The Call of the Battlefield

[US General] Cpt. Price, Cpt. Mactavish…glad to have you along! We need all the help we can get right
now…the Russians are really putting on the pressure. We’re putting you in with one of our more…”distinguished” squads. I think you’ll find them very cooperative. [Sarge] Sgt. Redford, 222nd Army Battalion, B Company. Reporting for duty, sir! [Haggard] Hey! Aren’t you the guy from “The A-Team”? [Sarge] Shut it, Haggs! You ain’t funny! [Soap] They’ve got several MG nests on the bottom level… and a mess of snipers up on the roof! [Price] Right, we’ll have to go in quietly, we can’t risk raising the alarm. [Sweets] Yeah, now see,here’s what I’m wondering: didn’t
you die in “Call of Duty” 1? [Price] These guys are driving me insane! Where’d you learn to fly a helicopter, anyway?! [Haggard] Hey! When it’s not being flown by one of your fancy “computer players”, it’s actually kinda hard to do! Which one of you capitalist pigs want fight Viktor?

100 thoughts on “The Call of the Battlefield

  1. Battlefeild helicopters are really fucking easy to fly you just move the joystick a little THATS BASICALLY IT Unless your on pc thats probally hard as shit

  2. Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover in history.

    Me: Call of the Battlefield: Bad Warfare 3

  3. Coming back to watch this video after years really makes me think that Activision and Dice should do some kind of cross over like this.

  4. Price:We got to go in quietly, It's heavily guarded.
    BF person: Quiet? The fuck is that?
    Other BF person: Fuck if I know
    3rd BF guy: pulls out launcher AHAAAAAAAAAAA

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