The JFK Assassination – What Really Happened?

What do we know (and not know) about the JFK
Assassination They say that everybody who was alive at the
time remembers the day it happened, and that it was one of the most shocking events in
recent American history. A president rides along in an open-top limousine
on a bright November day in Dallas, Texas. The sound of gunfire rips through the air
and onlookers are horrified as the most powerful man in America slumps forward. The day that changed history was followed
by some of the most widely believed conspiracy theories of modern times. The bizarre chain of deaths following the
president’s did little to quash these conspiracy theories. But what do we know happened and what do we
have yet to learn about the events of that fateful day? That’s what we’re about to find out, in
this episode of the Infographics Show – What do we know (and not know) about the JFK Assassination. Dallas, Texas, November 22nd at 12.30pm, the
35th President of the United States was fatally shot as he rode in his open-top limousine. He was announced dead at Parkland Memorial
Hospital. Former US Marine and communist Lee Harvey
Oswald was arrested by the Dallas Police about 70 minutes after the shooting and charged
under Texas state law with the murder of John F. Kennedy. In a strange twist, two days later, with live
television cameras filming, Oswald was fatally shot at police headquarters by Jack Ruby,
a night club owner. Oswald was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital
where he was pronounced dead, and Ruby was convicted of Oswald’s murder and died in
prison 4 years later. A ten month investigation by the Warren Commission
concluded that Oswald acted alone in killing JFK, who was the fourth American president
to be assassinated. The others were: Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley. A 1964 report also concluded that:
The shots were fired from the sixth-floor window at the south-east corner of the Texas
School Book Depository. The shots were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald
There’s no evidence that either Lee Harvey Oswald or Jack Ruby were part of any conspiracy,
domestic or foreign. In a 1979 Warren Commission, the United States
Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that Kennedy was ‘probably assassinated
as a result of a conspiracy’. An analysis of audio recordings suggests that
a second gun used during the incident. John F Kennedy’s Assassination is still
subject to across the board debate and is one of the most prevalent conspiracy theories
today. New documents relating to the event are currently
being released by America’s current president Donald Trump. A poll conducted from 1966 to 2004 discovered
that up to 80% of Americans still suspect that there was some sort of plot or cover-up. Some people believe that a second gunman fired
from the grassy knoll as the president’s open-top limousine passed. Jefferson Morley, a former Washington Post
reporter who has written several books on the incident, says, “I’ve never written
about a conspiracy theory, I report facts about the assassination. Look at the Zapruder film,” he says in reference
to home footage of the event, “Kennedy’s head goes flying backwards. I know there’s a theory that if you get
hit by a bullet from behind, the head goes towards the source of the bullet. But as a common sense explanation, it seems
very unlikely. That sure looks like a shot from the front.” What do we know about Oswald? He was born on October 18th, 1939 and was
an American Marxist and ex-marine. He lived in the Belarusian city of Minsk in
the Soviet Union from October 1959 to June 1962. He returned to the United States with his
Russian wife Marina and eventually settled in Dallas. So, what don’t we know about the assassination? Well, the fact that nobody kept a written
record of Oswald’s interview alerts suspicion and leaves much unknown. Every policeman involved violated standard
procedures on interviewing detainees. In the 1960s, notes were always kept but for
some reason these records have gone missing. This was the assassination of the most powerful
man in America and standard protocols were not followed? There’s one hell of an information gap right
there. But just why do onlookers shout ‘conspiracy’
anyhow? Why would the government kill its own president? Well, it seems JFK was planning to withdraw
from Vietnam and the Cold War, and the theory goes that too many corporations had begun
to depend on the war economy and would have suffered huge losses had JFK continued on
his peaceful trip. That’s one of the theories. But the bizarre red flags are what really
keep the conspiracy theorists chomping at the bit. Red flags such as the one raised by Jack Ruby’s
‘lone wolf’ attack on Oswald in a police basement. Why would he do it? Is such an attack not simply suicide? And then the sudden death of Ruby a few years
later also raises suspicion. Had the secret service visited Ruby in jail? Was he ready to talk? Then there’s that photo of Oswald that did
the rounds in the press after his arrest. It was thought that the image of Oswald holding
a rifle published in the press was in fact a faked image. An image of Oswald’s face was superimposed
onto the body of another man. Although the faked photo claim has been debunked
by experts, the red flag remains in people’s consciousness. Then there’s the Umbrella Man. A figure holding an umbrella on that tragic
sunny day is thought by some conspiracy theorists to be signaling to a gunman or gunmen. The Umbrella Man was caught on a home video-recording
of the event and added to the conspiracy myth. In 2017, the US government released 2,800
previously classified files related to the assassination, and we can conclude from those
pages the following: The FBI warned Dallas police of a threat to kill Oswald according
to a memo by director J Edgar Hoover, but the police in Dallas, for whatever reason,
failed to protect him. The FBI, Dallas division was trying to track
Oswald down in the days leading up to the assassination. He was of interest to the bureau, according
to “Cuban” sources. Pages from the file indicate that Oswald’s
killer, Jack Ruby, operated a shady bar with no interference from the police department
according to an FBI informant who shared the information days after Ruby was shot dead. The informant also went on to say he was surprised
that Ruby actually killed Oswald rather than simply wounding him in the leg to get publicity. On the 24th of November, Hoover had begun
to fear about a conspiracy theory arising, stating, “The thing I am concerned about,
is having something issued so that we can convince the public that Oswald is the real
assassin.” There’s two ways to read that memo. Either the head of the FBI is concerned that
the real conspiracy plot will be unraveled or he thinks that circumstances surrounding
the death of the president are so bizarre it seems like a conspiracy. So, what do you think? Was the John F. Kennedy assassination part
of a conspiracy? And who else has might have been involved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Also, be sure to watch our other video called
– Weirdest Phobias People Suffer From. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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100 thoughts on “The JFK Assassination – What Really Happened?

