The EASY way to unlock the Battlefield Hardline .300 KNOCKOUT

Hi guys FOG of GAMING here and today we are
going to show you the easy way to unlock the .300 Knockout. This is an ultimate guide and
we will explain you everything. We will show you how you can get 4 camera coins per round,
and we will give you some tips how you can get over 30 sniper kills in one game. We broke
down all the requirement and we made an easy to follow guide so that you can unlock the
gun in no time. As you probably know there are some guides
on the internet about the .300 but most of them only tell you half the story. Basically
they just sum up all the requirements that you need to fulfill to unlock this gun, they
won’t give you a detailed explanation and they will tell you that it is difficult. We
weren’t very happy after reading these guides so we decided to make a proper movie ourselves.
One that gives you all the tips and tricks that you will need to unlock this gun in no
time. And no, it’s definitively not difficult. You don’t have to be some super sniper to
add this gun to your inventory, everyone should be able to do this because most of the time
you will be doing something else than sniping to unlock this sniper rifle, which is a bit
strange, but hey that’s the way it is. Let’s presume that you played battlefield
hardline already but that you didn’t play the professional class. So you will have some
extra cash to spare, but no loadout yet for your Professional. So let’s get your loadout
out of the way first. With your extra cash, buy the camera straight away, this only will
cost you 6000 Dollars and equip this together with your laser tripmine.
Your pockets should be deep enough to buy the anti-armor for one of the cars as well
so that shouldn’t be a problem. This will cost you 42400 Dollars. Buy this and equip
it so that you have access to the RPG’s. Make sure that you buy this for the sedan first
because there are more of those in the game than the coupe so you will increase your odds
of getting this car on your own at the start of the any round. This armored upgrade will
save you a lot of time later on because at some point we will be playing hotwire to earn
a lot of cash in the shortest time possible. I will explain that in more detail later on.
If you were already swimming in cash the then go ahead and buy the R700 LTR for the cops
and the AWM for the criminals. The R700 will cost you 48000 and the AWM 51000. These guns
will make it easier to earn cash faster because they will give you access to the magnum rounds,
which will make it a lot easier to take down vehicles later on, which means earning more
cash. It is also possible to do this with the scout elite if you don’t want to spend
money on the AWM or the R700 right away, but it will take you longer. The choice is yours.
However you will have to buy 10 specific guns and gadgets at some point so you might as
well buy these guns now, if you have the money of course.
Now let’s get started with the good stuff. Your first task is to unlock the Professional
Assignment 1. To accomplish this you will need to unlock Professional Bronze Service
Star 2, 10 sniper rifle kills and 5 laser tripmine kills. The reward for this is the
Professional Assignment One Patch. You will need 10000 points to unlock one bronze
service star so you will unlock the professional bronze service star 2 very easily. This means
playing as a professional, getting kills any way possible or playing the objective. This
doesn’t mean driving around in a car on hotwire, these points don’t count towards
your professional class, keep that in mind. You might as well go for the service stars
at the same time you are going for your 10 sniper kills and laser tripmine kills. If
you are a battlefield veteran and you are used to playing with sniper rifles then I
don’t have to tell you how to get 10 kills. If for some reason you are new to sniping,
then join a blood money server and try to find a good spot overlooking the money. This
will make it easy for you to get your first kills because your targets will be standing
still when they are grabbing the cash. Place your tripmines on the route that most enemies
take on their way to the money and you will get your 5 laser tripmine kills in one round.
You will be able to accomplish this assignment in no time. Let’s call this the end of step
1. You will need to complete 5 steps until you get your .300, so only 4 more to go.
Step 2 are the pre-requirements for the Professional Assignment 2. For this you will need to complete
Professional Assignment 1, which you just did and you will have to unlock Professional
Bronze Service Star 7. This means 7 of those stars, since you will have a few of those
already it won’t take that long to get to 7. You will need to get a total of 70000 points.
This seems a lot but it isn’t. I will give you a full explanation how to get a lot of
points for the professional later on in this movie.
Once you have 7 Bronze service stars you can start with the actual requirements. So this
is step 3. You will need 25 sniper rifle kills together with 5 camera coins. The kills are
very easy and so are the camera coins. For some reason most people think these camera
coins are a pain in the butt. Well, that’s not true. I even got some of them while I
was watching TV, so how difficult can that be? They don’t require any skill, actually
you only have to place them, and that’s it, your team will do the rest. The only thing
you need to know is where and when to place them. For the record, to get 1 camera coin,
10 enemies need to get killed by your teammates while these enemies were spotted by your cameras.
You will get an intel assist when an enemy gets killed while he was spotted by one of
your cameras. And you can place 3 cameras in total. This is the basic principle. However
there are some exceptions that prevent you from getting intel assists. If somebody else,
for example a teammate, a hacker or yourself spot an enemy, then you won’t get that intel
assist. If you place 2 cameras facing the same area, and there are 2 enemies, then only
one enemy will be spotted, so you have to place your cameras in different locations.
