The First 4K 60fps Action Camera? — YI 4K+ Action Camera Review and Footage

25 thoughts on “The First 4K 60fps Action Camera? — YI 4K+ Action Camera Review and Footage

  1. What are your settings because my yi 4k+ seems to have some blurring in the background roughly in the 10-20 yards at 4k60fps and it is not nice at all. Edit December 8th, 2018, the camera had a defect and has been replaced since. Everything is perfect now.

  2. is there any way of easily removing the usb c cover??
    I find i need to use a knife since my nails arent able to lift it

  3. hello … can you turn on the wifi without touching the screen ?, What I want is that when turning on the camera also turns on the wifi, is that possible? Thank you

  4. I just picked one up on a crazy lightning deal from amazon. I was looking to replace my SJCam 5000 and looking at some initial comparisons of just the view finder, I can see that this will be a pretty good improvement and audio on the SJcam was trash. So I can do a little more with this one in the car and on the go. Stoked.

    That 2.7 wide view setting is clutch. Ill have to play around with that.

  5. Should I buy 4K or 4K+? I dont even have a 4K TV. If 1080p is sufficient then what is worth? There is $100 difference. I need something for casual trips/vacation.

  6. Ordered one from aliexepress today. Got the camera, selfie stick, 3extra batteries , headstrap, waterproof case. For everything I paid 248 Eur

  7. I just need a camera like the playsport zx5 from kodak, but all can i find are paper cameras that only record in 3rd persona, i need a camera were i can see what i am recording and i can put in my pocket and climb mountains, GoPro is not what i need because not show what i see like a cameraman.

  8. Horseback riding, I wanted a helmet cam. I bought a Yi 4k + because of your video. I just posted my first horseback riding video at full 4k @60fps!

  9. Does anyone know an sd micro card that works in this camera ??? All I get is only 5 secs of recording then SLOW CARD and stops ,, piece of crap

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