The Museum Of Bad Art

In the greenery of Cape Cod, an auspicious
black tie affair, appropriate for those who’ve never been able to tie one of the things.
At last, a bold new collection that celebrates artistic flops, failures and foul-ups, brought
to you by the Museum of Bad Art, known to its affectionate followers as MOBA. This is MOBA’s Mona Lisa. It’s the first painting
in the collection, and the one that we are the most, obviously the most proud of. The museum’s curator, antique collector and
art school drop out Scott Wilson, found ‘Lucy in the Field with Flowers’ in a rubbish bin
one night four years ago. She seems to be hovering in these daisies,
not necessarily sitting. So this particular piece has set the standard
for bad art? Yes, most definitely. Well, it definitely
just was, at that point, it put it in our minds that there must be more stuff out there
like this. It appears to me one of those haunted house
paintings, where the eyes follow you around the room. This is ‘Sunday on the Pot with George.’ And
obviously, a stunning pointillist work. It is definitely bad.
The other thing that’s remarkable is, he’s got no feet. Ryan: The Museum of Bad Art, complete with
cheap wine and savouries, is now even listed in the Boston phone directory. The friends of MOBA proudly present The Virtual
Museum of Bad Art. And like other museums of high repute. It’s
also available on CD Rom – a tour through the cyberspace of bad art for followers who
can’t seem to get enough.

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