  1. The reality is far more mundane. Although most of the conspiracy evidence has been debunked, it was SERIOUSLY believed inside the government by both Democrats and Republicans that Castro killed Kennedy in retaliation for the numerous attempts on his life. These individuals did not want the public to get wind of this so they spun the story of Oswald to emphasize the psychological aspects of the man over the political aspects. And when that didn't fly the government had to later covertly promote the Mafia story. High officials from LBJ on down did not want Castro retaliation theory to come out because 1) that might create the demand for invasion of Cuba, possibly leading to WW3. WW3 almost DID occur during the Cuban missile crisis in part because Castro was enough of a lunatic to start WW3. (WW1 DID occur because of a similar political assassination) 2) In order to pursue Oswald as a communist-motivated killer, the plots against Castro would come to light, destroying US propaganda claiming we were superior to the communists in that we did not do that kind of thing. Since the government acted suspiciously in a number of ways, the public rightly believed the government was hiding something but was not sure what. It was in this environment that conspiracy theories were nurtured.

  2. Mmkay…so what is this “Truth revealed” you put in the thumbnail? Oh, it was just a means of baiting people to click on your video? There’s a term for that I think…it’s the damndest thing, I can’t seem to recall what that term is…

  3. JFK was a Hesperus spider the shots had no effect on him but tremendous improvements it killed 1 toad the other blasted out of his fake hide he thank me for shooting him he won freedom from the parasite tormentors killed him at the autopsy

  4. CIA, Meyer Lansky, Mossad, Israel…all either Jewish, or heavily Jewish. That's your killers, the ties of all these are simply incredible.

  5. That head shot DID NOT come from behind, that bullet came from JFK's front right side. His heads recoiling to the left and that wound tell the whole story. Front right hand side not from JFKs back. At least two shooters.

  6. The cia killed him because they were making a killing by bringing heroine from Vietnam stuffed in the dead body’s of dead soldiers

  7. Why was JFK killed? Must have asked Oswald before his death.
    Was was Oswald killed? Must have asked Ruby before he was killed.

  8. Gee, I didn't know that Kennedy had red hair, and that there was brown-skinned Dallas police officer without a Western hat who held Oswald's arm. Seems this same hatless brown-skinned officer was present at the Ruby killing. Funny that I never noticed that before, that the Dallas police department was integrated in 1963.
    Oh, I see him now for a third time. Isn't that pushing the ex post facto integration false history-altering narrative just a little too hard? Next we see a representation of the Senate Select subcommittee – where there were actually real black and brown people – and yet we only see one light-brown fellow with obviously white man's hair, or is that an extreme 1950's dixie peach process do? This cartoon representation of Dallas police officers was obviously not drawn by a Texan, or anyone who was paying attention. Then we see an oh-so-white representation of J. Edgar Hoover, who was part black. On a positive note: at least there was no inappropriate and annoying music in the background. Thanks for that.

