The History of Battlefield (Documentary)

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  1. In this comments is a battlefield about battlefield and console's and pc's and people that want to know the songs btw yeah this game has envolve good and "Elessar Zure" Console rocks and pc rocks now shut the fuck up (sry for my english)

  2. I want a new #Battlefield game that looks as awesome as #BF4, but is created by following the same design goals and principles as #Battlefield2  was!
    I want a Battlefield again that has a steep learning curve, no noob crutches, teamwork focus, depth and MOD TOOLS as well as a BATTLERECORDER
    Enough with the casual focus! GIVE US OUR BATTLEFIELD BACK  #DICE  !!!

  3. Battlefield sucks, Its the same game every year, the upcoming Hardline is a copy and paste from battlefield 4 and 3. Its the same game every year, there are almost no changes to the game. 

  4. BF3 turned out alright, pretty decent campaign, deserving of a direct sequel. I played BF4. I heard that it's technically a "sequel" to the events of BF3, but the fourth was just a complete mess. Waste of money.

  5. My first Battlefield was BF3 at the age of 15. I fuckin loved that game. Today it is still my favorite game of all time. I had traveled for 2 years to a foreign country but when I had came back, and bought Battlefield 4, I honestly was totally disappointed for all the hype that it had bulit and as a customer and supporter of the Battlefield franchise, I completely fell for it. I will definetly downloaded it for free off XBOX LIVE and fuckin enjoyed it but probably consider BF5. I just hope it would go back to the simplicity of BF3 and not that BF4 nonsense it had just shit out last year

  6. I… am… so surprised. The graphics for the current Call of Duty game, Black Ops 2, Ghosts and AW looks just like Frostbite 1. They are way behind the BattleField franchise. And ive been playing BattleField since i was in Kindergarten (i know, im underage) started with BattleField 2. Im currently 13 Year old (i know… still underage) and im still playing BattleField, BattleField 4. Im quite disappointed with the Campaign though, it just sucks… its like there's no story. Im always disappointed with DICE for the next BattleField game, Hardline. Cops and Robbers? No, just no. But, what im looking forward to is, BattleFront 3 because… just look at the trailer… Frostbite 3, First Person. Its gonna make me feel like im really part of Star Wars if i play it. Im also looking forward to BattleField 5 in 2017, i hope they include wingsuits for the new features.

  7. Just because you exaggerated your voice with stupid amount of bass doesn't make what you're saying any more interesting. This is more pointless EA propaganda.

  8. das Gameplay eines Alt-Battlefields ist einfach unvergesslich im Gegensatz zum neuen Moorhuhn-Gameplay eines Neu-Battlefields oder eher CoDfields.

    Ziemlich daneben finde ich die Pfurz-Pfurz-Kreisch-Theme von Battlefield 3, die einer CoD-Theme ziemlich ähnlich kommt.

  9. i agree that bf4 was a disappointment and that bf3 are better… but i tried bf2 and i think its a lot more awesome than both bf3 and 4

  10. remake of 1942 ! and not like the retarded way they made hardline -.- no a legit version of 1942 with grafix from to day !

  11. You are kinda incorrect about Battlefield 1942 being the first of it's kind, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, came out Nov 19 2001 vs Battlefield 1942's June 28 of 2002 release date, RTCW has the different classes, was a large scale team / squad based game, with vehicles and turrets, you could use. the maps were huge at the time, the battles were epic, and i feel that Battlefield shared a bunch of the concepts / ideas / game play  from RTCW. Just one mans opinion.

  12. And now, Battlefield is moving away from war combat, and doing Cops Vs Robbers.

    But, DICE is working on Battlefront 3. WHICH IS AWESOME. HYYYYYYYYYPE.

