The Controller – Battlefield 3 – Episode 8 – Finale

Me kind of starting off at the bottom tier,
you know, working my way up, and then kind of coming down, you know, it’s been a wild
ride but today should be extremely interesting, I’m extremely nervous for the physical challenge I think Proofy, for the age that he is, he
seems like he’s a pretty mature guy and he can be really focused. I think Proofy’s a
great coach. 50,000 dollars are on the line. I’m excited,
I can’t wait to see what they have planned for us. Welcome back teams, this is The Controller:
Battlefield 3. We are down to the nitty-gritty, you guys
fought tooth and nail to get here and this is your final physical challenge, well done. As you know, in Battlefield 3 the ultimate
insult to an enemy is to snatch their dog tags after close combat. Just shows your pure
dominance over that opponent. Now, in a game I like to call “Deathmatch”,
you’ll be doing just that. Nice Johnny! Double, two hundred points! Here’s how it’s going to go down. I am standing
on the edge of a triangle-shaped playing field. Each corner has a team-colored post. In the center of the triangle is a post with
two team-colored oversized dog tags per team. Teams must snatch the dog tags then they take
those dog tags and run them to that corresponding team’s post. Once a team’s dog tags are hanging on their
own posts, they’re out of the game. Last team standing gets automatic entrance into the
Battlezone, where they’ll be just one step away from claiming victory on the Controller,
and winning the grand prize of, Fifty G’s. Fifty thousand dollars! You want that fifty G’s Edgar? Hell yeah. If I won fifty G’s, I’m definitely going to
Vegas and making it rain. Take your positions. I’m ready to get messed up and ready to mess
people up. We can’t just let them both come in and grab
it and go. Feeling good, I’m ready to do this. Adrenaline
is flowing, I’m ready to go. I feel this is slightly a disadvantage for
us. It’s a man’s sport right now, and I’m really concerned about my team mate here. I’ll be alright, this is just stupid. We’ll
see what happens, I’m definitely not going to be on defense that’s for sure, because
we have a tank on one team. Let’s do it! Round 1 over! Light Blue team, after one round of Deathmatch,
both your dog tags are hanging on your post. Did you feel like the other teams were gunning
directly for you? I thought they weren’t going to go for us. Proofy, what happened there? Was Edgar too
formidable of a defender? He’s too big. Alright after one round, Blue team is out
of the game. Getting double teamed happens, I know who
my friends are, who are my enemies. So, looks like it’s just me and Alex from this point
on. Dark Blue team, Red team. Let’s go. Three, two, one! Yeah, this right here baby. Stupidest challenge ever. Good job. Dumb challenge. What was the point of that?
That was stupid. Get this stuff off me. No matter what, Red was going to win. I knew
it since the beginning, I said it from moment one. This is just a physically unfair challenge
to other human beings in this world. It doesn’t take skill to do this at all, so… What’s the point? What’s the point of even doing anything? Red team, for winning today’s challenge Deathmatch
you guys get automatic access in to the Battlezone to compete for that fifty thousand dollars,
quite a nice job. You also get exclusive access to the AMD war
room where those AMD FX processors and the AMD Radeon graphics make Battlefield 3 look
incredible. Alright, Dark Blue team, Light Blue team.
I haven’t forgot about you guys. You two will be teeing off in a game of Battlefield 3 in
the Battlezone to determine who goes against the Red team for the fifty thousand large.
One more thing, I know you pros have been itching to get on the controller all season
to help your team win. Well, today, you’re going to get that chance. Today, pros get to touch the controller. That’s right, you guys will be competing side-by-side
with your noobies to go for victory and the fifty thousand dollars. Edgar might be the physical animal you want
to cage, but on the virtual world of gaming you want to keep me locked down, because if
you let me out of that cage, it’s over. It’s like the Matrix. Red team, you head to the AMD war room for
a little practice. Light Blue, Dark Blue, you come with me to
the Battlezone. It’s going to be hard going to the AMD war
room knowing what to expect because of the fact we just got that thrown at us, but we’re
just going to try to take our time there and use it to our advantage. Edgar walked away from that physical challenge
all jacked, showing his guns to everybody, but it’s all about these right now, and mine
have been on a controller since the age of three, his hasn’t. Alright, AMD war room. Last day. Last time
to practice. Just remember the basics, stick to the couple
of things that we went over. Make sure that if we’re working together we’re not looking
at the same places, we’re looking at different areas of the map. Your main thing is when
you crouch and shoot you want to make sure you’re not going in and pressing buttons randomly,
you want to keep your shot steady, and make sure that if people are in medium to long
range, that you’re going for that quick zoom action that I was telling you about. You good? One more kill. Nice, alright let’s do this, let’s win this
fifty grand. Welcome back Red Team from the AMD war room.
Before we get started in the final Battlezone to determine who wins the Controller, we need
to determine a challenger for the Red team. And that leaves Light Blue and Dark Blue.
You are the only ones left. You’re going to duke it out in a semi-final round on Battlefield
3, Rush mode, Operation Firestorm. Take your seats, let’s spawn. Practice? Do we get practice? I don’t know what’s going on. You’re not going to play. No. You going to help me out though? I’ll coach you. How come you don’t want to play. Because it’s not what I’m used to. So I’m
