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Hi everyone. I’m rincey and this is
rincey reads. Today i’m going to be doing the over 30 book tag. This was created by
inknotblood. I’ll leave a link to it down in the description. And I like just
happened to stumble across this recently and thought it was rather appropriate to
do as a video because next week’s my birthday. And I’ve been over 30 for a
little bit now, I’m turning 33. I had to think about that for a second. But you know, I’m
still technically over 30 so I can still do the tag. So yeah, I always think it’s
kind of funny when I talk about my age here in my videos because there’s always
someone who’s like flabbergasted by my age. Which I mean, I guess thank you.
You don’t think I’m as old as I actually am. I mean not that even being in your
30s is that old. But also I’m just like, do you not see all of that happening
there? So yes, I’m turning 33 and there are five questions to this tag. It just
seemed really fun and really like not basic but just like kind of something
simple I could do for a video this week. So I decided this would be a good one to
do. So anyways, let’s jump in. So the first question is to name a book with a
protagonist who is over 30 years old. And for that I picked all grown up by Jami Attenberg. This came out a couple of years ago and
was a very divisive book because the main character in this is considered
like an unlikable character and she makes some decisions that are not great.
But I adored this book so much. It’s the story of this woman named Andrea who is
I believe in her forties and she’s single, she’s childless, and she’s kind of
content with her life being that way. But also she does make terrible life
decisions. She drinks too much. She gets into not great relationships. She feels
very uncomfortable around the rest of her family. Like she has a sister who has
kids and she feels a lot of pressure from other people to kind of take a more
traditional route with her life and that’s not really what she wants. She
loves living in the city. She loves being single or unmarried and loves being
childless and stuff like that. And so I just really enjoyed this book because
it’s a very honest and unflinching look at that sort of lifestyle. And it’s a
thing that you don’t see very often at all. So yes, all grown up, Jami Attenberg.
Highly recommend it personally but I know that some people didn’t really like
this book very much. Question 2 is to name a book that represents who you were
when you were younger. I feel like I’ve talked about this before on this channel
but I’m gonna go with like this Sweet Valley series. I have the unicorn club books
in my possession so I just picked the first one. I was really into the sweet
valley series starting with like sweet valley kids and moving up the age
bracket as I got older swell or just ran through the books. So yes, anyways, this
also works really well for me because I basically wanted to be Elizabeth and
tried really hard to be Elizabeth as much as possible. She’s like you know bookish and
studious and doesn’t have like a wide range of friends. She’s not like super
popular but she has a couple of really good friends. Yeah, I just feel like that
encapsulated a lot of who I wanted to be when I was younger. The next question is
to name a book it represents something about where you are in your life right
now. And this is a really difficult question to answer and may have some me on a
minor existential crisis. But the book I decided to go with is to the bright edge
of the world by Eowyn Ivey. Even though like the very first book I talked
about I had to deal with a woman who was like single and child-free and stuff
like that, I’ve actually really, really gotten into stories lately that are
about like marriage and good relationships and like quality marriages
and stuff like that. Books that explore marriage in a very honest way are things
I feel really appealing to me but also just like romance in general is a pretty
new interest of mine. That sounds kind of weird. But like I wasn’t super into
lovey-dovey stuff when I was younger but like lately I’ve been like, oh, I’m
actually really enjoying this. And maybe it’s just I need something more joyful
and hopeful in my life, but I really enjoy books like explore quality
marriages and I enjoy in general seeing people who are in quality marriages
thrive and things like that. And so to the bright edge of the world is one of
those books where it’s super romantic but it’s not a romance novel. But it’s
just the fact that these two characters love each other a whole lot really
comes through on the page. So this is a historical fiction book and you’re
following a man who is sent to Alaska. He like was in the army or served in some
form of military and he’s being sent by the government to Alaska when Alaska was
basically just first becoming a state in the United States to sort of
explored lands and see what’s out there. And so him and his
wife are separated for long periods of time. And so a lot of this book is
written as either diary entries or letters that they write to each other.
And yeah, there’s just a lot about this that’s really sweet and really beautiful
and I love the way that Eowyn Ivey writes too. So yeah, I’m just gonna go with that. The next prompt is to name a book that
represents something about you that has never changed. And I was originally gonna
hold out my clue graphic novel but I have no idea where I put that thing. So instead I’m just
gonna hold up this recent read and that’s heaven my home by Attica Locke.
And the thing about me that it’s never changed is that I love mysteries. I
really felt like the clue one would have worked really well because I just read
that you know recently and I’ve read the clue books when I was a little kid. And
basically what this is representing is that I’ve loved mysteries my whole life.
I especially love puzzle mysteries like clue. When I was younger I also was
obsessed with Encyclopedia Brown. I read like the John Grisham books. When I found
Keigo Higashino and his mystery series, adore them. Love Attica Locke, love
Tana French, super into mysteries. But I really enjoy, especially now, mysteries
that are not like standard mystery books. Which is why I don’t really read a lot
of like JD Robb or anything like that. And not that there’s anything wrong with them but I sort of like things that put a
little bit of a twist on the genre which is I guess shows that I’m growing and
evolving as a human being. But in general mysteries, always my jam, probably always
will be my jam. Next is name one of your favorite classics just because you know
classics are old and we’re old here on booktube. So I’m just gonna be
basic and say Pride and Prejudice. I really enjoyed this book a whole lot. And
the final prompt is to name a book that was published the year you were born
that you would still like to read. So I looked up books that were published in
1986. A lot of really big books that were eventually adapted came out that year. IT.
Never gonna read that though. Hachet, never gonna read that. Howl’s Moving
Castle, no. I didn’t realize Frank Miller’s Batman series or Dark Knight
comic came out that year too. I felt like it was newer but apparently that’s it.
So the book that I chose that is a book that I’ve been meaning to read forever
and I just never did it and that’s Maus by Art Spiegelman. Also didn’t realize that came out in 1986 originally. But yeah, this is
basically like a classic graphic memoir and considered like one of the foremost
in that genre and I never read it. So I should probably get on that at some
point. So yeah, that is everything. Feel free to let me know down below if you
are a fellow old here on booktube and if you would like to do this tag and you’re
an old, feel free to do it as well. I’m not gonna tag anybody specifically
mostly because I don’t know people’s ages here on booktube. There’s a handful of
people who I can kind of assume are over the age of 30 to say the least but I’m
just not gonna tag anyone specifically. If you would like to do the tag, consider
yourself tagged if you’re over 30. So yeah, that’s everything I have for this
video. Let me know down in the comments below again like I said if you are in
over 30 booktuber. Or if you’ve read any of the books I mentioned here or just
have general comments in general. mmm okay I think that’s a cue for me to end
it. So yeah, that’s all I have for now and thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “The Over 30 Book Tag 👵🏾

