The NEW Assault Rifle Meta In Fortnite! (Fortnite Assault Rifle Tips – Season 8)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing the current state of assault rifles in Fortnite. I don’t think
that any weapon category in the entire game has been changed more over the past 2-3 months
than the ARs. We’ve seen some of them vaulted, a few new ones added into the game, and a
bunch of major damage and rarity adjustments as well. And in my opinion that’s honestly
a bit disappointing, because I absolutely loved the variety and balance of the assault
rifles before these changes. I mean anytime I made a video talking about a significant
shake up to the shotgun or SMG meta, I would always use the AR meta as the gold standard
for balance. It definitely wasn’t perfect, mainly because there were always a few almost
unusably bad ARs. But it was awesome because the top 4-5 options were so even, that as
long as you found any of them, you were pretty much good to go the rest of the game. If I
found something like a blue heavy AR in the first building I looted, and then didn’t find
anything better for the rest of the match, I’d still fell totally comfortable going against
a player with say a gold SCAR. It’s a totally different story for something like the shotguns,
where if I have a green pump or blue tac and my enemy has a gold pump, I’m at a huge disadvantage.
It simply took so much RNG away from maybe the most important weapon category in the
entire game, and I was always such a fan of that. How much has all of that changed due
to the recent adjustments, well that’s what we’re gonna find out. So, without further
ado let’s get right into. Alright, so to start this video off one thing
I’ll say right off the bat is that Epic did cut down on the sheer number of different
ARs in the game. I made a very similar video to this back at the end of November, and at
that time there were 9 different assault rifles in the game. Here we are about 3-4 months
later, and that number is down to 7. And the 2 ARs that were vaulted to accomplish this
were the regular burst assault rifles and the FAMAS’s. So, Epic decided for whatever
reason that they no longer wanted any kind of burst AR in the game, so now every thing
is either single shot or fully auto. So, of the 7 ARs in Fortnite, let’s start at the
very bottom of the food chain. And surprise surprise, even though it’s been about 4 months
now, 2 out of the 3 weapons in this category are exactly the same as in my last video on
the subject.. I’ll give you guys a second to try to guess the 2 ARs I’m talking about
as well the brand new addition to the lowest tier. In case you couldn’t, the repeat offenders
are the the scoped AR and the thermal scoped AR. And the new addition is the fan favorite
infantry rifle. Now excuse me if this gets a little bit rant-y here, but I specifically
wanna talk about the thermal scoped AR and Infantry rifle. I can somewhat understand
why the normal scoped AR is still in the game, its one of the real OG Fortnite weapons that’s
been around since season 1, and early on it actually was a pretty solid weapon. One of
the things that I specifically remember about tfue from around the time that he was blowing
up from Fortnite, was that he was just an absolute monster with the scoped AR. And,
on the day I’m making this video, it actually just got a solid little buff from content
update 8.11. Both rarities of the weapon got a 3 point buff to base damage, so it went
from 24 and 23 to 27 and 26. Even though the weapon will still probably remain mostly unused,
there’s at least somewhat of a nostalgia factor with it. So I may not like it, but I can at
least understand why it’s still here. However, I wanna know how the thermal scoped AR, a
weapon that was added into the game in season 4, still remains unvaulted and almost totally
unchanged in season 8. I apologize if any of the 3 thermal scoped AR fans on the planet
are watching this video, but the weapon is just absolutely garbage, it’s plain and simple
totally unusable. I would say that it may be the only non-sniper in the game, thats
legitimately at a disadvantage against a pickaxe in a close range fight. Seriously, if I land
bertha or big brick and there’s a thermal scoped AR between me and an enemy. I’ll probably
let him pick it up because I like my chances better with the pickaxe. It’s one of those
weapons/items thats been unusable for so long now, that I’ve pretty much subconsciously
tuned it out of my mind all together. Like I said about shopping carts a few months back,
if the thermal scoped AR was just randomly and secretly vaulted, it would probably take
a few days for ANYBODY to even realize it. And all of that stuff I just said about the
thermal scoped AR, could easily just be word for word repeated about the infantry rifle.
I will say though, that at least Epic threw us a bone by vaulting the white version of
it. Becuase I don’t think that beginning game RNG was ever higher than that month or so
where it felt like the common infantry rifle was the only thing you would ever find. Hopefully
