king died why could they not rezz Arthas back to his body? you can do it with any other soul and its body then wehy not reset his soul by rezzing him back to his body?

  8. @Kaeladino Deathwing is a fuckin' pimp man. Arthas was weak and "loved" people, Deathwing just chained up Alexstrasza and screwed her when he felt like it. Then, after she got freed when Deathwing was busy doing other insane shit she tried to fight him in the Twilight Highlands.

    Know what happened to her? Deathwing kicked her to the curb.

  9. Blizzard Created WarCraft and killed it bolvar and other shits are trash of warcraft if Wasn't arthas stopping the plague (atleast for a while) not only north kingdoms of azeroth but the whole of it would be plagued i can bet that when wotlk was at retail there were more people than now playing retail cuz Cata is a fucking piece of WarCraft II now the only one that make the Lore good and bring players to cata is Thrall…

  10. i missed LK i mean BC was better but LK was a bit more epic i remember fondly fighting the undead in the freezing plains of northrend

  11. tirion rules ! 😀 and the final was soo god like *_* :*light give me strength* (or something light that :D) :*super sayajn !!!!!!!* SMACK Lk: What is this?! xD

  12. Anyone else realize how bad the writing was for this scene on Blizzards part? * The only thing keeping the scourge from annihilating Azeroth is the piece of arthas still within the lich king * Alright so with that sentence they claim Ner'zhul is the dominant part of the lich king.But we all know Ner'zhul was killed by Arthas during the Lich kings many dreams. So There is no more Ner'zhul and only Arthas. Arthas is everything that the lich king currently is. Nothing held the Scourge back.

  13. @DjCooneProjects I agree with that. Playing through wc3 and then tft and then all of wow with the belief that Arthas would be the finale.

  14. @RebirthWoWGuild Why do people insist on thinking that Arthas is the end all of WoW? Because he was in WC3? Observe the number 3. Now unless you start counting at 3. 4. 5., there are two other Warcrafts with characters in it, Many far powerful than Arthas. Kil'Jaeden is still Alive, Deathwing is a dragon that controls the earth under your feet. And then there's Sargeras. WoW has a long way to go and likely wont end until there aren't enough subscribers to warrant continuing.

  15. @RyanEX2000 Because most of us played wc3 and the character most of us fell in love with * story wise * was the story line of Arthas, he was the ending to wc3 tft and yes there are many more powerful beings than him he was still the cliff hanger off of TFT heading into WoW. If you don't read the books- or – the wiki much then Arthas IS the biggest character in WoW for you.

  16. Arthas's death was, to me, the end of WoW because it was really with that event that the lore stopped being influenced by the RTS lore. In MY OPINION, WoW is a decent and sometimes excellent way to carry on a story, yet it is not so good for continuing a story or adding new life to that story. I realize that Cataclysm and now MoP have roots in Warcraft's past, but I find that I care less and less about characters and events due to WoW's nature.

  17. what people mean is they loved his story to much and the ending was a complete FAIL we dont know if he was himself again or he was redeemed they fucked it up and its utter pish

  18. Except for, y'know, the crazy Warchief, the Trolls, the Taurens coping with their dead leader, the Draeni (spelling) finding a way home, the Undercity, y'know, all of the rest of Azeroth developing, etc? Entire fantasy worlds do not end with the death of one character.

  19. Sure all this shit about the game dying when arthas did.. Just cause cata sucks, I hope MoP gives a rebirth to the epic game wow once was

  20. who says the leader of the Horde is have a good ending, Thrall too have lots of problems that is why he step down as warchief in the first place

  21. well i would be more sad if they decided to kill gamon. arthas has always just been to overrated for me. on another note, the game is great right now. blizzard started listening to players and made the new expansion better than wotlk and cata, its even more fun than vanilla in my op. not as good as bc though.

  22. Lich king was merely a pawn, yes that is very true. He is the pawn of Kil'Jeaden, which is the pawn of Sargeras. Alas, people will circlejerk about the nostalgia, and will never appreciate the lore

  23. *arthas is merely a dwindling presence in the lich kings mind *
    They really just let themselves go in the writing department didn't they…..
    They said Arthas killed Nerzhul in a dream, and yet Arthas is a dwindling presence in the              * lich kings mind *? 
    Is the lich king some third party separate from arthas and nerzhul?  wtf?

  24. In the Halls of Reflection lore did both Jainnia and Sylvanys go to the halls of reflection at the same time with both horde and alliance

  25. This is the video that i watched thousand times when i was like 4 years old 🙂 This is still the best video! Good work buddy. 😀

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