  9. Who framed Roger rabbit =the CIA

    Hardley Davidson and the hang man

    Molboro up side down =hang em high

    Inlynchment subliminal message MOVIE

  10. Let me tell you who killed him before the video… Lyndon B Johnson and George H.W Bush when he was the CIA director of the time

  11. The CIA killed all the Kennedy's , Jr Robert , and their killers were scape goats , patsy. John F Kennedy was seen as a communist , he did not approved a 2nd invasion to Cuba. He did not approved Operation North Woods, was about to dismantle the CIA FBI , " Organizations" he was a threat to the Institution .Was about to release UFO archives ULTRA TOP SECRET !!! At the last minute in Dallas Texas the Secret Service Agency changed the route of the convertible limonusine . Don 't be inoccent and naive people , POWER MONEY too much INTEREST was going to be lost if KENNEDY was still alive in their EYES …… Military Complex Industries .

  12. In order to make those 5 – 6 shoots even more were shoots , you needed ELITE SNIPERS trained by the CIA . Some of them were placed in the grassy knoll others in the sewer and the last group were in the top building up high hiding from view ….. EVERYTHING was planned from the begining to the end . Not leaving any open holes to leave Oswald alive so the patsy won't be able to speak the true. After the secret agents CIA killed the Kennedy's they were giving others missions , that way they all die . Not leaving any witnesses nor story to teld.

  13. Also Maryln Moonroe was killed by the CIA, she was well informed of CIA secret agendas . John Kennedy told her the stories and facts , the day before she was killed , she was to talk to INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRESS about a secret RED NOTEBOOK were she keept all the secret stories of the CIA ,the media sold her to the public as a drug addict alcoholic , etccc she died overdoses jajajaj they manipulated the crime scene , CIA ….

  14. "But as a common sense explanation, it seems very unlikely". Yeah … common sense will save the world, not facts and science …

  15. Some people think that the CIA killed JFK because JFK was going to tell the Soviet Union about top secret American documents or something like that

  16. Not the grassy knoll, but the parking lot near the bridge from the front of the presidential limo. This is one helluva rabbit hole to go down, if you do it lol. I don't believe much, but I do think he was shot from the front and from the back. The fatal shot came from the front, one from the rear missed and hit above the windshield, and the shot that hit him in the back came from the rear. Who? Idk, but I'm mainly interested in how many shots and from where.

  17. 100% conspiracy, too many unaswered questions and protocols broken, the whole investigation was a joke as was the warren comission. There isn't really a motive for oswald , like everyone in the goverment said, kennedy was soft on communism so why would oswald assassinate him, who was himself marxist and supporter of communism, it has even said that he admired JFK. This whole thing just doesn't make sense.

  18. Oswald was allowed to return from the Soviet Union with his wife because the Kennedys wanted him to go down there and rat out the anti-Castro forces. JFK didn't want them to go rogue again like the Bay of Pigs. My guess is he infiltrated them, they either always knew or found out and set him up in a frame. Same people who were after Castro did this because he wouldn't invade Cuba. Hoover hated the Kennedys and covered up what really happened.

  19. I'm pretty sure Oswald was the gunman although he didn't act alone I think Oswald would've talked so he had to be silenced. Ruby had known ties to organized crime so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch because Joe Kennedy Sr made his fortune by bootlegging during prohibition and Bobby was going after the mob so why not you know

  20. In the midst of the Cold War era, hopping back and forth to Russia I don’t believe was common…especially for a nobody like Oswald…plus a trip to Mexico City …he had to have financial backing…he was set up

  21. I have a question though, how many wounds were in jfk body. I remember one in the back, another in the neck and the fatal one to his head

  22. Who shot JFK?

    Not even Abraham Zapruder.
    It's fake. There is no such thing as a conspiracy.
    There is fake.
    There is real.
    The JFK assassination is fake.

