The Differences Between The Mandalorian And Boba Fett Explained

The Mandalorian has proven itself to not only
be one of the best original offerings on Disney+, but one of the best new shows on television,
period. Its conflicted protagonist is a member of
a dying race, a warlike yet honorable people who once inhabited the planet Mandalore in
the time of the Old Republic. During the time period in which the series
is set, in between the original and sequel film trilogies, they’re a people whose numbers
are dwindling fast, due to a long, long history of conflict that has led them to being forsaken
by their own government and exiled to the moon of Concordia, where they were left to
die out. While the history of Mandalore is a bit fluid,
one thing that has never changed is the race’s distinctive armor, armor which has been very
familiar to fans ever since the first big-screen appearance of the bounty hunter Boba Fett
in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Before the release of The Mandalorian, it
was even speculated by some fans that the title character might actually be Boba Fett,
as that character’s fate has been retconned since his seemingly fatal plunge into the
Sarlacc pit in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It turns out that Boba is still alive, meaning
that he may very well be wandering the galaxy during the events of The Mandalorian, but
the differences between the two characters are many, and significant. All of these differences stem from the most
obvious one: Boba Fett isn’t actually Mandalorian. He’s a clone of Jango Fett, who claimed to
hail from Concord Dawn, a planet within the Mandalore system. Although Jango wore Mandalorian armor outfitted
with the types of bells and whistles common to those worn by the warrior race, he had
been disavowed by the Mandalorian government, which regarded him as nothing more than a
scoundrel, a common mercenary whose only interest was in a paycheck. This goes to the core of the differences between
Boba Fett, who followed in his father’s footsteps in becoming the most feared bounty hunter
in the galaxy, and the Mandalorian, whose identity is very strongly tied to his homeworld
and its culture. “What caused this damage?” “A Mudhorn.” “Then you have earned the Mudhorn as your
signit. I shall craft it.” While both Boba and the Mandalorian are seen
operating as bounty hunters, and both operate mostly according to the codes of that profession,
that and their armor is basically where the similarities end. This is because, like his father before him,
Boba Fett’s code of honor is largely his own, untethered to any larger philosophy, which
stands in stark contrast to the Mandalorian, whose code isn’t just a personal preference,
but his actual religion. In the series’ second episode, the titular
Mandalorian states explicitly: “I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.” So, too, is Beskar steel, the substance from
which much of the Mandalorian’s armor is forged, and which is considered by members of his
race to be a religious sacrament. Boba Fett, by contrast, has no such spiritual
connection to Beskar, his weapons, or Mandalorian culture. His use of Mandalorian armor and tactics is
largely an accident; his father had used his loose, if even existent, connection to Mandalore
to bolster his own reputation, and indeed, his use of Manadlorian armor was quite effective
in striking fear into the hearts of his quarry. According to Boba Fett’s backstory, though,
the bounty hunter essentially wore the armor because his father did. What. A. Daddy’s boy. One could certainly make the case that the
Mandalorian’s connection to his dying culture and the ways of Mandalore make him a far more
interesting character than Boba Fett ever was. They may both be a couple of bounty hunters
in cool armor perpetually on the hunt for their next job, but the Mandalorian’s reaction
to the sticky situation in which he finds himself after taking custody of Baby Yoda
is informed by more than his need for a payday. It’s informed by the strong sense of honor
which is typical of all Mandalorians, and it’s even safe to say that if Boba Fett had
found himself in the same situation, he might have decided to save himself a major hassle
by simply terminating his green, cuddly target, and settling for the slightly smaller fee. “Bounty hunters! We don’t need their scum.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the Star
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100 thoughts on “The Differences Between The Mandalorian And Boba Fett Explained

  1. Its impossible for boba fett to be Mando, when they craft his armor his child hood flash backs flash between strikes of the hammer and boba fett was a clone specifically made for Jango fett meaning his child hood was just having jango fett as his dad but in Mandos flash backs he appears to have two parents that got killed by a battle droid.

  2. Jango and Boba fet are more like how Sith are former Jedi's, they were probably former Mandalorians, but they disgraced themselves by working for the bad side.

  3. Boba Fett was Mandalore royalty unappreciated by himself , but ofcourse, nowadays it’s whatever the shit eating mouse says it is

  4. Mandalorians are a culture, like the Sith, not a race that's like saying you aren't American if you aren't 100% native American. In Legends the first Mandalorians were the Taung, even in the new canon they're just predominantly human. That's actually canon.

  5. The Fett's have lineage in the Mandalorian Culture.
    Cassus Fett was an officer during the Neo Crusades.
    Not sure when Jango and Boba lost their heritage but writters have made a bloodline YEARS ago.

