The Hunger Games Exhibition – FULL TOUR, MERCHANDISE – Review aka Reaction : Beyond The Trailer

So I just got back from the press walk-through of The Hunger Games Exhibition! And I have to tell you I had a really fantastic time! And I’m going to take you on a walk-through right now of the exhibition, but I highly recommend that you check it out when it comes to a city near you.

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  1. I might not be able to make myself a cup of tea but it's a nice long video to keep me entertained while I wash the dishes xD

  2. Hey grace! If you like this then I can't wait for you to see the Harry Potter studios the information isn't as detailed but the props and everything are amazing!

  3. sigh…..i hate my dirty self……..the first word i see when i looked at the website on the bottom right corner is sex…..

  4. Great video! I feel like tgis could become a theme park one day. Its so informative and entertaining I really want to visit this exhibition!

  5. If I were an investor, I certainly would turn this exhibition into a theme park. Even without this exhibition, I think they should go ahead and make a Hunger Games theme park. Great video, though. I enjoyed watching you go through your experience.

  6. I'm going in 2 and a half weeks!! I just came back from Asheville and visited District 12 in Henry River Mills Village and some of the arena at DuPont State Forest at Triple Falls!

  7. Hi GRACE, that building in England. Is in North West London. I grew up around there! The place is called.. Rowley Way. It on Abbey Road.. Yes the famous Abbey Road. It was in the movie "Kingsman".Go to Google Images. See for yourself, If and when you can. It look crazy! Thanks for all the hard work you clearly put in giving us the latest in movie news! Keep it up. Thanks again Jay Cuffy.

  8. Turns out the VIDEO embargo is tomorrow, Tuesday 6/30, at 2 PM EST – my video will be public again at that time!

  9. This looks so fun but I don't know what rides they would have if it was turned into s theme park attraction. The train thing is already a part of Harry Potter world. Any ideas?

  10. The embargo is up! You can now watch my full walk-through, complete with merchandise review – of The Hunger Games Exhibition! 

    #TheHungerGames #TheHungerGamesExhibition

  11. Okay that makes me a little angry that the movies are pushing to suggesting Panem was only the United States…. It says specifically in the book that it was NORTH AMERICA so the fact that Canada gets left out of being part of Panem irritates me and what I found so problematic about about a lot of Dystopian novels today. Realistically District 7 would be in British Columbia, Canada especially since BC's most profitable is Forestry. Idk… it just really irks me when post-apocalyptic stories try to be American centric. sigh… end rant.

  12. I hope it comes to Phoenix Arizona 😁 I love the hunger games sooooo much and hate it if I miss this !!!!!

  13. I think making a theme park attraction out of this would sort of mess up its message, its very preachy message. I'd much rather have something else as a theme park. I'm just not a fan; I've only seen the first 2 movies.

  14. You should have bought that sweater. It would have been awesome if u wore that when u did the part 2 review.

  15. I love the idea of this Exhibition and can't wait to hopefully go this summer. However, i feel like they forced this exhibition almost too quickly with it opening before Mockingjay Part 2 coming out. From images of the trailer, i definitely feel that some Mockingjay Part 2 sets and items could have been present. Once it comes out, do you think they will add Mockingly 2 sets and wardrobe or keep the original exhibition?

  16. Thank you for filming this! This seems exactly like the Harry Potter studio tour in London. maybe that was the inspiration for this. 😉

  17. I love this. I would totally go if I had the opportunity and I would buy a bunch of merchandise.

  18. For the theme park idea I think that in the best case it could be one of the most intelligent and informative theme parks EVER if they expand on the information and inspiration for the films, it could teach not only about political revolution but also female investment in history and a distopya vs. utopia debate.

    But a part of me is a little afraid that (in the worst case) they could do it for the bad reason and totally misleading the pacifist and social message/story from both the films and books into a more commercial purpouse.

    But I'm on board for a Panem Train and Hoverboard Ride.