  23. the only thing we know for sure, is that we don't know anything for sure. the only thing we know for sure, who ever did it is dead.

  24. "The Umbrella Man" was standing in a protest against something President J.F Kenedy's father did.
    I don't remember the details but, i saw a video documentry on youtube where the details of "The Umbrella Man" is being discussed with the investigator of the case.

  25. Fact! A rooftop shooter can be seen on the Zapruder film on the versions where the sprocket holes are on the left. Look and you can see the shooter under the curved light post on top of the Dal Tek building, even a muzzle flash at one point if freeze framed. He's almost in the whole length of the film yet nobody ever mentions him. BUT this PROVES Oswald wasn't alone.
    Oswald must be pardoned

  26. Ruby worked for a New Orleans gangster Oswald lived in New Orleans a few months prior to the killing so there must be some connection .

  27. Ruby, was never, “shot.” As for JFK having his head snap back, what people forget is that he was not hit by a soft ball, he was hit with a tiny piece of metal going twice the speed of sound. The physics alone of this occuring makes it unlikely this tiny bullet would have any effect on a human head, other then travel through it in a millisecond.

  28. With what we are learning about the CIA and FBI now makes me feel like they killed Kennedy and I think they may try with trump JFK's speach to the UN about globalist and nationalist is similar to Trump's speech last month

  29. Initiated by the CIA! Bankrolled by Texas oilman! Carried out by underworld figures! Investigation stonewalled by FBI! Warren commission created to head off any investigation! Ur welcome fuckwits!

  30. The secret service behind Kennedy jumped up hearing the gun shot and his rifle fired accidentally and hit the president in the back of the head solid core bullets don’t fragment

  31. i known everything about the JFK death! (even though I wasn’t born in the 1960’s.) it’s because i’m into history.

  32. What I know is that Kennedy withdrew the second wave during the bay of pigs attempt. This resulted in the first waves demise. Many educated conclusionists have said it was the C.I.A making things right… what's interesting is that George Bush was head of the cia at the time. Watch bush smile when he describes the deranged gunman who shot Kennedy

  33. Shocking that the documents were not all released shame on the political system . Who could they be protecting .
    The bush family? Why would our government hold back documents .trump didn't release all of them and wants to add another 70 years there is a major cover up still in place . Cia involved. Bush family.

  34. It was a conspiracy. It was a coup d’ etat. Lots of bigwigs were involved. They didn’t like JFK because he did things his way. The bigwigs wanted JFK to play ball with them, but he wouldn’t.

    The one with the most to gain by JFK’s death was LBJ. He was in on it. He had means, motive and opportunity. Also involved were Allen Dulles, J Edgar Hoover, Malcolm Wallace (LBJ’s hit man), the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, Texas oil men, the Secret Service, the Dallas Police, and who knows who else.

  35. 1)JFK didn't slump forward..2)lho was Marxist,not comm unist,..3)anyone who can't accept this as a conspiracy, fully supports the tooth fairy

  36. Joke ! The bullet that came out of head was on the left which Jackie! You even see the men? in the front seat yelling at her to do it along with Connelly yelling at her as well. Watch the Zapruder film it shows ot all.

  37. Ballistics analyists confirm consiracy to deceive the american populas. Oswald wasnt in the snipers nest, one of johnsons buddys was. A secret serviceman pulled a gun fired it likey blowing kennedys brains out. Mafia hitmen have claimed puling trigger of gun firing fatal shot. Johnson, nixon, and hw bush were all there. Kennedy wished to eliminate the cia. They were there. There was at LEAST a coverup conspiracy done to pin it all on oswald. Ruby likely lived well in prison. Corruption prevalant then as now. Bobby decided to keep lid on his knowledge of circumstances as it served no purpose. No less than 3 admitted known guns. Due to bad pub of secret svc shootong prez, coverup! Everything else falls in line with that.

  38. If you watch the assassination, when JFK was first shot, he grabbed his neck. When he was shot again, his head snapped backwards. On top of that, the Carcano-Mannlicher rifle Oswald was using, are notorious for having a sloppy bolt and getting 3 rounds off fast with that rifle would have been difficult, even with training.

  39. The Jews who own youtube, and every other form of mass-communication, use censorship to protect criminals who are Jews from being brought to justice.

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