The Assault Weapons Ban Trick – Helping Pro-Gun Policy?

now i’ve been saying this all along
uh… but we have just one example for you out of many that we could a page
from a couple of weeks ago when to use a rose on the program and we were talking
about uh… gun control in you know i said look the assault weapons ban is not going to
happen in fact you until you how the rest of it look at the bottom line on this i think
that we would be lucky to get the ban on the high-capacity magazines ok and a
good job of albeit without those two by considered a big win if you do with
it is correct context in so they’re saying if we got the high-capacity magazines
his number two on the list of those saw weapons ban would be lucky so that was on january twentieth what is
reporting today on february fifth sam site bahrain unexpected turn of legislative
affairs a ban on military style semiautomatic assault weapons will not make it into law top pilates and gun policy advocates say he continues the ban is the most controversial before
major composed of the gun control platform the bill bombing administration
introduced and i think that congressional democrats of touted the
other three a universal background check for firearms sales a federal trafficking
law in a ban on high-capacity magazines are likely to be part of a final bill
democrat democratic it’s a lol there is growing concern about whether a bandwagon high-capacity
magazines can make a plan to law so as we’ve been telling you for about a
month overall now you’d be lucky to get high-capacity
magazine bear assault weapons ban this id ministration and this senate led by harry reid i don’t think so quote what is harry think he was on blue
shows over the weekend here let me show you a piece of it video fourteen at least worker haven’t for mary’s
opportunities are for the summer when you look for him quite a while precondition also have a rare amendment
i didn’t vote for assault weapons last time to listen connections but uh… hoping to look at it off abit i’ll take a look at the break
both were out about that about letter introduce it will get back
to why is it a little bit in the second well uh… how about uh… high-capacity
magazines s thing would be lucky to get a me you’re going to vote for the
vessels simple right majority the countries in favor of that
i mean what would you have time to meet thirty or a hundred boats that’s what
the mass killers use harrigan vera that
right i’m still support of the second member
pretty new thing travel restrictions on high-capacity magazines for animation i think that’s something we definitely
have to take a look at our world record for what what let’s see what he has
problem it’s the way they are daniela is let’s take a look at several
points for every day one of the greatly well what in that look like they’re extremists on
this right so are you to stand up to than and all
other let’s find out you’ve been and supported by the n_r_a_ in the past
you support the second amendment and she said the one your colleague
senator bill nelson uh… has said that they become extremist that they’re more
representing gun manufacturers the majority of gun owners do you agree with
that georgia i’ve been supported by the
n_r_a_ on occasion no wayne lapierre has always been extremely pleasant manually we have a good
relationship with this line are you know i’m not here to immune organization no no no he’s been extremely pleasant to
me is the apollo boaters money whatever else are needed in terms
of political sport in my direction so i wouldn’t want to
cross them by cutting into the profits of the gunmen
effectors even this much i mean i look at he did say that he has been introduced
assault weapons ban love this trick wait till you see this this and sign it continues to report on
an imposing but we do is make promises and among them is that the song what has
been will get a boat something the president of a bomb or
also called for tourist beach on gun violence in minneapolis on monday
whatever legal of room for progresses except he continues by saying quote he would give more conservative
democrats the chance to publicly say they beat
back the ban uh… the point isn’t to put their legislation forward so you can get a chance for passage the point is to put it forward so the concern democrats can be viewed what dan said and then go
to the n_r_a_ gimme more money until for you activists all that is very likely state that’s what this is about so the democrats can brag some press can
brag actually doing in the world on control but meanwhile they don’t want to say
that because the other democrats atticus agency that does want to go control so
what do you have to do you have to pretend that you’re doing gun control what secretly giving an opportunity tick killed gun control that’s how this game is played and then finally they do say the obama administration an
ally democrats however have been heartened by the fact bipartisan
coalitions already existing tigers for background check legislation attracted
you go all while a bipartisan group in favor of
that how’d they regard ball but the background checks eighty five percent of the country if
there are those checks at private gun sales and sales at gun shows while are you not football you agreed to give us what eighty five percent of the country
agrees to and then don’t turn around and brag
about that and you think how absurd deteriorating
more absurd to brag about actually i can it also comes from harry high-handed comes from the commercial
invoice on anymore but again and that once again
thank you for similar reasons i one of them please look for years my
bedroom with a police officer and a carrying guns were needed put myself
through our school killed himself shot himself with a gun
committed suicide so i know a lot about guns bill bradley are those of the others where apparel might fact strap who support for their head over
the world i don’t wanna left have you heard anything more absurd your
life on pro-gun my dad killed himself with one that’s democratic party for you

100 thoughts on “The Assault Weapons Ban Trick – Helping Pro-Gun Policy?

