The Elder Scrolls: Arena Story and Lore

Here’s a story of political intrigue and
treason. A story of how one man deceived an
empire, while the other restored it. To get to the
heart of this story, we’ll have to go back to the beginning. Text added by LordManiac69 Emperor Uriel Septim the seventh, the
21st ruler of the empire in Tamriel, is summoned by his advisor, imperial battle
mage Jagar Tharn. at this time, rumors of treachery are abound in the Empire and
emperor Uriel is cautious, but unbeknownst to him, it is his trusted
advisor who seeks his demise. Jagar Tharn’s sworn to serve and protect turns
renegade and uses ancient magic to ensnare his Emperor. Uriel Septim
is transported to another dimension. The most powerful man in the nine
provinces is gone and in its place, Jagar Tharn ascends to the throne by
cloaking himself in foul magic. By stealing the Emperor’s identity, Jagar Tharn managed to fool the
Emperor’s loyal servants, but not everyone would fall so easily for his
charade. In efforts to quickly consolidate his power, Tharn sends the head of the Royal Guard, Talen, into the Imperial Dungeons to
die. A man like that could present certain
obstacles to his longevity as emperor. after all, why trust the shifting
loyalties of man, when Tharn could have mindless minions to do his bidding? Tharn’s apprentice, a woman by the name of Ria Silmane, witness this treachery on the day Tharn ceased to the Ruby
Throne. horrified by her master’s betryal, Ria tried to reach the Elder Council to
warn them of Tharn’s deceit. Sadly, she never made it to the Council
Chamber and Tharn destroyed her with the same weapon he used to deceive an empire, the staff of chaos. Tharn crush resistance at every turn
using the power of this ancient staff, but as quickly as it helped him achieve
his goals, it could be his demise. The staff
contains his life force and tharn knows that if staff were to fall into the
wrong hands it would mean certain death. For this powerful mage’s death was an
unacceptable possibility, and so it was, Tharn shattered the staff,
scattering it across Tamriel. From High Rock to Hammerfell, from Skyrim to Morrowind. Now sitting comfortably on the Ruby Throne, Tharn knew he had won. The Empire and its subjects are now his to command. Finally without anyone to dispute him, Tharn’s power is made manifest. Tharn now rules the nine provinces of
Tamriel and the line of septim is broken, but not lost. From beyond the
grave something was stirring. Although her body was destroyed before its time, Ria Silmane spirit indoors. Though
hindered by death Ria finds a way to a prisoner cell, Talen’s cell. Using what power she has left, Ria fashions a key for his
escape and teleport Talen into another province. Now far away from the dangers of the
White-Gold Tower, Ria Silmane tells Talen he is the only one who can stop the dark
corruption now festering at the heart of the Empire. She tells Talen about the staff of
chaos, how it is the only way to break Tharn’s control over the Empire and its
subjects. Eight pieces of the staff have been scattered across Tamriel and
talents quest is to assemble every last shard of it. Determined to save the empire he had
served for years, the former prisoner disembarks on a
quest that would take him to the darkest recesses of Tamriel. This quest will be
perilous and fraught with danger, but our hero sets off on his journey, a journey
to restore an empire now lost to corruption. It has been a decade since Jagar Tharn took the Ruby Throne, and the Empire is bleeding. As the former
imperial battle mage, Tharn is well studied in the intricacies of magic, but
he knows nothing about ruling nine provinces, each with their own cultures
and problems. Imperial authority is on the decline and
the provinces are in disarray. Blood has been spilled on Tharn’s account, but he
would soon be brought to answer for his crimes. His former prisoner has almost
reassemble the staff. After years of wandering, Talen only needs one final
fragment that has been eluding him for over 10 years. The jewel that’s sits atop the staff.
Unfortunately for him, this jewel is housed at the heart of
Tharn’s influence, the Imperial Palace. Seeing no other options, Talen valiantly
fights his way through the palace, only to stand face to face with the man he
despised more than anyone. Jagar Tharn and his former prisoner do
battle, and although Tharn’s magic is strong, the ancient magic contained in the staff of chaos proved stronger. The moment Talen touches the staff fragments to the missing jewel, the scepter forms
instantly. Tharn’s greatest fear is realized, and the reassembled staff melts him where he stands. Just as Tharn departs from the world of the living, a magical portal ripples into existence.
The true Emperor Uriel Septim emerges from the portal and steps back into the
world that he has been absent from for over a decade, and His Majesty doesn’t
look a single day older. Emperor Uriel thanks the former prisoner for his
selfless service to the Empire and rewards him with the highest honor
befitting his station. the once royal protector, then prisoner, is
christened eternal champion. now with their empire restored, Tamriel
can once again rest easy. For as long as her citizens are steadfast in their
determination to protect her the Empire will endure. The Elder Scrolls:
Arena was released back in 1994 and ever since the Elder Scrolls as a series has
captured the imaginations of gamers everywhere. With today’s titles like
Skyrim it’s pretty easy to forget where it all started, so we kind of wanted to pay homage with
this video. This short video took over a hundred and fifty hours to complete. that’s artwork, animation, script and
narration. That said, we’d love to do more. I feel like lore is really the bread and
butter of the channel here and I’d like to explore the rest of the Elder Scrolls
games with this video format, as well as other games outside of the Elder Scrolls. as a matter of fact, if you have a
suggestion for the game we should do next, just leave it in the comments section
below, anything is fair game. If you guys appreciate what we did here and would
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  1. Please do an episode like this on either Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn, The Witcher, Dead Space, Final Fantasy VII, Xenoblade Chronicles, Diablo, or Xenogears sometime. As a lot of them do have an interesting backstory and/or story to them (not sure about FF VII and Dead Space, though)

