The College of Wooster Art Museum: Fall Exhibition 2010

Kitty: The types of artwork in this exhibition
starts with calligraphy, hanging scrolls, hand scrolls, actually poems written on pottery,
and it also has painting in it so it’s a nice blend, and kind of a progression from
writing calligraphy styles of development through painting styles, techniques and materials…
wonderful examples of techniques and materials Doug: Really, I love the challenge of designing
the space. This particular show has an incredible amount of pieces in it, so it’s really coordinating
all those pieces to have the viewer engaged in the work
Kitty: This exhibition is actually on loan from H. Christopher Luce. Mr. Luce is one
of the trustees here at the college, and in 2007 he approached the museum and said, ?‘would
you be interested in showing my collection?’? It was a very generous offer of a world class
collection, really brought to Wooster for teaching purposes
Mark: This scroll, which is a Sui dynasty from about 600 A.D. example of the Mahaparinirvana
Sutra, most commonly called the Nirvana Sutra. This object, and in fact the exhibit altogether,
fits very well into my Chinese religions class, in part because one of the challenges of understanding
Chinese religions is understanding the breadth of experience and other forms of culture
Rujie: This piece, per say, I would consider it a satire, because it makes fun of Chinese
attitudes towards culture and words and calligraphy. Because my students are religiously writing
these characters day by day to familiarize themselves with Chinese characters, I would
like them to see that actually some Chinese are fairly critical of the whole process of
learning writing Kitty: Museum galleries are a wonderful nexus
for public and private interests. The teaching mission of the college, serving the public.
The students get experience with writing for the public; the public gets to have the expertise
of the faculty and the students. Zoe: I was involved in the very beginning
of this exhibit, and I did a lot of research with the different kinds of calligraphy. I
really enjoy the culmination of everything; it’s such a beautiful exhibit.

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