the green and blue variants of the weapon are next to go, and I really hope that the
leaked purple and gold infantry rifles never actually get released. That is, unless it’s
vastly different than the lower rarity versions of the weapon. So out of the 7 ARs in the game, those 3 are
in the bottom tier. Now, let’s move onto the 2 ARs which I believe are a significant step
above the 3 we just talked about, but are also slightly worse than the options in the
highest tier. These 2 middle tier ARs are the normal assault rifle and the heavy assault
rifle. The normal assault rifles received some slight rarity adjustments at the beginning
of season 8. The chance of getting a white AR was increased by about 8%, the chance of
getting a green AR was increased by a little over 1%, and the chance of getting a blue
AR was decreased by about 5%. Those changes are definitely notable, but are nowhere near
as significant as the changes that the heavy ARs received. It just happened last week,
when the rarities of the weapon were dropped from gold/purple/blue to blue/green/white.
And the base damage numbers were dropped from 48/46/44 to 40/38/36. Now, I’ve actually seen
a pretty common misconception that these damage changes don’t really matter that much. The
somewhat faulty reasoning why people think that, is because the amount of bullets required
to kill enemies at common health thresholds is still mostly the same. For example, at
close range the 48 damage gold heavy AR and the 36 damage white heavy AR would both require
3 body shots or 2 headshots to kill a 100 health enemy. Is that notable, yeah I would
say so, but it definitely doesn’t tell the whole story. Thats because those base damage
numbers don’t account for any damage falloff, and also because players aren’t always going
to be at 100, 150, or 200 health. Plus, you’re also not going to only be using your AR in
fights. If you hit a guy twice with a white heavy AR and then pump him but he survives
with 5 or 6 health. That wouldn’t have been the case if you had a blue heavy AR. And that’s
the general reasoning why ever damage nerf matter, even if it doesn’t change the amount
of base damage shots to kill. So, after the heavy AR nerf, I think the regular AR vs.
heavy AR debate mostly comes down to rarity and personal preference. The regular ARs have
a higher DPS and more spray-ability, but I feel that the heavy AR is a bit more accurate
if used correctly and offers more overall burst damage. I would compare it to the old
heavy AR vs. SCAR debate, where they were so close to even that my preference would
basically change of a game to game basis. And on top of that, rarity is probably gonna
be the decider in a lot of these situations where you have to choose between 1 AR or the
other. No matter your preference, I would definitely recommend taking a blue regular
AR over a white heavy AR, and vice versa. And now we move onto the highest tier of the
assault rifles in Fortnite. Previously there were 3 ARs in here: The SCAR, silenced SCAR,
and heavy AR. But obviously due to the heavy AR damage and rarity adjustments we just talked
about, it’s been bumped down the the middle tier. And that leaves the 2 SCARs as the clear-cut
best ARs in Fortnite. Now, one thing that’s really important to note here, is that much
like the normal AR, the regular non-silenced SCAR also received received a a rarity adjustment
at the beginning of season 8. The chance of receiving a purple SCAR was dropped from 7.02%
to 3.52%, and the chance of receiving a gold SCAR was dropped from 1.82% to 1.13%. So especially
with the purple SCAR, that was a really significant drop rate adjustment. This may be a bit controversial
but I’ll say it anyway because I really believe it. I think that by nerfing the heavy AR,
increasing the rarity of the lower tier ARs, and decreasing the rarity of the highest tier
ARs, Fortnite wanted to add more RNG to the AR category as a whole. They wanted players
who were able to acquire purple or gold SCARs to have a major advantage over everybody else.
I personally disagree with that line of thinking, but I’ll admit that it does kinda make sense
that a super rare weapon should be super good and vice versa. Adding onto that, I do think
that the regular SCAR is a slightly better option than the silenced SCAR. They have the
exact same fire rate, magazine size, and reload time. Yet, the regular SCARs do 35/36 base
damage while the silenced SCARs do 32/33. Plus this may just be a personal thing, but
I also feel like the bloom of the regular SCAR is slightly easier to control. So, those
2 advantages are way more important than the advantage of firing a silenced weapon. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. This video was about the Fortnite assault rifle meta so I have 2 questions.
First, what do you guys think is better the post-nerf heavy AR or the regular AR. And
also, the silenced SCAR or the regular SCAR? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want. And I, will catch
you guys next time.