  2. I never knew that Arena's Storyline was so cool! I just though of the game as a really old pixelated crappy oblivion! I need to rethink my life now…

  3. I want Bethesda to do a remake of the game. I've never played it and really want to play it. Copies for the PC (original game) go from 60-$100 ATM.

  4. if uriel septim was imprisoned 10 years wouldn't that cause the oblivion gates to open since the Dragon born emperors would not in possession of the amulet of kings

  5. I don't know if I'm in the minority or not here, but I MUCH prefer this style of video over the Storyteller. The stilted voice acting and animations in the Storyteller distract from the stories they try to tell, whereas the Elder Scrolls Lore series were some History Channel-quality videos. This is much better, in my opinion.

  6. Y U no upload videos like this anymore? Dear Bethesda videos are getting really old, really fast

  7. you guys should try doing Halo Lore, using the various Halo games to tell the story through interesting uses of Machinima and in game cutscenes.

  8. ShoddyCast took the script from the Imperial Library site I suppose, I couldn't miss to notice it once you refer the protagonist as Talin, because there's a contradiction on this script, witch Talin and General Warhaft are the same person, so the protagonist (who is only referred as the Eternal Champion) can't be named Talin unless it had indicated that were two Talins in the story, what is not the case.
    Originally Jagar Tharn sent both Uriel Septim VII and General Talin Warhaft(the Leader Of the Imperial Guard) to another dimension as the original intro indicates, and after being brought back, BOTH of them thank to the Eternal Champion fo saving their lives as the original ending indicates.
    Anyway this is not a discussion to be arguing with ShoddyCast but with Imperial Library itself, it is a good work full of good intentions… congrats…

  9. is it just me or does Bethesda have to remaster arena at some point because of the scale of the game,itd be one of the largest games of all time

  10. I've always considered the eternal champion to be a random high-ranking soldier in Talin's army or a member of the Emperor's court. It gives you a bit more freedom with character creation that way.