not playing. What’s the thing that you’re used to playing
with? It’s like a little thing I put on the analog. Huh? It’s a little thing I put on the analog. Where does it go, on the stick? On the right analog. He’s playing and you’re playing. I don’t want
to have any of this, “I’m going walk off s*.” I don’t want to play. I don’t want you to ruin it for this guy.
He’s been doing it for 8 days. I don’t want to play. I will give him 50 thousand
then, dude. No. You guys are going to play, you guys are
going to play [email protected]%* hard, because that is what you came here to do. I don’t want to hear no bitching or complaining
about it. I’m not f* playing, dude. I’ll just sit there and look pretty. …that you’re willing to forfeit fifty large. Yeah. Alex, who came all the way out from 808 Hawaii. They shouldn’t have made restrictions. Carried your ass through this competition,
he doesn’t get to go for it. You’re going to let him down? Yes sir. Really? Dude, this is kind of hard to believe
for me, man. That’s fine, you don’t play professionally. What can I do to convince you to play? I kind
of want to see you play, that’s the thing. Yeah, I want to see you play too dude. Well go get me my controls. Are you afraid that, if like other people… I’m not going to play without it. What’s it do? What’s this thing do? Nothing, it’s just an extended piece. If it’s nothing, then… It’s all about comfortability, dude, I’ve
said it three times. Dude, I was uncomfortable when I first picked
up the thing. You’re not a professional gamer. No, I know. I’m saying… You haven’t played with the things for three
years. Right, but I’m saying that… So you can’t relate. ..and I tried to learn and I’m not the best… You can’t relate, whatsoever. So you forfeit? Yeah, I’m done. Ok, Proofy is forfeiting the Controller. There’s
the door man, that’s weak. Whatever. You’re a coward, you let Alex down. It’s stupid dude. Well I’m kind of stoked that Proofy walked
out like a bitch, because it went to our advantage, because he was the strongest gamer here, and
he wanted to play with that thing and we didn’t let him, and he was being a bitch. I just can’t believe that after the whole
season and after the whole week that he’s going to walk out on the last competition. Proofy forfeited because he can’t use his
stick device. Anyway, that means Alex is out as well. Say
goodbye. Money is great to have and all, but hopefully
this is a good lesson for him. It’s time to go for the fifty thousand dollars.
Take your seats, let’s spawn. Good luck guys. I want that 50k, we just got to work to get
it though. And Battlefield’s a team based game, so you need a partner in crime, and
I got one. We’re pretty confident going in, we were confident
ever since forming our team that we were going to take this thing down. Blue team ready? Yeah! Red team ready? Three, two, one, spawn! In Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch mode, two
teams of twelve players go head to head. The team that reaches the set kill number first
is the winner. Oh Violence is wasting them. This is how it’s done, huh? Big daddy going down. Let’s go Edgar, let’s go dog. Damn it! Nice T-squared. Yes, let’s go! Oh my god, he was right… Nice, nice, Violence. He was right there. I’m just… Get down, come on…yeah! There you go Sev, there you go. I hate shooting from far, dog. I’ll beat every body with a god damn pistol
right now baby. Where do you think you’re going, where do
you think you’re going? Come here bitch! Come here bitch! Where do you think you’re going?
Where do you think you’re going?! Oh my god, give me the scoreboard, give me the scoreboard!
Give me the scoreboard! 28, 4, 15, 25, I think I just won this game!
God damnit! Oh my god, good game! Good game! Oh my god I’m so good at Battlefield! I don’t know, oh my god. 28 and 12, ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Crazy, 28 kills. I can’t believe I played that well. You know,
years of training, like, that’s all I’ve been doing is playing. I just beat my role model, oh my god. Just making it to the end of the competition
feels amazing, my whole body is killing me and, I’ve never been happier for anyone in
my whole life than having Kelly win this tournament. Mrs Violence, congratulations girl. Yeah! Is it really over? The Controller? And in the end, it was Sev, and Mrs Violence.
Taking home the fifty thousand dollars. Dark Blue team, come up and get your check! She actually won the competition. Where do you think you’re going? Come here
bitch, come here bitch! She had the highest score out of all of them. First off, I hate losing, and then losing
to a girl makes it even worse. Not to discriminate, I’m not sexist or anything but, I just hate
losing. And to be honest, when we got here I thought they were the worst team. Literally,
I even talked to my teammate, I even told them to their face, “To be honest, I think
you guys are the worst team.” And for them to come out of nowhere and win the whole competition
kind of surprised me. Do you think this is inspirational for more
women gamers to… This is huge for females. It’s been needed
for a long time, and I’m just so happy to prove to them that I could. Alright well you’re standing there with a
blank check. Let me make it out to Team Dark Blue. You ready? To me, anyone can be a pro gamer. It’s something
you can never segregate or discriminate on. Anyone can do this, and it’s fun, and you
make alot of friends, and you just, you just have a great time. When I started it was about the triple G’s,
which was my main focus, which was the gym, going out, and girls. After this week, I’m
adding another G, which is gaming, so now it’s a quadruple G. Hell yeah, that’s what I like to hear. The best part of the whole thing is getting
a big check. It’s not even about the money. I know, yeah. It’s a big check. You know, it is what it is. We lost, we made
some money, we had fun. This has been the best week of my life. People need to understand that anybody can
be a gamer.

