The Christmas update patch

♪ Christmas Bell Music ♪ Morning…. Morning….. Morning…. Morning….Morning… Nice day for fishing, ain’t it, Huh ha Huh ha…. Huh ha….. Huh ha Huh ha Merry Christmas! We just wanted to give you guys a Christmas episode of Epic NPC Man Because it’s been such a stellar 2016 and we’ve got some pretty awesome things coming for you in 2017. So thank you so much for watching guys. We really appreciate it. We love and to sign off we’ve got Baelin wishing you a merry Christmas. Take it away Baelin! Go ahead, do it. Merry Merry… mmmm… mmmm..
Merry yep… mmmm… mmmmm…mmm. mmmm…mmmm…..Morning! Nice day for Fishing, ain’t it. Huh ha. Huh ha…. Huh ha….. Huh ha…. Huh ha….

100 thoughts on “The Christmas update patch

  1. Creepy fishing man! and all crew! villagers and our NPC man and assassins! and our warrior princess:D! and all of the npcs! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Are you guys one day going to do an Epic NPC Man episode which involves 'server maintenance'? would be a cool and funny thing to do ! 🙂

  3. man i need to see one of these with a horse defying physics or some noob who dies by walking into water or standing in fire that would make my year

  4. Doesn't it snow up there in auckland?

    Also, hello from Wellington 😀

    EDIT: just remembered its actually summer here during Christmas.

  5. You guys dont get that many subs and views you deserve , wat keeps you guy from doing such quality vids ? Do you guys have any sponsor or anything ?

  6. Good stuff. I've been watching you guys since I saw one of your ENM videos on Facebook earlier this year. I hope you keep making this.

  7. merry christmas! may the youtube gods be ever in your favor 😉
    (disclaimer if that didnt make sense i blame sweden for poor eng lessons…)

  8. Love these vids, If there is another one, can you use the GamerTags: "dudeofpeace" and "QueenWarlord"! Would make our lives!

  9. You should do an episode where there's a newbie player trying out all his taunts, flirts, jokes, etc. right in front of Epic NPC Man. Or where everyone in town starts dancing.

  10. Haha awesome series, really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work 😀

    Also, if you're going to make some more, i'd like to have my gamertag in a video 😀 It's "DUM"

  11. you guys should do a long episode of a dungeon or a broken quest line or something!
    taunting mobs round corners and boss tactics xD
    this series is jokes 🙂

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