  1. Your first statement is complete conjecture. You have a lot of nerve to claim that all black market guns are sold by law abiding citizens to ineligible people. Did you ever stop to think that guns get stolen? Or that Obama and Holder PURPOSELY sell them to straw purchasers? Go watch the news or read a paper and learn some facts troll.

  2. Love your post. truth be said it would be YOU CANT FIX STUPID. Some of these idiots were slow swimmers in the gene pool. LIKE THE SPOKES PERSON FOR THIS VIDEO.

  3. Stolen guns are a drop in the bucket. An estimated 230K guns are stolen each year. San Diego’s Trans-Border Institute estimates that 250K guns are bought just by straw purchasers smuggling weapons into Mexico. This is just common sense. If you are a gang trying to sell black market guns your two options are an extremely risky break in at a gun shop or home or paying your cousin with a clean record few hundred bucks to make a straw purchase what the fuck are you going to do?! (contd)…

  4. (contd)…P.S. And what about making it possible to prosecute straw purchasers…Just completely ignored that part of the argument eh? How the fuck is law enforcement supposed to enforce the law when there is absolutely no way to prove that a straw purchaser EVEN CAUGHT IN THE ACT, knew or should have known that he or she was selling to a felon in a private transfer?

  5. I can't help but notice that he doesn't mention anything about the gun registry they'd need to establish in order to enforce those background checks.

  6. Didn't Joe Biden openly admit that these laws wouldn't work? Not to mention that I read over the assault weapons ban and I noticed that it missed hundreds of weapons that function identically to an AR-15. As a matter of fact, if you took the grip off of an AR-15 and replaced the stock and hand guard with wood, it would be technically legal. Not to mention I just tried to see how hard it would be to get a full auto illegally. I found a whole warehouse of them for 400$. I'm feeling Skeptical.

  7. People should be able to do whatever they want as long as they don't violate the rights of other people. Only fools allow the government to have control of your life and human rights.

  8. forward me that story, too, if you can find it. that'd be some heavy firepower (TURBOPUNS) in debating 2nd amendment rights.

  9. The AR-15 was a civilian weapon before it was sold to the military as the M-16. So it is not a military weapon.

  10. Actually the AR15 was originally built for the US military, and modified till adopted by the military as the M16 in 1962. The semi auto version was originally marketed to the public in 1963.

  11. I can't tell if you don't know what you are talking about, or if you just didn't finish your statement. But what you say is wrong because the AR15 was ALWAYS for civilians. The AR16 (Which later was named the M16) was always for the Military. It's not rocket science, they are completely different weapons and always have been.

  12. Fuck TYT, if you are anti constitution why are you in America? All of you anti gunners should go to the UK! We don't fucking want you here, you ARE NOT AMERICAN, and it is just betterr for the both of us. It's not fucking complicated, Get the fuck out of this country if you don't like our core ideals which one of them are PRO GUN.

  13. A quote from Wiki " The AR-15 was first built by ArmaLite as an assault rifle for the United States armed forces". From Dark Gun "Designed as a lighter version of the AR-10, the AR 15 was built to meet the needs of soldiers after WWII"… Shall I go on….. How about a quote about the AR16 "Despite the similarity in nomenclature, and while it is an ArmaLite design like the AR-15/M16, it is a very different weapon."… Shall I go on again. Research is your friend…….

  14. … Maybe a quote about the M16… "The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16, is the United States military version of the AR-15 rifle."

  15. That's exactly what I said, In the Gun lingo world, a version is considered a different type of firearm. That probably doesn't make since to someone who doesn't like learning about firearms (such as anti gun people). Because lets face it, to be anti gun, and actually believe that you can get rid of all guns in the U.S., indicates a person who isn't very educated and hates learning Lol….

  16. A gun is not a weapon until you use it as one. Just think about it this way you don't call a knife an assault knife until you assault someone with it stop being brainwashed people.

  17. Why do people think banning high capacity magazines will get rid of them you can still buy the magazine but it will have a rivet in it limiting the amount of rounds it will hold but it takes about 30 seconds to remove the rivet and then the magazine can hold 30,50,100, rounds again common sense people it goes a long way.

