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Hoi Today I want to talk to you guys about “The Girl with All the Gifts.” Usually I feel like I have more props to show you but since the film is still in cinemas and I listened to the audiobook this is sort of the best I can do. So this book came out about two years ago and I think it’s done so well because I know so many people that have read it. I never got about to reading it and I was interested in reading it before I saw the film but then I was invited to an advanced screening and I really wanted to go see it so I saw it before I read the book.
Shame! Shame! But I’ll also be talking in this video about whether I think you should go see it first or read it first. But to start off with I’ll sort of explain what the book is about. The book starts off at an army base and it centres around a couple of different characters There is Miss Justineau who is a teacher.
There is a scientist called Caldwell Then there is someone who I think the leader of the military base who is Sargeant Parks and there is Melanie who is a young girl who I think is about 10 years old. She is locked in this bunker and lots of other kids are in their individual rooms and everyday they get wheeled into the classroom. They are all sort of bound strapped into a chair where they are taught.
I don’t want to give away too many spoilers it wont really reveal the ending but I’m definitely going to have to tell you something that I think you also see it in the trailer. So if you don’t want any spoilers at all then probably stop watching now One of the vital things you sort of need to know and you find out I think pretty early in the book is that all the little kids have been infected by the zombie fungus, I guess. but they are all very different form the normal zombies because those just sort of like either run around like crazy or just stand still in place but these kids are quite intelligent and they get told all these stories and they write stories and talk and function like normal human beings unless they really catch the scent of a human. Miss Justineau who is one of the teachers, she spends loads of times with these kids and she sees them as, I guess, human children while lots of other people on the base are like “no these are monsters. they’re just like this virus pretending to be kids” but there is a very special bond between Melanie and Miss Justineau and this is one of the reasons that when the base goes down under attack from zombies that they sort of make it out together with the sargeant and Dr Caldwell. that as much as I am going to tell you about the plot really but the story sort of goes on from there. I saw the film first. I friggin loved it. I actually went to a screening where most of the actors were there and the author was there and the director was there which is always really fun to hear them chat a little bit before the film starts. It was also a huge huge screen and the sound was really loud I do really like zombie films and I’ve seen quite a few and I do think this is a different twist on it but still it was quite terrifying and potentially a bit gross. I thought the film was filled with tension, really fun there were so many little chump scares. And it was one of those films where you sort of like sit on your chair and respond to it quite a lot and try to look away I started listening to the book quite soon after I’d seen the film and I have to say the two are very very similar; the screenplay was written by the author. One of the surprises when I started listening to the book is that in the film Melanie is played by a Black actress called Sennia Nanua and Miss Justineau is played by Gemma Arterton who I freaking adore When I started reading the book I very quickly realised the girl Melanie is described as being White and super blonde hair etc. and then Miss Justineau is described as black I’m not entirely sure what the reason for this switch was. and I do feel like it had an effect on the film but I’d be really curious to hear what you guys think of that as well in the comments. The book has some absolutely genious lines that just made me chuckle. It’s really descriptive; the dialogue is really good. and I do feel like I equally enjoyed it as I did the film. There was some difference like for example in the book you learn a bit more about the reason why the base was attacked and who was behind it and also you get more background information when it comes to how did this infection start and you actually realise it’s been 20 years since it actually started and in the film you feel like it was like 5 or something. Also I think in the book everything seems even more hopeless than it is in the film In the book it feels the story like it focuses a lot more on Miss Justineau and her point of view even though it switches a couple of times. The film felt very very focused on Melanie and you were seeing lots of things from her point of view. I love in a film or a book when there is like a person or a creature etc. who is experiencing human life or the outside world for the first time There’s quite a lot of films that toy with this. Again it’s usually beautiful shots of nature and that kind of thing but also funny little things like at some point Melanie finally gets to wear kids clothing for the first time. and she’s so excited about it. By the way that’s reminded me there is an animal maybe multiple animals that die in quite graphic ways Some people will need to like not look for that part. Another thing that I love is when it’s a couple of years in to the future and people reference old things so in the book they find lots of old CDs and old money and the young solder that is with them just doesn’t know about any of these. cause he’s probably like 23 years old also in the film when they get to London I love to see an old destroyed M&S and I just think that the site of London in ruins never gets old. Now when it comes to the ending, I wont describe what it is, but I think the first bit of the ending I really enjoyed both in like the book and the film I thought it was quite like a brave ending There’s an added scene at the end which is in both the book and the film that I feel a little bit weird about. I’m not entirely certain I think I wish it would have cut off a little bit earlier but yeah if you have seen the film or read the book let me know what you prefer. So finally should you read the book or see the film first? I think probably read the book first. You can definitely entirely go and see the film without reading the book if you have no intention of reading the book or if you want to see the film then wait a couple of months before you read the book but I think in an ideal situation for this one I probably would’ve liked to read the book first. Alright I think that is everything I have to say about this book and film I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will talk to you guys later. Doei!

