The Pan – PUBG Logic (It’s just a cast iron frying pan after all) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Holy crap this is tense! Oh my god!

Final team! Final team! Final team! Final team! TEAM!
What? WHere? Oh god! Oh God! Get ’em! Get ’em! Get ’em! Get ’em!
AAAAAAAIIIE! Yes! Yes! Nice work! Nice work! Rowan, what it gods name are you doing? Why do you still not have any armor on? I don’t need any armor Ben, because I have. [confidently taps hip] …the pan! That is absurd! That’s-
[gunshots] Holy Crap! Squad at 180! Squad at 180!
AAAAH! Get ’em! ge-
[gunfighting as bullets ricochet off of pan] Oof! I’m down! I’m down.
They killed me.
I’m out. Yeah they finished me off to. Holy crap Rowan! Rowan you’re down to the final two. There’s only one guy left. [gunfire followed by applause] The pan! [wink]

100 thoughts on “The Pan – PUBG Logic (It’s just a cast iron frying pan after all) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

  1. The frying pan is made of Vibranium
    (I know it's unoriginal but it's still funny, tge comment I mean)

  2. Is no regular western spy “cast-iron” debil excuse for pan, this is legendary stalinuminum pan made by Stalin himself.

  3. 0:32 it says the guy that killed Ben Adam and Rory was killed with a blade on the right, but Rowan shot to the left and killed the guy.

  4. The pan
    Best defence
    Best melee weapon

    Buy now
    Only for 99.99
    But we have some offers
    Buy the pan with backpack level 1
    Only for 299.99
    That's a good deal
    U cant lie

  5. I like watching this I killed someone with a pan before and it was hilarious someone tried to kill me with Pam before too and he had me laughing but he could have deflect a bullet so I still shot on a sniper rifle or a sniper it was hecka funny

  6. enemy shot from the right kills 3 people
    One shoot on the left without looking winner winner chicken dinner

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