  11. I know that Bethesda offers these Elder Scrolls DOS games for free on their website, but I am curious what it would be like if it was remade to its fullest size…

  12. Arena is good at the beginning but when you realize that the story is just that…nothing more…you just go and see a video on youtube…

  13. Ok, 2 questions:

    1. How long is the event in TES:Arena ? the video says that Talin (or the Eternal Champion) spent about 10 years finding the staff's fragments, but TES:Daggerfall said to take place only 6 years (CMIIW) after TES:Arena… (TES:A is in 3E399 but TES:D is in 3E405). Does TES:D take place while TES:A still in motion?

    2. Why Jagar Tharn didn't just kill Uriel Septim VII ?

  14. Elder Scrolls Online is the best TES game. Hands down. Best story best gameplay. And PVP gives a REALISTIC approach to the lore between the factions.

  15. It's pure speculation that Talin and the Eternal Champion are the same person, never been confirmed.

  16. MOOOORE OF THIS DAMMIT, DO ONE ON EVERY GAME WITH A DETAILED PLOT (particularly morrowind, because that can make for a great story to be told.)

  17. Thank you for this video, I have been trying to learn the lore of The Elder Scrolls by playing all of the games in order, but I have found Arena to be completely unplayable.

  18. Funnily enough, aside from a thumbnail on the video list to the right, I have never even seen a screenshot of the first game. I have two of Daggerfall, but none of Arena.

  19. Love this. Thanks so much for this great video.

    Just a small nitpick, her name is pronounced Ree-yah Silmane. All the best!

  20. Dear ShoddyCast members, please continue with the next Elder Scrolls games in this style of video. All of your subscribers wish to see it happen. Thank you for your time.

  21. Your narration has improved a lot since the beginning of the series. I think I went back and watched basically all of your elder scrolls lore videos and I wish there were more. The game doesn't do a good job of explaining it all unless you play back in Morrowind and also read a lot of the books. This series made me appreciate the lore even more and I find myself reading more of the books and understanding a lot more of the dialogue.

    I do wish you had all of your elder scrolls lore videos on one playlist, though. Most are on playlists, but a few I really had to dig for 🙂

  22. I'd love to see a tamriel spanning game as the next elder scrolls. Maybe Bethesda could work with modders. But the game might be in terabytes though.

  23. Oh! Oh! Oh! You guys should totally do a video like that on Obsidian Entertainment's Tyranny. It's an awesome RPG with an awesome storyline!

  24. NICE WORK! I wasn't able to play the games because… windows 10 I could have played it with virtual machine but this is easier

  25. I'm kinda confused in the game it says it was Uriel Septim the 4th that was kidnapped, but other online sources keep insisting that it was Uriel Septim the 7th.

  26. Would you be so kind to do this kind of video on Dragon Age Origins? Or Jade Empire? Or the first two Fallout games?

  27. Not too familiar with your channel since I found it last night, but many of us like the lore, as you, ESO, Fudgemuppet and others do some on The Elder Scrolls, as well as lore for Fallout is found on many channels.

  28. Talin was not the player character of Arena. General Talin Warhaft served as the General of the Imperial Legion and the personal bodyguard to Emperor Uriel Septim VII in the Third Era.

    During the Imperial Simulacrum, Jagar Tharn not only banished the Emperor to Oblivion, he also sent General Warhaft there as well. When the Eternal Champion defeated Tharn, not only did Emperor Uriel Septim VII come back from Oblivion, but General Warhaft came back as well. After the Emperor thanked The Eternal Champion for rescuing him, Warhaft enters and interrupts the Emperor, saying: "It seems, [character name], that I am quite in the way. Not only have you managed to save the Emperor, but my life as well. I cannot be but proud of one who has truly earned such renown, and my deepest respect…"
    Talin Warhaft's future past Arena is unknown.

  29. Wow, thank you so much for this video, helped me so much as i am unable to play Arena because of lags and yeah, anything can help me. Thank you so much again, i appreciate

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