  1. My birthday is next week, too! And, I guess you could consider me old since I am turning 43. 😜 Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books. Recently I began rereading classics that I haven't read since high school or college and I'm really surprised at how differently I view those books now compared to when I was in my teens and twenties. I love knowing that I am growing wiser with age…it feels almost like a super power I didn't have before!

  2. Love watching your videos! Could you please post a video with ‘marriage’ topic book recommendations? Would love to hear.

  3. Loved it. I'll be 35 on Thanksgiving…so I'll have to try this out. I just put all those books on my TBR. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I’ll be joining the 30+ club next week! Very excited.
    Maus is the first graphic book I ever read when I was 16 or so, and I feel like my entire journey with graphic novels in the years since has been an attempt to find one I love as much as I loved Maus. Persepolis came close but didn’t quite reach it.

  5. 1. The Curse of Chalion, by Lois McMaster Bujold – the protagonist being Lupe dy Cazaril

    2. The Name of the Wind – by Patrick Rothfuss – as unlikely as it may sound, I was very much like Kvothe when I was younger, so I like him for the very reasons why other people resent him

    3. The Glamorous (Double) Life of Isabel Bookbinder, by Holly McQueen – I'm stuck with a job that has become a burden and I want to write a book, but I'm procrastinating – I've actually started, it's just that I'm not pleased with it, despite the fact that I still think that the main idea is good, I like the characters and the plot…

    4. Mariana, by Susanna Kearsley – I've always felt connections to some old buildings and I even had striking reactions caused by certain buildings – as if I had been in the same spot centuries before

    5. hard to choose between Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, but these are the first that come to mind… – by Emily and Charlotte Bronte, respectively

    6. The Far Pavilions, by M. M. Kaye – published in 1978 – I haven't read it yet, but I watched the TV series when I was a child and I want to see if the book is better; I also want to read The Stand, by Stephen King

  6. I just looked up books that were published the year I was born (1983) and saw that Woman in Black a book I recently finished. Great video!

  7. my fAVORITE author is john grishim and you must listen to any of his audio books read by michael beck they are soo good i especially loved the last juror and rogue lawyer…..Audio books

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