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  1. I'm not really a fan of the zombie genre at all (save for Sean of the Dead) but I picked up the book of of the Girl with all the Gifts without knowing what it was about and BLOODY LOVED IT! I really would recommend it to anyone – and I'm really glad to hear the film did it justice. Gotta go book my tickets now 🙂

  2. I read the book a couple of years ago, but I'm pondering giving it a reread as the movie will only come out in February next year here.. so there would be still time to refresh the book and let it settle a bit again, before watching the movie. I remember loving it and basically inhaling it though! 🙂 I enjoyed it very much.

  3. I loved the book and I've been looking forward to the movie for so long! I actually had an opportunity to see it at the Toronto international film festival but ended up not going since the screening was at midnight and I had to work at 6am the next day. Glad to hear you enjoyed it and I hope it comes out in North America soon (it doesn't look like it has a release date here yet)!

  4. I LOVED that book ^_^ glad to hear the movie is good. I won't be able to watch it in the cinema but I'll be getting it when it's on iTunes.

  5. I've not read the book but I hated the film. I just couldn't get on with it at all. I don't mind a Zombie film although we did go to see another film and the listing was wrong so we decided on this film. I thought it was acted well, and shot well, but I could see the soldiers walking straight past massive food halls to go onto tiny corner shops for food. Everything felt very predictable. There were a few scenes that I didn't see coming but a larger number I did. Maybe I'd have liked it more if I had read the book. Overall for me a 4/10. Sorry

  6. Oh okay I actually have a lot of thoughts on the race thing. I read this book last year and absolutely loved it and honestly I have no desire to support the film because it angers me so much that they made Miss Justineau white. She's one of my favorite literary characters that I've come across in years and it's really important to me that such a dynamic and amazing woman is also black…. stripping that identity away from her character is not okay and it's not excusable. Yeah they changed Melanie's race as well but imo that doesn't make it okay–whitewashing is still whitewashing and my tolerance is nonexistent because it's so rampant in the film industry. ALSO the swapping of Melanie and Miss Justineau's races in the film bothers me an extra amount because I feel as though it turns the story more into a white savior trope…which… no thank you. Melanie is treated as a sub-human by most people in the book and I just don't really like the fact that now in the film, their depiction of a young black girl onscreen is going to be through a lot of demonization and degradation.

  7. Hey Sanne 🙂 I agree that the book and film are both really good but I thought some of the intensity of the characters was lost in the film–I think Cauldwell and Parks are much more apprehensive of Melanie in the book and that creates more tension. But yeah. I totally loved the visuals of the movie . 😊 Also, it was really nice to have met you at Libreria this past weekend!!! Hope you had fun. X Angelica

  8. I loved the book a lot (that's why I did a review for it) and I haven't seen the movie yet but I really want to!
    I loved the different take on the zombie story! I'll probably just buy the dvd when it comes out ad watch it then! 🙂

  9. The skin color change also confused me a lot, especially when the novel makes a very clear point of Melanie being white (the whole book STARTS with an exploration on her name and how it means "the black girl" and how Melanie is complitely opposite) and Miss Justineau being black. I didn't know the author of the novel wrote the screenplay as well, which confused me even more: why do this? Being white myself I don't know how much my opinion really matters in these matters, but reading about a young white girl looking up to and idolizing a black woman was very refreshing. The film kinda took this away from WoC: how often are we, white women, put into a same role in media nowadays? Why did we have to "steal" this opportunity away from WoC, who barely never have any representation in mainstream media as main characters?
    I don't know, maybe the film makers thought of this being a good idea but to me it seems wrong and a very odd choice in making the film. I loved the book though, so I'm not yet sure if I'll give the film a chance or not.