Vehicles are a bit tricky. The camera’s wont spot vehicles, however if there are people
hanging out of the windows, then they will be spotted. Keep these rules in mind when
you place your cameras to get the maximum effect. There is a tip on the internet that
everybody read I guess because everybody seems to be doing it. Some guy wrote to go on a
64 player team deathmatch server and place your cameras there and now everybody seems
to be doing this. However nobody is getting there camera coins because about 15 people
are placing cameras there. Check your map once in a while and you will see the map filled
with cameras so you don’t stand a chance getting your coins there. There is one map
that I found useful if you insist on playing team deathmatch because most people place
their cameras in the wrong place. If you are playing on Bankjob, try to place your cameras
on the 2 main roads leading away from the place where the cops normally spawn when you
play heist on this map. This will guarantee you at least 3 camera coins during 1 round.
You will probably be the only one placing his cameras in this location and you will
have a long view along the road which means a lot of intel assists. I would recommend
to take up a position on the roof next to that spawn so that you can shoot people yourself
while you have superior cover. You can even place your third camera facing the area behind
the cop spawn. Be patient tho, the map rotates, in other words the spawns rotate. At some
point in the game your team will be spawning here so you won’t get many kills yourself,
but a minute later the enemy team will spawn here and you won’t be able to shoot bullets
fast enough to kill everything. Just make sure that you’re not killing every enemy
so that you don’t take away your own intel assists. I joined an 800 ticket server and
I managed to get 4 camera coins in one round. So it definitively doesn’t take long to
get a total of 5. If you don’t mind playing blood money than this is by far the best game
mode to place your cameras. Not many people go for camera coins on this mode so most of
the time it will only be you who is placing his cameras. There are only a hand full of
64 player blood money servers. So try to find one and you will get your coins in no time.
I had at least 3 coins every round on these servers. Don’t bother placing a camera on
the money, they will get blow up almost instantly by all the grenades. If your team is dominating
the other team, then place your cameras on the routes that your enemy takes towards the
money. This is where most of them will get killed. Which means more camera coins for
you. Once you did this you will be rewarded the Professional Assignment 2 Patch and the
MAC 10. This is an amazing handgun, so give it a try and enjoy the fast rate of fire.
You will be killing everything in no time. Now you can finally start working on your
Professional Syndicate Assignment. So step 4 are the pre-requirements, and they are Professional
Assignment 2, which you just did. Purchase 10 Professional Specific Guns and/or Gadgets,
which you can do straight away. Just select your loadout and buy the cheapest stuff for
the professional class. Keep buying one until you see this requirement fulfilled. The last
one is the Professional Gold Service Star 1. This is going to take some time, but we
will help you get there faster. You first need to get 10 Bronze service stars because
this will give you access to the silver service stars. You will need 10 of those as well.
And then you will be able to go for your gold star. Let’s do the math. 10 bronze service
stars are 10000 points. But you have 7 already so you only need 30000 more. A silver star
is 15000 points, so 10 of those are 150000 points. The gold one is 30000 points. So in
total you have to get another 210000 points from this point on. Don’t get disappointed
by this, you will earn this in only a few hours. Let’s say that the average player
played battlefield 4 for more than 100 hours, then these few hours aren’t going to make
a big difference, besides you will be playing the rest of your 100 and more hours with the
best sniper rifle in the game. Which makes everything worth it. The fasted way to do
this is to play hotwire. However we are not going to drive the marked cars. The points
that you earn from diving those cars don’t count towards your professional gold service
star. So don’t waste your time doing that. We are going to do the opposite. We will be
taking down those marked cars. And we are going to take down a lot of them. Your primary
means of taking down these cars is with your RPG’s that you get out of the trunk of your
cars that have the anti-armor upgrade. Your goal is to create a 2 car RPG hideout. In
other words you need to create an ambush location where you have access to 2 of your own cars
so that they will spawn RPG’s. This will get you an infinite supply of RPG’s. You
will have access to more of those than you can shoot. This way you will be able to kill
every car that comes near you. If you use this technique then you will be earning between
8000 and 12000 points during every round, and that is without boosting. That means one
bronze star every round on a standard 500 ticket server. If you kill the right car with
3 or more people inside than you will earn you over 1000 points for 1 RPG shot because
you will get credit for a multi kill so you do the math how quickly you will earn your
gold service star. To back you up place your laser tripmines on the roads as well because
they will take down cars for you when you are busy doing something else. Don’t forget
that you can use your sniper rifle to take down vehicles. If you see a vehicle that sustained
some damage, then start shooting at it and you will bring it down in no time. This is
why you needed your magnum rounds for the AWM and for the R700 because these bullets
do massive damage to vehicles. Another good tip is to shoot 1 shot at a car that is driving
into an ambush laid down by your teammates. The game will give you credit with an assist
which means more points for you and it only took you 1 bullet. And then finally you will
be unlocking the Professional Gold Service Star. Now I was hoping to show you guys some
epic kill to get that gold service start but nooo, I messed up. I sneaked up on 1 guys
on the roof, he then turned into 2 guys. I thought fine I’m going to headshot one guy
and then kill I’ll the other. But the headshot didn’t register so I had to empty my clip
on him and of course the other one turns around and kills me. These were the last points that
I needed to get that Service star and then I died. I’m sure that you all will get a
better kill at the moment you unlock this gold star. Anyway, as soon as I spawn I get
the gold service star and I also get the Professional Mastery Assignment. Step 4 completed!