  18. An AR-15 is a semi-automatic version of the M16/M4. The AR is designed for civilian usage and the FBI has agreed that an AR-15, chambered in 5.56/.223 with a 30 round magazine is SUITABLE for Home/Business Defense.

  19. A 'high capacity magazine' is not 'anything with more then 10 rounds'. It is a magazine, designed to hold more rounds then the original manufacturer intended. So my 30 round magazines, are not 'high capacity', they are 'standard capacity' magazines. My 20 round magazines are 'low capacity' magazines. So, before you quote an idiot politician, please learn what it means to carry a firearm for personal defense.

  20. Banning high capacity mags are not going to stop mass shootings. Stop trying to get your liberal foot in the door by passing small legislations over time. People like me will still not give up our guns because some psycho decided to kill a bunch of elementary school children one day.

  21. there are hundreds of millions of guns in america and 10x that many high capacity mags. Who is honestly gunna try to take all of these??

  22. "I'm pro gun, my dad killed himself with one" is just being honest. Stop trying to make things some thing they are not. P.S. ALL gun laws are illegal.. that is what the "shall NOT be infringed" part is about.. If you have a hard time with what words mean get a dictionary.

  23. "Enslavement through the guise of Safety" Fascist-socialist-communist those who hate Liberty or individualism use any means they can to destroy it. The Young Turks live up to their origin of their name… the genocide of Liberty

  24. High capacity magazine rules do not work, to many loopholes and ways to get around it or get in trouble by accident.

  25. I can't believe a politician just said that with a sense of pride…"my dad killed himself, shot himself with a gun, I know a lot about guns"….
    If he was speaking from a gun control perspective it might make a little sense, but when you're trying to use your own father's suicide as a platform for your gun credentials thats a little weird.

  26. More than 20,000 people a year are killed by drunk drivers
    Any of these arrogant politicians going to quit drinking

  27. We already have universal background checks. Its called the NCIS. And could you imagine if the first amendment was just as regulated as the second amendment?

  28. This guy is turkish, and he's proving it. It is the RIGHT of EVERY American to own a firearm. ANY FIREARM they wish!! So long as they obey the law. Guns do NOT kill, PEOPLE KILL!! You gonna ban fists, bone, steel, rock, wood etc too?!!

  29. 2000 shot dead Children a year seems to be acceptable collateral Damages in Americas War on the Innocent. Small Coffins are easier to make than small clips.

  30. It doesn't matter what laws are passed, criminals DO NOT obey any law that is or will be put in place. Even with background checks, a criminal will obtain a gun by illegal means.

  31. Your problem's not "this administration & this Senate…"
    It is this nation's Bill of Rights & this nation's people.
    We don't think that an ignorant elitist like Cenk should take any rights form any innocent person.
    I am a Democrat. I will not stand for having my rights taken & I will not vote for anyone that suggests doing so.
    I am looking forward to proving that in the election booth this year.
    Just ask Giron, Hudak & Morse what happens when they listen to ignorant authoritarians from the coast.
    See you at the ballot box.

  32. Loosing love for this channel quickly now; laughing at someone because they lost their father to a gun related suicide or because they spoke about it is crude. Suicide results from mental illness and has nothing to do with guns. Banning guns will not prevent mental illness I assure you.

  33. When are these anti second amendment assholes going to stop lying to themselves that the majority of Americans are in favor of these restrictions and bans?

  34. Fuck gun control
    "the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" and for banning lcm's you can't ban a box and a spring

  35. Come and take it, fools! The government knows dang well they can't ban "assault weapons", that's why they haven't.

  36. Did you know his father was suffering from an incurable disease? If I was terminal and had serious pain ect. I would most likely commit suicide. Do you ever fact check prior to spewing verbal attacks on people?

  37. Remember 30 rounds is STANDARD CAPACITY. Not "high capacity". Why is it so hard for liberals to get these basic terms?

