The Scope – Mordu’s Legion Assault ORE stations in Outer Ring

MORDU’S LEGION and ARKOMBINE forces have launched simultaneous attacks on key SERPENTIS controlled ORE stations across the OUTER RING region. The assaults appear to have captured all stations in swift, surgically executed operations, with most of the fighting already winding down. The same tactic was applied during all of the captures. MORDU’S used their fast ships to warp in and immediately throw out warp disruption fields to prevent any escapes. The importance that Mordu ships seem to have placed on destroying all ships attempting to escape somewhat contradicts the statement released by the UPWELL CONSORTIUM today. Stating that the main objective of the operation was to return the control of the stations and ORE itself to the rightful owner and founder of ORE, YANI SAR ARTEU. Once the space had been secured, shuttles carrying ARKOMBINE mercenary forces warped in and entered the stations. In most cases the station personnel surrendered without a fight. It is expected that ORE will announce it is joining the UPWELL CONSORTIUM as a full partner later today. This is Lina Ambre reporting for the Scope.

41 thoughts on “The Scope – Mordu’s Legion Assault ORE stations in Outer Ring

  1. could this be the lead up to DUST mercs being able to cap stuff if eve space rather than just a small selection of planets in low sec? I hope so!

  2. Out of interest. If someone was in space near this station, would you have been able to witness the NPCs having their little war, or did it not actually happen in game?

  3. For those commenting on the new damage visuals get on the singularity server and check them out. They will be added to the game on the Dec 6th or 8th update.

  4. Ha! I live in Outer Ring and 4C is one of our bases of operation. This is definitely not a thing.

    Edit: Though this explains why I saw someone from The Scope flying around.

  5. OMG what the heck is Sarpati doing we lost our alliance helping him conquer those stations and he lost them almost without fight. Wake up Salvatore and do something !

  6. Interesting to note that they took a ORE station under Serpentis control, so while it's hostile, it's not that different from what capsuleers do against serpentis.

  7. I see our mittens was correct in the Hush hush info they released to leadership about invading 🙂 Yay more Carebear fun. Thank you mittens.

  8. Im here because I can't click the PLAY button in the eve launcher, there is a play button redirecting me to this link… bravo

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