  19. Wow! That was an excellent, thorough tour–love it!! 
    Theme park? Heck yes, I would invest!! And then attend. For sure. 
    LOL, poor Gale…well, I'm actually glad they put Rue & Cinna there instead. 
    The welcome/intro with Effie & Liz is awesome! 8D Effie rules, & Elizabeth so deserves for that role to have helped set her career on fire. Omg, that "favorite costume" of yours might be mine as well…because I didn't even notice all the little butterflies in it and all the detail…!! It looks so iridescent. And I just realized that it would go with this pair of holographic/3D butterfly shoes that I have. xD 
    And the D13 stuff and everything, just…wow. The whole exhibit looks incredibly cool and well put-together. 

    With the gift shop: Yeah, now you're speaking my language! x3 I'm digging the glasses (have to check whether I need any of those styles), Buttercups, Katniss sweater things, and of course the dolls! Oh, and gummy bears 'cause I can never pass those up. It's also really neat that they put all the exhibit info into a book; would be super-awesome of them to sell those online for everyone who can't make it there in person. 
    I saw someone flip through the Palen photography book on Periscope–what gorgeous shots. And I have the two 'Illustrated Movie Companion' books…looks like those are in the shop too, with the journal between them? I see some other things that look like pens, and maybe card decks, postcard booklets, pins, and such. Some are hard to tell. wishes that gift shop were a website

  20. I'm so grateful that when we're going to visit NYC (in October) i can check the exhibition out. I'm a mega hunger games fan so i'm sure i'll love it. And i love you and you're videos Grace! You put so much effort to your videos it's mindblowing. From trailer reviews to movie reviews to movie minutes and movie math. Thank you for your videos Grace and thank you for giving me an insipiration to maybe talk about movies on Youtube in the future. Love from Scandinavia!❤

  21. It looks great also I wouldn't mind if star wars did their own version as well but not in Disneyland

  22. Thanks for the coverage Grace!! I really wish I could go, but unfortunately I live in South Africa, so it's a loooonnngggg… journey there.. The video really gives you a great idea of the exhibition, so thank you very much.. ☺😊😀

  23. WHAT you were in New York on the same street and time as I was? I was directly across the street seeing Phantom of the Opera…omg I could've met you.

  24. Hey sorry to bother but when does the exhibition end, how much is it to enter, and how much are the merchandise specifically the Mockingjay pins and which ones did they have? Any info will be greatly appreciated I might not go but its good to know I'm located in Chicago Illinois so I've never traveled and I'm not sure how I would even get to the exhibition

  25. Oh my gosh Grace, congrats on hitting the 400k mark. I've been watching your channel for a couple of years now and I'm so happy of how you've progressed as a movie reviewer and expressing your opinion on the internet. Lots of love ❤️❤️😊

  26. OMFG thanks for this great video, it really makes me want to go see the exhibition myself so much more!!! Hopefully they come to Houston!!!

  27. Oh my gosh this is amazing! Thank you for making this video. The costumes are amazing, and it's really cool that they did this.
    I'm thinking of going to see this and I wasn't sure if I should till now, so thank you once again for making this video.

  28. I want to go soooooo bad. I especially want to see Effie's outfits. She's my favorite character. ❤️💃🏻💅🏻💄👠👗

  29. I wish that i had friends that lived in the New York area so that way i could get people to get me the teams. I now really want that book that you purchased

  30. Thanks so much for the coverage!

    The sweater vest scarf pullover is on sale?!?!?
    When the movie came out i wanted one and looked. Etsy would make them for like $400

    I needed this

  31. YES, the gift shop is now online!! Yippee! I'm just confused because…I can obviously understand them not selling the candy on there, but they don't have the dolls. Wonder why? Were they a limited thing that sold out already? Everything else is available.

  32. Are you sure Gale wasn't featured in the entrance? Could have sworn he was on the right when you first enter, with someone else.

  33. Do you happen to remember the price for the Effie and Katniss Barbie dolls? I have the whole Hunger Games Barbie collection except for those two and I'm going to the exhibition in December and I think it may be cheaper to get it straight from

  34. +Beyond The Trailer
    The hunger games exhibition guide was that given to you like when you entered or did you buy that. Also was everything you bought there pricy? I bet it is. I really want a lot of stuff there😭 And I don't have much money

  35. I just came back a few hours ago and it was so amazing! I wore the same cape thing (for the green screen) as Sam calfin did 2 weeks ago. lol. I bought so many things at the end

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