The Evolution of GTA 5 Online | From Grand Theft Auto to Battlefield DLC | Sonny Evans

Dear viewers welcome back to another GTA geographic On this episode we’re not looking into a GTA online player But we are taking a look at GTA online and what it was what it has become and what it will be the evolution of GTA online so to speak Now don’t be confused We have an actual documentary called evolution coming out in the near future on the path of the GTA online players Before we start the adventure through the ages I’d kindly ask you to take a nice long stroll through your mansion look in on your son William’s bedroom Nod in approval as he is working hard on an essay on quantum physics And then proceed to settle in by the fire now, let’s begin the video I have of course fooled you Quickly call Charles and ask him to make the finest gin and tonic ever to have tickled the back of your throat Now let’s begin our journey a journey through the ages It is October 8th 2013 in the world of Xbox 360 We stand on a beach near the pier It Is quiet why you ask? Because the first player has yet to land in the world of GTA online Yes dear viewers the vast majority of players are currently in the clouds Needless to say GTA online had a very bumpy launch this moment is What set the tone for GTA online, but oh my what is this? A noob and not just any noob this dear viewers is the atom of GTA Online It is confused about its new surroundings It does not know what to do it wonders. Where is everyone am I alone and Indeed for another two days the noob is alone, but it has time to explore oh my mission Marcus oh My you can buy your very own house you Can even buy and tuned your own cars this place is fantastic the noob thinks . over time more and more players join the vast land of GTA online all Sorts of fun activities are being hosted like trips up and down Mt Chilliad a race around the map Car wrestling on the maze bank you name it. They have it everything was new and exciting the Stunting scene in GTA online was up-and-coming the first movies were being created mysteries were being solved, but something was wrong something was missing I Of course I’m talking about the heists luckily Rockstar Games were quick on the draw and Started releasing new content the first update to have ever hit the streets is beach bums is added for new vehicles and two new weapons in Present time it is considered the worst update ever but was it really Were the vehicles and weapons which actually fit the GTA law that bad is a 50-megaton nuclear explosion from the orbital cannon better than a handful of harmless vehicles a broken bottle and the BB gun Also known as the SNS pistol Many updates followed, but dear viewers. It was all in vain The interesting thing is the GTA online landscape looked different There were no triads there were no grindr’s there were no glitches at least not like we know them today simply because there was not enough content in the game to keep it afloat and so something tragic happened The players started leaving the world of GTA online even with the Xbox one and ps4 release GTA online was dying But this changed on March 10th 2015 After a series of DLCs finally we got the heists not only did players come back to the game But new players came in to enjoy them along with their friends shortly thereafter the PC version released GTA online was thriving and people were beyond enjoying the game One would say here the grinder was born which he would be mistaken Cuz of the simple fact that a lot of money could be made with the heists while at the same time the in-game items remained relatively cheap But from the moments the heist came out the game the world infrastructure and the economy started changing and evolving We can actually pinpoint the moment exactly with the executives and other criminal DLC new customisable penthouses stilt apartments yachts the first armored vehicles and CEO businesses the total cost of DLCs were skyrocketing while good ways to make money slowly started falling short an Example of the raise prices is a simple yet clear one in front of you you see the Turismo in 2014 bruffey won 3-2 to the master of races deemed this car the best in terms of handling Besides it stands the retinue a sedan car added in 2017 the retinue is one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars more expensive and this exact change Resonates throughout everything in the entire game Now of course the name of the elephant in the room causing all of this are the micro transit GTA online is changing over the following months the game became more militarized with gun running with smugglers run and Then followed by the Doomsday heist The game became a near-impossible grind to keep up with all of this it became an absolute warzone Death rains down from the skies from flying DeLoreans people getting obliterated by the 50-megaton nuclear blast of the orbital strike oppressors are storming through the sky as The Triads are preying on the different kinds of players like the grinder the glitcher who are just out there tried to make an ends meet for themselves The game that was released back in 2013 is long gone The core of that game is obsolete because of the new pricing of later DLCs It truly has evolved as a whole In order to keep up and survive But surely even though GTA has evolved into something else they must have brought something good. Well as a matter of fact. Yes it has The fact that I’m talking to you dear viewers in 2018 about a game that is 5 years old must mean it has done something right? Even though the game has evolved into something not a lot of players like we still play the game Some for thrills of the kill some for money others for the prestige and others just to be complete ass hats Here we are back in 2013 What an adventure but look at this the noob? And it’s out on an adventure to meet new friends He can’t wait to show his brand-new van which came free Just like every bit of content in that DLC. Yes indeed dear viewers these were simpler times Where we were all out exploring the vast landscape of GTA online and there were no rolls to settle into This was truly the prehistoric era of GTA online before the meteorite of microtransactions hit Now please prepare yourself a chilled glass of gin and tonic settle into your favorite chair as you move into the comments by the fire But as always a special and heartfelt. Thank you to the sponsors First of all welcome to the new sponsors the cat of tens pursuit force and of course firebrand Welcome to the GTA Geographic estate, and of course. Thank you to all the old sponsors Absolutely fantastic having you all here Come have a seat by the fire if you wish to sponsor yourself follow the link in the description to become a sponsor for $4.99 a month Our first comment is from Nexus Vic who said you have an awesome voice Can you read me a book every night, please? well nexi I’m currently employed by the GTA geographic team and sunny does not allow me to take on side Projects should I ever need the work And you have the money to pay my wages and expenses then we can talk about making this happy our next comment comes from Colton Eisenhart who says Charles did not do as he was told so I fired him out of the family’s antique firing cannon which has been used to fire ungrateful butler’s for generations that dear sir is a Fantastic way of dealing with an insubordinate Butler perhaps one day this form of punishment will become the norm Our third comment is from console gaming who said feature me in the comments by the fire Or I shoot this teddy bear well console gaming I can tell you from the look in that teddy bears eyes that he’s prepared to die for what he believes in Also, we’re here at the GTA geographic offices Do not give in to the demands of terrorists and our final comment comes from Jason Voorhees who said a noob joined my heist What should I do tread carefully dear Jason while the noob can be a great source of fodder? He will also use up the valuable and finite lives you have in heists that is the end of today’s episode of GTA Geographic’ thank you for watching be sure to loving me to linger your finger over the like button before dipping it ever so gently to Show your support and share the episode with your friends, please take care and your travels around Los Santos and be safe dear viewers