  38. Now I want you to go and look this up. Correct me if I'm wrong but assault weapons have been heavily regulated since 1934 and fall under the NFA ruling of the same year. According to federal law and assault rifle is defined by a rifle with the ability to select fire. Any rifle with a selector switch consisting of  these apertures.  (full auto, continuous fire with one pull of the trigger  until the trigger is released or ammunition has been expanded). and/or (3 round burst, fires 3 rounds for every 1 single pull of the trigger) is considered an assault rifle based on federal law. The "assault rifle"  you can walk into any gun store and purchase is considered a (semi auto, one pull of the trigger one projectile) and by federal law is considered just a rifle.  So banning assault rifles is kind of a stupid thing to say, considering they are already heavily regulated by federal law. You can still legally own and possess an assault rifle but get ready to wait six months, spend 5 figures, have a stack of paperwork and have the ATF look up your skirt! If you're going to be a fool at least be an educated fool.!.,

  39. You have no idea what you are talking about. Assault weapons have been banned for thirty years. Ar-15 is a sporting rifle. Also the biggest shootings happen in countries with strict gun laws. Also look at history! Every time a dictator took over a country he disarmed the citizens first. Guns are the reason we have been free since the inception of our country.

  40. You liberal clowns are running around trying to make laws on things you don't know shit about. "Assault weapon" doesn't mean shit. This bill was a fucking joke that went after cosmetic features rather than functional features. It's why you clowns always lose in gun control. You're completely ignorant about guns and you take worthless shots in the dark every time.
    Molon labe. Look it up.

  41. Gun Ban="big win"
    Thanks for being straightforward with your authoritarian viewpoint.
    See you at the ballot box.
    A former life-long Democrat that voted GOP because of anti-rights elitist people like you.
    I've done nothing wrong. Leave me and my fellow citizens alone, Cenk.

  42. "[Democratic representatives voted against gun control] whose constituents don't support gun control"
    Do you understand how Democracy works, Cenk?
    ….I suppose that would explain your shock at the Colorado recalls and the utter shitkicking the Democratic party got in the midterms.

  43. I'm a gun owner and can see no need or practical use for assault weapons. They're worthless for hunting or target shooting, and for home defense it's overkill by a mile. I'm writing on the day of the college shooting in Oregon. Yes, I know the cliche, "guns don't kill people, people kill people" which is basically a meaningless statement. If your congressman won't vote them down then vote the asshole out. If you have a neighbor who owns assault weapons, know that he's putting you and your family in serious danger. Best to just unfriend them. You don't need friends like that.

  44. You're mocking a guy for saying he'll take a look at a bill before voting for it? It's stupid to NOT look at the details of a bill before voting on it.

  45. LOL liberals are so stupid. Someone needs to wrap all of you pussies up in bubble wrap and ship you all to an island with rainbows and unicorns.

  46. High capacity magazines… They make almost no difference… It's so damn easy to switch magazines. Literally a little bit of practice and you could go to a new magazine in a few seconds.

  47. This fat young turd is the biggest joke ever!! He is always talking in a stupid voice to repeat someone or some kind of third person! Bet he doesn't even know what semi-automatic means!!

  48. So a criminal is going to abide by these laws. Oh shit I better not bring my 17 round mags to that armed robbery.

  49. Harry Reid wants to take a look at a law before voting on it.. and Cenk, you think that's a bad idea?

    We need to pass it to see what's in it.

  50. Cenk, its over again like your stupid jokes and dumb faces you make. Your only funny because your an idiot, we laugh at you not with you.

  51. What are these high capacity magazines and where can I get them? I used to spend hours at gun shows helping out my uncle and I can tell you right now that background checks are done at gunshows.

  52. they are standerd capasity magazines holds 30 rd. Secondly there are background checks at gun shows they are FFL dealers. Third of all the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting it is protecting the people from a tyrannical government. why do The Young Turks always give false information?

  53. ██▄░░██░██████▄░░▄███▄
    ██░░▀██░██░░▀██░██░░░██ is right.

  54. ASSSAULT RIFLE lmao what a bunch of cucks the mythical gunshiw loophole and of course the HIGH CAP MAGS Jesus you people lack all logic and reason

  55. Remember that the North Hollywood Shootout happened in California while the AWB was in effect


  56. The libs are desperate to disarm Americans
    and same lies only want assault we banned.

    Yet criminals will never follow the laws,
    Who wins if this goes through ,,the liberal and criminals since they done follow laws anyways

  57. If they get the assault weopen ban it is very easy for them to just write down a standard rifle as an assault weopen and ban it. Who knows they may ban our fists eventually. It won't be effective anyway.

  58. If the majority of the country was in favor of it then it’d be law. It’s not supported by the majority of the people

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