  13. BF5 wishlist:
    Map design: BF2
    Vehicle gameplay: BF2–BF3 (Powerful, finite ammo pool and "rare"= having balance between inf vs. veh and increased appreciation for all vehicles!)
    Player movement: ~BFBC2+Stamina/Mobility=based on kit and its role and loadout
    Kitsystem: ~BF2 (Assault Commando[AR/BR=200-250m], Combat Medic[CRB=150m], Support[LMG=250m], Demolition=Anti-tank&C4[PDW/SG=50-100m], Combat Engineer[SMG/SG=50m], Recon Sniper[SR/DMR=300-500m] and Field Officer=SL/Commander[CRB], pistols, grenades and knife as universals)
    Emplacements: HMG, AT wireguided, stationary AA-autocannon and C-RAM on base
    TTK and damage model: max-min. full auto 3-10, semi-auto 1-5, pump & bolt 1-3
    Projectile physics: Frostbite 4= reworked Frostbite engine (due to a lot of errors in core of code: amount of bugs, glitch, lacks, client-server side issues etc. nuisance)
    Core gameplay elements: BF2, BF 2142 and best of Frostbite Battlefields. n00b friendly features completly removed, learning curve and teamwork promotion & emphasis!
    Gamemodes: Conquest, Conquest Assault, Rush, Squad deathmatch, CTF and some new ofc.
    Ranking system: Private–Colonel
    Reward system: ~BF2
    Customization: 1 kit has 8 choosable gun+ 6 different side arms, couple of sights and barrel/grip accessories. Less glitter and toys, more actual game!
    =For team, for squad, for fun and for winning the epic match!

  14. the new mode of open world multiplayer warfare games are taking over..the specific map style is no longer desirable by many..especially bc of the social experience that an open world map would establish..

  15. BC2 is hands down the best FPS ever made at this point. No game has come close to the joy that i had in that game as a teen. I really just preferred how the weapons felt in the game. They actually felt like they had weight to them, while BF3 and most modern games make them feel like toys and it makes it really hard for me to find a weapon that i can actually play with at my skill level.

  16. Eh, I wish Apache's were still in BF series, I don't know why they make BF with Cobra's in the modern combat game…Cobra's are old, older than Apache's, and Apache's are the modern combat attack helicopters of 21'st cent, not like Cobra's aren't, modern military still use them, but heavily modified I assume, maybe not heavily modified, but still.
    I know that UH-1Y is the modernized Huey (UH-1N), but I still want to fly with BlackHawk(UH 60)…and Pache as well, not Cobra.
    And those Gillie suits…I want them in BF series as well, I understand BFBC was in all jungle environment and so on, where Gillie suits made sense, unlike in BF in urban areas, where it doesn't make much sense, though I still wish some maps with jungle theme could allow such possibility of Gillie suits…

  17. So much nostalgia. These old games were truly the golden era of PC gaming. I miss them so very much. I've played every single one of these. I hope BF1 recaptures some of the magic too.

  18. I grew up playing computer games in the 1980s. It started with Aces of the Pacific, Aces over Europe, the Red Baron, Wolfenstein 3D, then the Doom series. Never was much of a Quake fan was more into WWI/WWII games. It was great when Delta Force 2, BF2, and America's Army came out years later. The graphic engines they have now days are awesome. I was born too soon. lol

  19. I still miss the naval combat from 1942… I wish that would make some sort of appearance in a future battlefield game…

    well ok it kind of did in Battlefield 1 which is pretty god dam cool but some ship V ship combat like in 1942 would be way better.

    also I have to disagree with calling 1942's bots Brain dead, well there not smart (and obviously got smarter in all games up to battlefield 2142) if you max the difficulty there actually more intelligent then the bots in more recent battlefield games, they are capable of creating resistance and killing you.

    That is far better then being the bullet spoung god who is capable of raining death in the games that came after Battlefield 2142.

  20. BF2 is the king of the franchise, sure it doesn't have the best graphics or mechanics but that doesn't matter, games are made for fun and i SURE DID HAVE FUN WITH THIS.
    The infantry combat is just stunning, it's tricky to describe.

  21. 29:10 "why would somebody hiding in a barrel"

    Emperor in A Barrel reference

    In Age of Empires II, dead Barbarossa hiding in a barrel to go to Jerusalem XD

  22. 0:54 PLEASE what song is this! Cheers from a BF1942 diehard n fan of obviously 1942-BC2!!! GAMES USED TO BE GAMES

  23. Remember that BF2 and BF2142 are still alive. Just google bf2hub or bf2142hub and enjoy yourselves. See you on the battlefield!

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