97 thoughts on “The Evolution of GTA 5 Online | From Grand Theft Auto to Battlefield DLC | Sonny Evans

  1. Another type of player to talk about are the "no lifers" aka extreme veterans. The players that have been playing GTA online almost everyday since it's very beginning. The players that are level 500 and up, they do everything they can to earn RP, they will even go as far as griefing just to raise their level

  2. gta geographic is now one of the few things that keeps me even slightly interested in the overpriced bullshit brought upon us by the toxic commuinty and the cancer that is only known as microtransaction. rockstar have become a bunch of money grubbing jews who dont care about their consumer base since they started making soo much money

  3. I will stay good path even if rockstar turns normal freemode sessio to tryhard hell. We are better than them.

    Sonny, you should start hero group to take down tryhards. New series for your channel.

  4. Rockstar added a lof of fun content to the game but I think the game became too much of a grind. And it shows. When you enter a session you either see rich high level players with all the most expensive cars, weapons and toys or complete noobs who drive around aimlessly in random cars stolen off the streets who are too overwhelmed by all the content to the point that they don't even know where to start. I really sympathize with the noobs nowadays because it's nearly impossible for them to catch up. They have no chance in free roam against high level players with explosive sniper rifles, oppressors, deluxos and hunter helicopters.

    The game lost its identity somewhere along the way. All the military content – as fun as it may be – completely burried the core idea of the game – being a gangster. No one steals cars and robs shops anymore. No one does contact jobs anymore. GTA map has become a warzone where people in jets and combat helicopters kill each other in over the top ways while the police is just an occasional nuisance.

    I hope that when GTA VI releases we will have different servers, each of which will be focused on different aspect of the game. There should be seperate servers for roleplay, biker clubs, street gangsters, rich CEOs doing special missions, car and racing enthusiasts, military content buffs, deathmatches etc. This way, everyone could find something for themselves and the experience would be much more focused. GTA Online nowadays is a one big mix of everything. Everyone does something completely different and there are no fun ways to interact with other players except when they kill each other for no reason.

  5. GTA Online is a war zone, try-hards are the soldiers, and us, we, we are just caught in the crossfire..

    Leik if u cri every teim

  6. Dear sir,
    Would you ever so kindly have your butler make you the finest gin and tonic he's ever prepared in his 96 years of service. Then have him proceed to throw it in the fire, along with your Xbox1, as you ever so slightly order a PS4.

  7. Can we get a video on the worthless players that buy sharkcards instead of grinding or glitches. Oh and i play to be an ass hat (troll) you can call me the toll troll

  8. i actually think i was one of the first people or even the first person to enter gta online, i had school that day but i stayed up all night waiting for gta online to open, literally as soon as i got the notification that rockstar opened the flood gates i started joining a session, needless to say instead of getting the opening cutscene i just fell from the top of the vinewood sign and out of all of my other friends that were trying to do the same, i was the only one to actually get into a session on the very first day of gta online.

