THE BEST SNIPER TO USE IN BATTLEFIELD 5 – Lee Enfield How to Snipe / Progression Tree

Hey, what’s going on guys it’s Ascend Dazs
here. Heads up, this video was made possible by
the EA game changer program. So I am going to try to be as direct as quick
to the point of information as possible. But, I got tons to throw at you. Please leave a like if you want me to cover
more info on each of these snipers. Leave a dislike if you did not enjoy and leave
a comment on what you want to see more of or how you want to hear or see the info. By far the best sniper is the Lee Enfield. Who will be using this? The try hards, the sweaty, the skilled, and
the montage makers. Let discuss The reasons It has the largest Mag size, decent reload
and a good rate of fire. The downside to this gun Worst Bullet Velocity
Awful Scope compared to other sniper + Bad Iron Sites
Low Damage Value And bad bullet drop is heavier than the others So how can a gun with so many hefty downsides
be literally the best? Easy, kill potential. I explained to so many at this event that
momentum is key with this gun. I want to go more in depth about this but
first let’s cover the best skill progression tree to use. First Skill: Pick the one of the left which helps faster
ADS time. This goes without saying when keeping momentum
you need to zoom in faster. Seconds matter and this can save your life. Second Skill: Pick the same one on the left, you now have
improved accuracy while moving. If a start is standing still, you are a dead
target. But if you move you lose accuracy, removing
this penalty is huge. Third Skill: Pick the same one of the left (Notice a trend?). Now you need to increase that movement speed,
this helps when peaking corners essentially slicing the pie. (Slicing the pie is when you cut the corner
and can aim to take on targets one at a time). This will make it way harder to hit you vs
other snipers and help you maintain the advantage. Fourth Skill: Now this one is dependant on your skill. If you are struggling with the bullet drop,
then you can cycle to other bullet drops using the talent on the right. I highly advise learning how to compensate
for bullet drop and just aim above the head. Cycling through bullet drop can be very hurtful
to your muscle memory of learning the gun and also the fact you are now slower vs someone
who just has it down memorized. You can see it in my gameplay as an example. Now an alternative is cycling permanently
to 150 or 300 and learning the fact your gun close range you need to pull down. That is a good option if bullet drop is just
too difficult for you to manage. Otherwise, always go bayonet charge to help
you run from situations or take on someone 1v1 when you know you may not win with low
health and attrition vs a assault player. Okay now we got the gun fully specced you
need to understand. Why is the best sniper? Easy it’s the potential the gun has. All other guns have 5 – 6 rounds. If you are vs 10 players and they are pushing
on you. You can only kill 5 effectively with 100%
accuracy and then you are forced to reload. There are some talents with these guns that
can help improve the speed of switching to a side arm or increase the reload. But, an enemy knowing you stopped pressure
knows to push you. So now let’s say you miss a shot or don’t
get a headshot. Now this is more of a problem, you have less
killing potential. This guns have hard limiters on them. You can play perfectly and are limited by
a number of bullets. Now this is why the Enfield is so powerful. It is why the SMLE was the best gun. 10 bullets. You can body hit a few times and headshot
the rest and it allows for some less than perfect gameplay. Vs good players you need this flexibility
and you need pressure especially now there is attrition. Hitting someone once will have the stopping
power to make a player stop, giving you time to reload that bullet and wait. Now let’s say you landed every headshot? Now that pushing power is endless. The factor of bullet drop + Velocity + Bad
scope is going to be hard to overcome. But I promise you, you can learn to adapt
on this weapon. When you adapt your ceiling of potential is
endlessly higher. Other guns will have better Bullet Drop, Velocity,
and scope but those easier factors are what stop the gun from its killing potential and
also the rate of fire. In other videos I will cover what each other
sniper excels in and how in time you can work yourself up to the Lee Enfield. But ultimately even if you master the K98
and get 100% accuracy. The next jump will ALWAYS be the Lee Enfield. Because it will double the bullet count and
potential. Only other thing next is better positioning
and more enemies. And man will that be a good feeling once at
that point. I will admit this gun can be a pain, so don’t
get discouraged when using it. As I said before, it will be the gun the skilled
players all will use. I hope you enjoyed and look forward to giving
you more tips as you snipe your way into Battlefield 5. Leave a comment what gun you want me to cover
next. We still got the G95, Korag, and K98 to cover. Each with its own progression tree to explain
and ways you can play to maximize your skills and what you are best at. Also if you want we can cover the DMR’s. I hope you enjoy and will see you guys in
the next video!

33 thoughts on “THE BEST SNIPER TO USE IN BATTLEFIELD 5 – Lee Enfield How to Snipe / Progression Tree

  1. Hey Dazs, in this video you told to play with the Lee Enfield but i saw that your fav. is the Krag. Can u explain this. And why is the Krag better than the Lee. Lower Mag, Lower Dmg, Lower Firerate? Greets

  2. Can anyone tell me how to zero the scope when the last perk is activated? I play on PS4 and there is no hint in the HUD or the configuration menue how the f…. I can zero my sniper rifle on a certain distance. Anyone who can help me?

  3. if you take the math a 5 bullet clip on another sniper ,can increase your pressure ,,,sure if you hit any shot with an heady you will do 10 kill , and then you go for a long ,long reload time , cause you reload every single bullet…the third sniper need about 1/3 of the reload time the lee enfield does , means if you exact 10 shot with each , the third sniper for example takes on time reload and lost the battle …after 10 Enemes ,well the 3rd rifel , will cheers the lee enfield apart …. another reason why you may should overthink your verdict ,is the fact that the 3rd rifle do alot more dmg, jeah that doesnt count if you have an acc of 100% headys all the time , but lets say we are realistic….in the heat of the battle there are always a few soldiers running across the map with about 80% life …the lee at this point takes 2 body shots , the 3rd rifle just needs one…jeah i know what you think , an 100% target makes again no difference…but what about piercing shots …bf v is the first bf with piercings bullets , not on any gun but some do a great job … ever try to get a piercing shot with the lee ? Good luck with it , now try the 3rd rifle ๐Ÿ˜‰ badaboom ๐Ÿ˜› … well at the end of the day its personal prefference what you like and what you dont like … many players will play the lee , cause as you explained , she had a bad drop means if you get to the next better sniper rifles , you feel ok with the good old lee ,,,getting yourself trained to the next sniper with different drop , well lets say the first few hours it feels weaker…till you reach the same xp level like you do with the lee …give it a try ,or call me mr troll ๐Ÿ˜› but make sure you enjoy bf ๐Ÿ™‚ have a nice day

  4. Dice nailed this one honestly. Most of the things that make it good in game are what made it good in real life. I own two of them, and damn is that a slick action.

  5. No one uses the Lee Enfield during matches and I love it , I have landed over 8 headshots in a row without having to reload , this guns rare of fire is so dam quick that itโ€™s practically a semi auto,

  6. I'm a so so sniper.. I'm trying to get used to this gun but I'm struggling with it. I was doing so much better with the auto loading rifle.

  7. So with the scope do you aim where the lines intersect, or the tip of the point? It's been throwing me off not knowing where to aim

  8. What do you mean the scope sucks? Isn't it the same as all the other scopes just different crosshairs? Also I would definitely say that the Enfield excels at close range

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