Now finally, the last stretch towards your .300 knockout. Step 5. The last thing that
you will have to do is to complete the actual requirements for the Professional Syndicate.
You will need to get 200 sniper rifle kills, you have to unlock the Professional’s tier
4 Reputation track 10 times in different matches, you need 15 camera coins and 15 marksman coins.
I strongly recommend that you multi task for this one. Go for the camera coins first, because
while you are doing that you will also get sniper rifle kills and also some marksman
coins so this is the fastest way to get to your .300. The sniper rifle kills that you
made before don’t count. So you have to make 200 kills from this point on. So don’t
be too focused on getting sniper kills until you started working on you actual requirements
for the professional syndicate. The biggest tip that I can give you is that the fastest
way to get your 200 kills is with your scout elite on a hardcore team deathmatch server.
I have been able to get over 30 kills every round so it doesn’t take long to get 200.
Try to find an elevated position, cover your back with your laser tripmines and kill everything
in your sights. In hardcore, your scout elite becomes a one shot kill sniper rifle. So forget
about your other rifles from now on and just play with the scout elite. It fires bullets
a lot faster than the R700 or the AWM so you don’t need them for this assignment. It
is actually pretty easy to unlock your tier 4 reputation track. I presume that most of
you already reached tier 3 at some point. The easiest thing to do when you have tier
3 is to ask your friend to become a hacker for 20 seconds and give the squad upgrade
to your team. This will unlock tier 4 for you. You can always return him the favor later
on if there is still time in the round. The cooldown period for the squad upgrade is 8
minutes so keep that in mind. If you are playing as a lone wolf then ask a team mate, just
explain him the situation and most of them will be willing to help you, after all it
only takes them 20 seconds of their time. There is another easy way to do this and that
is to join a hotwire server that has only 3 players in it. If you join as the 4th player
the round will start and you can get to tier 4 on your own by driving one of those marked
cars. You already know how you can get your 15 camera coins so use the technique that
was mentioned in step 3. But unfortunately your previous 5 coins don’t count, so you
will have to get 15 new ones. The last thing that you have to do is to get 15 marksman
coins. Now what is this? There is an official explanation on the internet but it’s very
confusing so I will give you my own explanation. There are 2 possible ways to get a marksman
coin. The first one is to get a headshot with your sniper rifle from a distance of 250m
or greater. You would think ok, let’s do this. Eum, no, forget about it. If you try
this then you will have to play for ages to get a headshot like this or you have to be
one of the top 10 sniper in the game. The other problem is that the maps aren’t designed
to make it easy to get a 250m headshot. So let’s go for option number 2. You need to
get a headshot or even better, headshots with your sniper rifle adding up to a distance
of 250m or greater. In other words 2 headshots from a distance of 125 meters for example
will add up to a single headshot of 250 meters, which will earn you the marksman coin. Now
this we can do. You probably earned a few already when you were going for your 200 kills.
You could keep doing what you were doing and focus more on headshots now, fine you will
get there at some point. Or we are going to artificially create a location where you can
get multiple headshot coins in one round. You need 3 requirements for this location.
Cover for yourself of course, distance to your target and preferably a stationary target.
I found this very easy to do on hotwire. I will give you an example of a location like
this on Downtown. If you look at the top left on the map you will see that green skull.
That is where we will be going. We are going to headshot everyone that gets into that Alpha
car. I found it works better when you are playing as a criminal because the cops get
to the Alpha car faster. We are going to lie down on this location of the map. We are going
to climb up on this little ledge and lie down in the bushes here. This will provide you
with cover because you are hidden, you will have a 133 meter distance to your target and
everyone that gets into that car will be stationary for a second. Giving you all the time you
need to get that headshot. I would recommend to fire one practice round when you start
doing this so that you have an idea of the bullet drop, and so that you know with what
part of the scope to aim with. Do this and you will be getting your 15 marksman coins
in no time! I did this with an 8 times scope on the scout elite. You won’t need a lot
of patience because the Alpha car is a popular car and people are always ready to jump in.
Which make it easy target practice for you. And finally you will be the proud owner of
the .300 Knockout! The rewards for completing this assignment are a gold battlepack, the
professional syndicate patch and the .300 of course.
I’m not going to give you a review about the gun at this point, no, I want you to make
up your own mind. I would recommend rewatching this movie and to do everything step by step.
Remember that you can use your boosts as well if you want to save even more time. Subscribe
or like the movie if it helped you. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and see
you on the battlefield!

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