  9. I did as I was told and lingered my finger over the like button before gently pressing on it…because this video deserved every like it’s gotten and every like it’ll get

  10. I remember joining a few days before the heist update, I enjoyed every minute of it. But ever since the CEO buildings it was never the same.

  11. Hah… I remember those days when everything was peacefull no tryhards no shark cards… until modders show up blow you up 😀 now the game is all about MoNey, TryhArds and overpriced SKARK CARDS 🙂

  12. Amazing series! I missed one thing in this video.. The reason why the most of online players left was because in the beginning modders gave every body billions of dollars. Rockstar took all money away and a day after al new stuff came out.

  13. This must be the only GTA video ever to make me cry, not out of getting my grinding get blown up, but of the great work of the team. I am honest: My t-shirt is wet of tears, I'm proud of you, GTA Geographic Team, and hope to see you soon. I know it might be a bit late for this comment, but none the less, keep up the amazing work.

  14. What you did here and with the series is simply amazing.. I don't think most will truly grasp it.. but I will just relate my story and experience with the game. When I first bought this game, I started out as a noob. I eventually evolved into Grinder/Noob but as my knowledge of the game mechanics grew, I evolved into something else.. a grinder/RnG player with a code of ethics regarding interaction with other players. Then everything changed when I joined my first true crew. A collection of egomaniacal assholes that lived to express themselves through the many facets GTA Online had to offer. Around this time I joined the crew, the Heists update was released. As i worked my way up through the ranks, from being the go-to assassin and hit man for the crew, to waging and starting wars with other crews in freemode lobbies, money and car duplication glitches to grind sessions using heist glitches.. I eventually reached the pinnacle.. I was gifted a modded account for my loyalty and dedication but it was also a sad day.. it was the beginning of the end. The crew slowly fell apart from infighting and I found myself alone with an ever growing arsenal of weaponry from constant updates and DLCs.. I had evolved into the ultimate predator tryhard, with experience, knowledge, and an advanced skillset. Utilizing different skill sets with weapons and vehicles, and an understanding of the game mechanics along with virtually unlimited wealth.. I became a force to be reckoned with. I've went through every stage and class you have documented on here.. Nowadays I would classify myself as an anti-hero. I pick and choose which noobs that have potential to help, and kill the weak. I protect and help grinders but also attack them with a competitive nature. I destroy tryhards and griefers but I am sympathetic to the cause of chaos and destruction. I roam the freemode lobbies in search of heroes that can present a challenge to the authority I assert over Los Santos.. I've watched this game change over the years.. I've watched myself and other players change with it.. It's been a great journey.

  15. The overpriced bs started in ill gotten gains part 1 and 2 aka (the last DLCs for old gen and story mode) remember the $10 million plane

  16. GTA online would've been better if the passive mode was the same as old gen, no ghost and no ewo out when in pvp engagements to not give players with less skill an unfair advantage bcuz if you're about to get killed just take the L and get killed since you're still going to die either way and ewo just makes it seem pathetic

  17. I still play gta because all I do is play games I don’t even really like anymore because I have nothing better to do

  18. I had that glorious moment the other day when I needed to make money – you know, buying and selling, and I ended up in a lobby on my own. It was great. I felt free!!! Didn't last long – others kept appearing and then the griefing began. It's ruining the game.

  19. we still play this game, some for the money, some for the prestige, some for the thrills and other just to be complete ASS-HATS xD

  20. If you go to gta online for the first time in 2018, don't expect to be greeted with a nice hello because for sure as hell you'd be spawn killed by some asshole with a chromed insurgent and notice hackers everywhere.

  21. Last Gen Last dlc:Ill Gotten Gains Part 2
    Next gen last update:Battlefield Premium gains dlc for 100.000.000$ u can buy urself a fucking nuke to blow up the map.

  22. If i buy GTA 5 for my PS3, will a random modder come along and just give me a billion dollars and max out my rank? Seems like that's all i hear about 7th gen GTA 5 anymore.

  23. it turned into a place where wherever you go you get blown up by a flying motorcycle. i can't even mind my own business before some guy mows me down with a lazor machine gun armored tank. or I'll be doing something and some plane comes out of NOWHERE and bombs the shit out of everyone.

  24. Dear sir I wanted to ask…….oh not now William. Sorry I was rudely interrupted. Dear sir what are balls or scroti

  25. I have spent over 100 days of my life in GTA Online. 100 x 24 hours. Best online game ever made, such a shame it was ruined with the militarization and futuristic weaponized videos.

  26. I miss the old days when I was poor af in this game and owned the middle end apartment and owning the fastest super car and best apartment was the top priority, Time flys.

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