  6. Slighty disagree because Boba, when sharing a cell room with Princess Leia at Jabba's Palace, didn't touch her or want her to fear him as it was part of his honor. However we all know that part of his story was laser blasted away by the take over by Emperor Disney. This current story about a Mandalorian is really good. For once the Marketing Catch, a-Baby-type-Yoda, is not determining that a Mandalorian has to be a now Pacifist so that the human kids on earth won't try to idolize a true hunter. Yes, I'm still upset about Kashyyk being replaced by Endor for Marketing purposes. The true capabilities of the Wookie's only hinted at but not shown until later to protect young viewers. Seriously.

  7. What people don’t get is the Mandalorian takes place AFTER return fo the Jedi. So baby yoda isn’t actually yoda and the mandalorian is not Boba Fett

  8. In the new episode 4 he states that the Mandalorians took him in and raised him and took care of him. Maybe he isn't Mandalorian either?

  9. Tell me this Looper, and this is all canon, if Jango isn’t Mandolorian, then how did they declare him Mandolor (leader) during the Mandolorian Civil War? Also, isn’t Mandolorian a culture and philosophy followed by several different races from throughout the the Star Wars Universe?

  10. Omg looper. There is no evidence that boba fett is alive. Those Star Wars books are not canon. Stop repeating this fake news. Also the main character in the mandalorian is not a real mandalorian. He is a foundling, he was adopted by mandalorians. This channel is just trying to make money off of this show lol.

  11. i love the mandalorian, but i hate how they tried to make it SO kid friendly💀 like they put cheesy jokes in it, they don’t show much gore in it😤

  12. Am I the only one that feels like Boba Fett and Jango Fett should be considered Mandalorians after all these years? I mean Mandalorians would never existed if it wasn’t for the two showing up on the big screen. I also believe that Disney should make Both Boba and Jango Fett’s comic arc’s cannon again. The Fetts were very interesting and they still are and I consider them Mandalorians.

  13. One is completely overrated and was only popular in the 80s because of his armor. He died a moron and deserved to be digested over a thousand years.

  14. Simple mando is a real mandalorian adapting their culture and living by it and boba was just a bounty Hunter who wore mandalorian armour

  15. Since this series goes right back to after the Return of the Jedi, we could be seeing a lot of familiar faces since this show seems to be keeping on the Star Wars spirit for fans to look forward to after the Skywalker Saga, but also to tie some loose ends. What is to say that Boba Fett will not be in the show?

  16. I think that you shouldn't take anything into consideration that came from episode 1 2 and 3.

    Just pretend those movies never happened.

  17. This speaker in this video is an idiot NPC. Mandalorian is cool but get the fuck outta here you goof if you think he's anywhere close to as cool or interesting as Fett. You sound like such a Disney schill.

  18. Boba Fett is the dread pirate Captain Roberts in reverse. Instead of being trained, he kills his Hunter, takes his armor and continues on where the original left off

  19. Boba fett is way better the mando is just a rip off of boba and how do you no boba wouldn't of went back there is nothing proving he wouldn't go back for all we no the fact that baby yoda is alone could make boba feel sorry for him as he was when his father died

  20. I was hoping it was Boba Fett (Learning his fathers heritage or possibly learning how to be the best bounty hunter since his 'father' couldn't teach him), or maybe even Jangos's real father or some sort of twist like that. Hence why Janga wears the same armor (Then Boba Fett after him) but oh well. I still love Boba Fett. He's awesome.

  21. please Darth Maul was more menacing than Boba Fett!!! Nothing but a mercenary that was easily disposed of in ROTJ!!! But reality is all bad guys are nerfed in Star Wars….Reality Darth Maul would of easily handled Obi Wan after killing his master but we can't have that in a Star Wars movie. But Boba Fett never had any scenes that made him anything special!!! Just like Dr Doom will be nerfed in the MCU!!

  22. The show is amazing it feels awesome to really like Sw again. Jon favreau' and Dave Feloni are the best. I also really like the feel of the show with all the similarities like the original Trilogy. Being a FETT fan a show like this was always a dream because of Fetts little screen time.

  23. Couldn't even get a basic fact correct … They are not a race , they are a cultural group made of multiple alien races.

  24. Doesn't The Mandalorian take place AFTER ROTJ? So they couldn't be the same person, right? Let me know Star Wars nerds.

  25. Low queso jango Fett has a very tight connection with mandalore, through super commando mandalore's which are different from deathwatch mandalores

  26. This has been one of the best shows I’ve watched this year, top three for me along with Mr. Robot & Rick and Morty!

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