  10. I read the book recently and I really liked it. The movie doesn't come out until February next year in my country and I'm still not really sure whether I want to watch it or not – I loved that the book was (in parts) more character driven and the trailer for the movie looks so action packed.

    By the way, I love the shade of your lipstick, it suits you so well!

  11. I loved the movie, even though I havn't read the book and it was the most scary thing I have ever seen 😀
    It's so interessant how they have changed the skin color for the for Melanie and Justineau. But considering the fact that both actresses were fantastic in their roles, I'm not gonna complain (one of the reasons this movie/book caught my interest was because Gemma plays in it. I love her.).
    THere is so much more to an actress than the color of her skin. THey were fantastic in the movie, and I loved it.

  12. Hey guys jus made a new book tube channel with reviews on Sherlock Holmes the Martian and Something Borrowed! Go check it out if you guys love those books!!

  13. I haven't read the book, but the film was really interesting, though the ending did have a massive logic problem for me…
    [spoiler warning]

    If the disease is now airborne so all the humans/animals have been infected, what will the "hungries" eat? It seemed very clear that the couldn't eat organisms infected with the virus. Basic biology dictates you need more prey than predators — but perhaps this was explained more fully in the book.

  14. I loved the book, but hadn't realised that the movie had been released. Doesn't look like it's still showing anywhere in London. That's a real shame.

  15. Ik weet niet hoe ik bij je kanaal terecht ben gekomen, maar ik ben er wel heel blij mee! Wat ben jij leuk zeg! Ik heb al een paar video's gekeken en heb heel hard moeten lachen. Super vermakelijk! Je hebt er een abonnee bij. <3

  16. I guess this might be a spoiler-y comment because it's about the last scene. Anyway, I really liked the last scene because it shows how in many ways Melanie and Miss Justineau have switched in this new world. Melanie won't let her turn into a zombie, so now for the rest of her life she will have to be confined, and when she goes out she sill have to be confined in some way like Melanie has been all her life. Also this kind of plays on Miss Justineau's guilty conscience about her past. She never wound up in prison for what she did because of the outbreak, but now in some ways she is imprisoned.

  17. I really enjoyed the book but sadly never got to see the film at the cinema! I will be getting the film on dvd though as really want to see it especially because it was filmed in Birmingham which is where I live and I love things like that!!! xxx

  18. I just finished the book then I saw the trailer. Wondered the same thing about the change in races between the two characters but I don't mind it. Seems like the actress that plays Melanie did a fantastic job (can't wait to see it!).

  19. If they had an open casting for the roles then I have no problem with the race change.
    The heart of this story is the bond between Melanie and Miss Justineau, not how much pigment is in their skin. Maybe the two actors were cast based on the chemistry they shared.

  20. For any die hard book worms who knows what's good and what's not in books, this is just a literary drivel made to earn the author some money. There were so many literary conveniences that the author used that it made this book a frustrating read. There were instances when a character was out of their character it was obvious that the author just manipulated their actions just to make the story go from point A to point B. These manipulations were so obvious that it snaps you right back to logical reality and think that this or that character shouldn't be acting that way given the circumstances that transpired beforehand. And when a book jolts you out of the fantasy due to convenient inconsistencies drummed up by the author, it will just be a frustrating read. This was one of those books in which I couldn't wait until I was done with it.

  21. I’m currently relistening to the audiobook + thought I’d come hear what other people think! I have watched the film a while ago, which I did enjoy. Some people I’ve heard criticise as just buying into the current zombie fad but I really enjoyed it ☺️

  22. I finished the book yesterday and absolutely loved it, so came by to YouTube to listen to a few opinions on others that have read it! It was such a fantastic book and I’m super excited to watch the movie – I purposely waited until I read the book before I saw the movie, even though I’ve owned both the book and the Blu-ray for THREE YEARS and only last week decided to pick up the book 😂😂

    Have you read the prequel, The Boy On The Bridge? I’m about to start that one later today!

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