The Deepest Hole (Battlefield 1 Mini Myth)

[MUSIC] A couple days back I uploaded the video ‘Maximum Explosives’ where we tested ‘What is the maximum amount of explosives one person could place at one time.’ You guys had one other question on your mind. Comments: How deep can you make a hole in Battlefield 1? But first- Thanks to your comments, it turns out I forgot to test an extra source of AT-Mines The Light Flanker Tank. Well technically I didn’t forget it, I just didn’t know it existed because I’m bad. -and unathletic. I have already setup 12 AT-Mines using the technique from the previous video. Let’s see if we can add more. *Dropping AT-Mines* Oh boy. *Dropping more mines* Yep, that’s 18 mines. Setting the maximum esxplosives per person to 22 and the server maximum to 1408. Something else I missed according to the comments is placing multiple types of trip mines. HE tripmine. Incendiary tripmine. Gas tripmine. I won’t be adding this to the explosive total as they won’t contribute to a giant BOOM, but it’s still good to know. The last comment-inspired test is ‘Can you place extra equipment if you pick up an enemie’s kit?’ What if I put theirs down first? *Disappears* ? *Disappears again* *Replaces tripmine* Looks like that’s a BUSTED, the explosion total stays at 1408. Now let’s make a bigger crater. *Massive explosion* ROUND 2 Got the damn truck stuck. Stupid thing. *Massive explosion* *Accidental suicide* FINAL ROUND Unfortunately I think this is as deep as it goes. No worries though, this is just the beginning of what I am now titling ‘The Explosion Chronicles’. We still have to figure out how big/wide we can make a crater. Until then, thanks for watching. (SONG: “When You’re Able” by Birocratic) Thanks to everyone supporting us on Patreon! My ultimate aim is ti escape YouTube adsense and be able to use a wider range of copyrighted music. If youlike our stuff and you want exclusive rewards consider checking our Patreon page

100 thoughts on “The Deepest Hole (Battlefield 1 Mini Myth)

  1. I remember the day before the release of BF3 me and my friend were on Bad Company 2 digging a hole. We managed to get deep enough to find the water layer of the map which was interesting.

  2. Couldnt you just tell us what the engine say is possible? you solfe myths as they would be real and not everywhere in the code

  3. Make trenches with explosives in a flat map or something then do a war? (withouth explosive tho as they might ruin the trencheS)

  4. I think if a bunch of craters combine into one big hole, it can become much deeper, I've seen much deeper player made holes that were also much wider.

  5. This vid is relatively old so I'm not sure if already done because I'm new to this channel but what if you used a plane to make craters

  6. Every map has a maximum and a minimum depth. The lowest modeled point in a map would be the minimum, and no new crater can go lower. So find a map like monta grappa, and try it there

  7. At 3:15 you can see a mother mortar truck laying its eggs into the beach sand early in the morning, hoping to not be watched by predators. After she buried the eggs, the baby mortar trucks will hatch in 7 weeks.

  8. Theres actually a massive crater on Amiens at the spawn on the right hand side of the map. Fill the pre-made crater with explosives and try it out.

  9. On Ballroom Blitz there is a large crater already in the game. Try using that crater and make it deeper

  10. DICE intentionally limited the depth of terrain deformation because strange things would happen when it got too deep. Also, players would get stuck unable to get out of a hole and it would ruin gameplay.

    That said, i am saddened that there's no possibility of making super deep holes. Even if they would widen as they go deeper to allow escape.
    But then there would be the problem of floating building foundations…

    One day… one day…

  11. In bf4 i would make craters, lay down in em and wait for tanks to drive over, after that ill blow em with an rpg

  12. You can make creators extremely long.. i cant link the video cause i saw it forever ago but they made Trenches with explosives and played trench warfare.(before any dlcs)

  13. Bf4 in the test range had a realllllly deep crater’s kinda hard to get out that’s how deep it is. You can see it at the spawn where the special guns are lined up

  14. I did something like that that once on an empty Sinai server. I "dug" up trenches through the whole deser… Wasted 5 Hours of my life XD

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