The Battlefield 1 Experience

Hey dudes, here I am with the new Battlefield 1! Oh, that’s a tank Okay Don’t worry, dudes I got a good feeling about this one And that’s another tank Goodbye Please don’t have a tank, please don’t have a tank Ooh! Ooh, no tank! Okay Now we can get to work Hahaha Yep, yeah… I’m telling you guys, once I get out of the spawn I go crazy at this game Are you fucking kidding me I fu– How am I the top guy on the team? Oh, I get to play! Nevermind… You guys, I’ve been alive for like 20 seconds now I think, I think I- *laughter* Can I just please play the game? Do you get to play the game in this game? *quiet laughter* There’s nobody around! I get to play the game now! I fuckin’ hate this game Come the fuck on, come on, c’mon… Oh, oh, and what is that, a grenade? Oh, hey, there we go Heeey, oh what- I hate this fuckin’ game I hate- Oh! I’m in a tank! I’m in a- We got a shot now! This is such a fucking clusterfuck! There is no control over anything! What? I’m still alive? That’s an enemy tank Maybe we can sneak past… Let’s just try a different game mode, maybe… Aaahh… This has been loading for a while… It’s been like a minute.. I don’t know if people play this mode? Wait Oh, that was the pre-loading load screen Okay, now we’re on the real loading screen *clears throat* So it looks like we have found a match here… … for operations mode … All right, any second now, we’re gonna be playing some Battlefield 1 You guys ever have, uh… Like a can of Pringles, and you get down to the bottom of the can… And you stick your hand in, and you can’t get it out? That’s what this loading screen is right now… There’s no, there’s no escape… Can I please just play the game… Oh! Oh, whoa! Okay, I’m in! I’m in! Haha! I’m in! Okay Um, this is the different game mode It’s pretty similar to the other one What? That’s it? That’s- That’s- I- Now we gotta find a new match… Here we go again you guys Back to the loading screen You know, it’s the all out war on an epic scale It’s immersive gameplay, It’s strategy, it’s teamplay Holy shit, you guys.. I spawned in And now I’m winning the game Look at this Look at the scoreboard You see me? See me down there? Bam That’s how you do it, baby So, to me Battlefield isn’t only fun to play, but it also fun to watch Gotta capture objective E now… I’m going fucking crazy on this game right now [Host] What do you think the community is gonna love? Hopefully everything, but if you force me to pick, I would say The intensity of the battles Now I’m capturing the objective But this time, I’m in a tank! I fucking HATE this game *Intense Music* *This video is sponsored by EA*

100 thoughts on “The Battlefield 1 Experience

  1. I regret getting this game back in 2016, I played for around 3 months and never played it again.

  2. It wasn't nearly as bad a game as he depicts, the game is actually really fun and a decently good game

  3. World war 1 simulator except its not because there is automatic weapons and tanks everywhere. So really we just wanted to make battlefield 4 but pretend its set in world war one to sell more copies

  4. First experiences for shooters:
    Call of duty Black ops 1
    It ran smoothly
    Never had serious problems with internet connection
    Looked cool
    Non predictable story

    Battlefield 4
    Infinate loading screen
    Game couldn't connect to internet (checked with other games this only happens with battlefield)
    Looked cool
    Super predictable story e.g. Russian guy is introduced, only guy so far I thought was cool. First thought I had while he was monologing was he is going to die (spoiler: he dies)

  5. 4 minutes of dunkey spawning on his teammates and complaining that they are in the middle of the battle and that he has no time to prepare before getting shot

  6. 3:55 : "This video is sponsored by EA"
    Dunkey :
    Tell how awesome this game is
    Share my feelings about this game
    ✔️Can I get to play the game?

  7. Lol, just find cover wherever you spawned and dont move until you figure out where everyone is situated.

  8. The game is a great game it’s not really fair of him to judge it after only just playing it as a beginner and not learning how it works yet. once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun

  9. What out boy dunkey experienced here is what most of us obviously experienced. The problem was, I couldn’t refund this shit.

  10. If you don't want to die instantly don't spawn on squad or surrounded objective. Besides that this is a funny video lol

  11. It's obvious dunkey is fucking around because I played it and the game is a cluster fuck in the operations mode so it is impossible to capture an objective without one guy there.

  12. this is so accurate its sad i love war games but i dont get to play the war game if u aint prone which increases ur survival rate by .8 seconds it aint a fun time

  13. I mean if you play with a controller it's pretty fun; however, as we all know the Dunk plays with a USB steering wheel. Which is probably why he had such a bad time

  14. I played this game all throughout my senior year of high school. This is pretty accurate from what I remember. some games it’s so intense it’s overwhelming other games you can’t find anyone. There was pretty much no healthy in between.

  15. It’s EA, they absolutely suck. They can’t do anything right anymore. When I was a kid in the 90s, they’d do alright, but now they’re the worst in video game business.

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