100 thoughts on “The NEW Assault Rifle Meta In Fortnite! (Fortnite Assault Rifle Tips – Season 8)

  1. Been playing since season 3, as of two days ago I started using a creator code for the first time. Your content is amazing so I decided you deserve it.

  2. Heyyy gronky. Can you make a video about the fact that we are now being force to play cross-play in Ps4? I can't turn off cross play I find it pretty unfair for us regular console players to play against MKB players. I constantly go against players that are insanely skilled and I can confidently say they are MKB players and I'm hating it. The following link shows I'm not the only person with this issue

  3. Silenced scar is sooo good. As long as u don't spray but tap with it the ads resets really fast. Wich allows you to shoot way faster then with an ak but still be accurate. Also the fact that it's silenced helps alot in scrims/pop ups when your in late game and shooting out of your 1by1. People barely notice you or start shooting since they usually can't hear you

  4. what about the bolt action? It shouldn’t have been vaulted, it’s the most og sniper, they could have removed the heavy sniper, the one with the most cons
    The drop rate
    Reload speed
    Too much damage for body shot(my opinion)
    yeh stuff like that

  5. thermal is good for third partying on squads… you can just ping everyone its quite decent if you know how to use it…

  6. Tbh scooped ar/thermal fits into the sniper catagory.

    Same goes for the heavy ar And silenced weapons

    After that take out of the equasion the order to me would be:

    -Gray ar
    -Purple silcened(because of the bloom)
    -Yellow silenced(because of the bloom)
    -Green ar
    -Blue ar

    To me the heavy ar is a fortress destroyer not a person killer…
    Purple scar
    Yellow scar

  7. I watched the entire video and I like the suppressed scar feel like it’s more accurate may I get some v bucks now that I watched the entire video it’s worth a try???

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  9. I Could Really Use Some Lurkers On My Stream 🙂 I'm a New Streamer and I Think i Put Out Some Really Solid Streams! I'm Funny and I Sometimes Sing Karaoke! So Come Hang Out and Show Some Love For Your Favorite New Streamer! 🙂 ♥♥♥♥

  10. If I worked at epic the first thing I would do is unvault all the pointlessly vaulted thing like the burst or shockwaves, I would also bring back the legendary ak and vault the grey Ak because let’s be honest, it’s trash

  11. My opinion:

    High tier ar: Regular scar, suppressed scar and famas (vaulted)

    Medium Tier ar: Normal ar, heavy ar and burst rifle(vaulted).

    Low tier ar: Thermal ar ,scoped ar and infantry rifle

  12. Regular ar is better, never take the heavy anymore. Also, I take the purple regular scar over the silenced ones every single time.

  13. Can someone explain to me why bullets that hit close range don’t do base damage example 40<39 close range is it a bug

  14. In my opinion the thermal is actually a pretty good weapon for longer range fights if u know how to use it properly
    And that the accuracy when it’s scoped in is also a plus

  15. The bloom thing on silenced vs regular scar well the silenced is more accurate for the first 6 shots and also it obtains first shot accuracy quicker

  16. I think the heavy AR Should receive a buff to put them on par with the normal now they are same rarity somthing like a bloom reduction would be good

  17. I just want em to remove gold pumps, really would love no delay shotty, and no wanna be pros playing the game like their life depends on it, just saying, I’m not playing the game ANYWHERE near as much as season 1-2

  18. Me and my team did a meme game where three of us used thermals and 1 of us used a plane and we won. Don’t ask me how but we didn’t get in 1 close range fight all game and won. Don’t ask how

  19. Silence should mean silence. If u have a suppressed weapon then it should laser and not be heard. At first it should laser, then quickly bloom out. I would use a suppressed over a blue ar, if it lasered but did it up close then bloomed out. Atleast my opponent would be low and i could take them out quicker. (Long story short the suppressed ar is useless because damage and bloom.) my opinion

  20. Marshalhorse642 here ..been playing since season 3…I don't get kills and I don't get wins….being a senior citizen fortnite player…I don't expect to do very well ..but love the game….I keep trying

  21. I also don‘t use the thermal scoped AR, but cmmon dude, you know exactly when and where your oponent is going to peak, has no damage drop off, it‘s hitscan and does so much damage like a golden scar. Its definitley not a close range gun, more like a long range. Just like a sniper 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. Gold pump needs to get fucking vaulted.The difference between having a regular pump and that op shit is unbelieveable.I'm sick of getting 90-100 demage and then a guy one shots me with that shit.And one more thing why is grey tactical still in the game?I would rather use my pickaxe than that..that thing…

  23. Thermal AR is the most trash weapon early game, but it’s very effective as a ranged weapon in your inventory.

  24. When were there ever 9 ARs at once?
    List of all ARs:
    Thermal Scoped
    Suppressed SCAR
    Infantry Rifle

  25. The reason why fortnite removed the burst rifles was because tfue said that if they volted the bursts then he would start buying skins

  26. Infantry rifle is good three shots to kill at any range except for the green is good not to mention 100 percent accuracy and hitscan also epic and legendary now have 10 clip size

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