100 thoughts on “The Controller – Battlefield 3 – Episode 8 – Finale

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    in that game i can get 28 kills no problem? and freaking proofy cmon!!! Alex was the best on that show and he just walked out on 50 thousand dollars

  6. Meh, good job you get 28 to 12.
    Hey guess what?
    I get 40 to 10 and still have 23 out of 24 hours to do something productive.

  7. I had it in my CONTRACT THAT I NEEDED TO WEAR GUNNARS TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES..turns out, we didn't even play till the last Episode.. so I didn't need them but I DID Bring them! I can't believe people are still this stupid to just sit there and think that it wasn't a fair game. HE was 18 and didn't know better to handle his contract like Tsquared and MYSELF. I did however OFFER to take my gunnars OFF and play him, he still refused and eventually walked OFF! .. gg no re

  8. Man, what proofy did was kind of bullshit. I as a gamer can say that i don't like using controllers that aren't  my keyboard and mouse but i'm still willing to try new crap. What he did was a real pussy move. Not cool man.

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  16. "Unfair for all other Human Beings" OMFG are you kidding me! Doesn't take SKILL haha Everything take skills to do, especially having that Controller in your hand takes skill to manipulate into your own comfort to play. However, she won and that was surprising. Congrats!

    Poofy on the other hand, you are a coward (He even said that about the other team on the previous episodes) and a Bitch haha Do you really need an extender just to ruin it for someone who have been with you for 8 days haha He is a Piece of Shit


  18. i liked the fact the girl won, but there was no need to go over board with shouting and celebrating, that was no better then proofy in my eyes un sportman ship, all she had to do was say "GG" and that be it, 

  19. Proofy's contract with kontrol freek required him to play with one whenever he was on camera.  They wouldn't let him play with it so he left.

  20. he sounds exactly like Justin Bieber in his hearing with his lawyer, you can find that on TMZ. No hate, just an observation 😀 love ProoF

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  22. No he wanted to use a 'KontrolFreek' as he had a contract with them. Look the product up before calling him a bitch and im not even an optic fan… if he didn't use one hes contract would of been cancelled and he would of been sued read it on the KontrolFreek' website peace 🙂

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    Walking out on 50k is dumb enough, walking out on the challenge, horrid, walking out on a teammate … I hope that little bitch got thrown in jail and sold to Bubba for a pack of stale cigarettes.  He's not worth much more.

  31. 1 Yes Proofy is a bitch for quitting but a control freak is just an extension of the analog stick so red team were being a bitch whining about it when it is PURELY a comfort function try going from PC or xbox to Wii its the same thing 3 yrs using it while it is 100% LEGAL IN EVERY GAMING TOURNAMENT WORTH ANYTHING and these guys are afraid of a tiny piece of rubber just because its in the hands of a pro fps player FUCK YOU RED NOOBS   

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  36. I know it's old. (Like 4 years old), but after watching this again I realized how Mrs. V said that was her best with a 27 kill. I don't want to be like, THAT guy but first off, you have gaming glasses (though I personally have no idea how much they actually help) and secondly that is your best since you were 3? I started on the Nintendo 64 when I was like 8-9 (I think) and a PS2 around 10-11 years old and been going up through the gens of consoles since. So 11-12 years of gaming (half of which was offline due to no internet). Current K/D on BF:H is 1.9 and I think my BF4 is currently 1.67 (as of this post).

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