The Grand Egyptian Museum

Hey, I’m Rick Steves — I’m in Egypt at
Giza. Their great pyramids are just over there, but right now I’m in a building
construction site, which is pharaonic in scale just like those pyramids.
The pyramids were great tombs to mark the graves of the great pharaohs — the kings
from 4000 years ago — and in about a year, in late 2020
— insha’Allah — this grand museum,
called the Grand Egyptian Museum will open to the public and then everybody
can celebrate their visit to the Great Pyramids of Giza in style. Rick Steves — wishing this place was open,
I guess I’ll have to come back and check it out — from Cairo, Giza in Egypt. Happy travels! And here’s to all those pharaohs…

34 thoughts on “The Grand Egyptian Museum

  1. Io ci sono stata al Grande Museo Egiziano e ne ho un ricordo indelebile. È meraviglioso vedere tutti quei reperti archeologici. Il Cairo ha davvero una grande risorsa culturale all' interno del suo museo. Bisogna solo attingervi tutte le notizie preziose che la Storia, la` preservata, offre all' Umanità intera. Grazie

  2. Impressive but no megaton blocks of granite used here like the pyramids have. Glad when you expand our scope of the world by venturing outside of your usual haunts 😉

  3. ii ti em Kemet! ☥
    Welcome to Egypt, R. Steve
    This is the first time see you there since I have sub'd to your channel almost 1 year ago or more. It is good to see you there thou. Looking forward to a new video about your trip in Egypt.

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