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  1. How did I not get this all out of the books?
    Or maybe it is because I read these books over a year ago… I recognised a lot and now I feel doom coming for what will happen on book three. It is inevitable out arrogant Kvothe is going to do something incredibly stupid or otherwise scaring to the people…

  2. Thanks I like these and they are very helpful especially considering how long its been since reading these its a nice refresher

  3. Damn, now that I want to read this series I can't watch the video without being spoiled… I still know it's great and when I finally read the books I'll come back and watch this!

  4. These are defo becoming my favorite booktube vids I agree with your man down below (OriginalHuman) Best Kingkiller videos on youtube! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I'm so late, but you killed it again Jay! That flannel is awesome btw, you might be the next Winchester in Supernatural soon if you keep going after these monsters and topics like this ahaha! Love it

  6. Such a good video! For the size of your channel I didn't expect this level of quality and editing. Top notch stuff here! Guessing your channel will be huge in no time.

  7. long time fan of the series who is very impressed with your content. You have gained a subscriber in the hopes of seeing more. perhaps you could do a lore video on the rise and fall of the Aturan empire

  8. First read of KKC – Wow, what amazing books. Second read – How did I not notice this part the first time around. Third read – so many hidden secrets everywhere, damn you Pat for messing with my head!

    The more you read these books, the more you start to scratch beneath the surface and begin to uncover so many things you wouldn't even take notice of the first couple of times.

    Recommend any other similar fantasy books with similar writing style to Pats? I've been searching and reading many books since I read KKC about 3 years ago but nothing comes close. I did, however, really enjoy "The First Law" & "Shattered Sea" trilogies by Joe Abercrombie. Nothing like KKC, but amazing nonetheless.

  9. Love your lore vids, pls do more of them, I think the KKC is an awesome book series that no one talks about in YouTube
    Maybe make some videos about some theories you subscribe to and the reasons why?
    Some character explanation, going in depth about their personality and traits?
    Or something like โ€œAll we know about the Amyrโ€ kinda thing
    Anyway, just a greedy fan looking for more KKC content to chew through XD
    In the meantime Iโ€™ll subscribe and watch a few book reviews, and maybe start a new series

  10. cool vid! ๐Ÿ™‚
    According to rothfuss, that isnยดt how you pronounce Kvothe though- just saying ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. LOL the book CLEARLY states and makes it a point, in the first Chapter how to pronounce his name, kay_vo_th

  12. Didn't he gather 7 followers? And one remembered the Lethani and didn't destroy a city, thus bringing the number down to 6?

  13. Was it Lanre's new power that made him unable to die? I always thought it was a leftover side effect of Lyra having called him back from the dead. Like she inadvertently cursed him trying to save him. But I don't actually remember what the book said specifically.

  14. Wow, randomly found your channel, love the way you present and will definitely subscribe. Also neat that you live in BC too.
    I was curious if you are thinking about doing a video about the waystones, how they lead to Fae, and perhaps Myr Tariniel?
    And have you listened to the audiobook read by Nick Podehl? The way he pronounces some of the names are different from your videos. Also, listening to it brings a different perspective, you hear things I would have missed reading (Auri, Ariel).
    Keep up the amazing videos.

  15. The confusing part of this all is the unreliable narrator. I think this is definitely the point by Rothfuss because this story is supposed to be about the unreliability of stories… Thus we can't really take anything as Canon. Even Kote say's that he like's to embellish a bit from time to time for the story…(on which it has already been embellished plenty!) It's more of an adventure of humanity and how outliers can be idolized without true merit, even to the extremes of Kvothe who's story has become bigger than himself.

  16. Has anyone else noticed that Rothfuss made a mistake with Fela's rank… she was promoted from Re'lar to Re'lar… in the name of the wind master Killin calls her re'lar fela after the fire… and master elodin promotes her to re'lar after she makes her ring…. she should be an El'the

  17. Uuugh, the fact that you say "kuh-vothe" really keeps me annoyed throughout these videos… IT'S KVOTHE, NOT KUH-VOTHE!

  18. It's interesting how when Lanre becomes Haliax he is using the one "door of relief" that is left for him. His ability to forget, sleep or die has been stolen due to whatever transformation the Cthaeh put him through. And so, he choses the door of madness to soothe his mind.
    Great video!

  19. Myr Tariniel is not the last city, but one of the 7 destroyed. The 8th was not destroyed and is rumored to be Renere. (As far as I know)

  20. I love this series. I'm really starting to worry that ol Pat has moved on to other things In his life and won't publish the last installment of the c series until he's 70 years old

  21. thank you… I didn't pay attention enough to this in the books – lots of info here I didn't remember – p.s. I think it sounds better as Kvothe than 'K-vothe

  22. Sorry mate but Rothfuss himself said in one of his videos that the Name ist kvothe as in "quothe" Not "k-vothe" really makes me feel uncomfortable hearing the majority of YouTubers pronouncing it that way…

  23. One thing thou:

    He destroyed 6 cities. He was destroying the 7-th….

    The last city is Lanre's city which was never confirmed as destroyed.

  24. My best theory: do you know how lira died? Maybe giving birth to a child? A girl with black hair? Named DENNA?? Who hates her father so she wants to join Amyrs with trying to contact a man that we know him as master ASH? or she wants to join the Amyrs to help her father to destroy them from inside ?

  25. Do we know if Lanre, Lira, and Selitos were fighting on the side of the Knowers or Shapers or if the Creation War wasn't purely Knowers vs. Shapers?

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