The Story of/ What is Elune [Lore]

Hello everyone! As I was working on the story of the tomb
of sargeras I noticed a fair few instances where Elune was mentioned. We have the elves that worship her, the sisters
of the moon encounter, the tears of elune and it got me thinking that the question as
to what Elune actually is, is still quite a mystery. What better reason to gather all the information
that we have to try and make some sense out of this…Let’s begin shall we?! Around 15.000 to 10.000 years before the dark
portal opened up, we had the dark trolls that lived in caverns beneath Mont Hyjal. They did not enjoy daylight, only coming from
their underground burrows at night. Their nightly havits eventually changed them,
turning their blue-hued skin into shades of grey. They largely ignored what the other tribes
were doing, longing for a peaceful connection to the natural world. Many of these trolls gradually migrated towards
the center of Kalimdor where they discovered an enormous lake of scintilating energies,
a lake they would later know as the Well of Eternity. Mesmerized by their discovery, the dark trolls
settled along the Well’s shores. Over generations, the energies that radiated
from the lake, suffeused the troll’s flesh and bones, elevating their forms to match
their graceful spirits. They transformed into highly intelligent and
virtually immortal beings. In time, they abandoned their ancient heritage
and traditions, instead their mystics began worshpping the moon goddess, Elune, whho they
believed was bound to the Well of Eternity itself. They claimed that the deity slumbered within
the fount’s depths during the day. The former trolls also discovered the name
‘Kalimdor’ and other titan-forged words from communing with Elune and investigating
strange artifacts scattered around the Well’s edge. Influenced by this newfound language, they
called themselves Kaldorei – ‘children of the stars’ – also known as Night Elves. The demi-god cenarius took an interest in
these newcomers at the wells shores, believing that they had the potential to become great
caretakers of nature. He befriended them and taught them about the
natural word, hoping that the night elves would strive to live in harmony with the wilds. In turn, the night elves would claim that
Cenarius was the son of the great White Stag, Malorne, and Elune herself. They build a graceful society around the well
that had influenced them so very much with the capital of their small nation called ‘Elun’dris,
or the Eye of Elune, founded at the shores of the fount of power. In time their peaceful nature lifestyle would
change, Azshara would come into power, their captial was renamed to Zin- Azshara, or the
glory of azshara in her honor and as most of you know, Azshara worked on bringing Sargeras
and the Legion into the world. So that’s the origin story as to how the
night elves came to be and how they learned about Elune. The well of eternity was created as a bandage
of sorts. When the titans ripped y’shaarj out of the
planet, it left behind a massive wound from which the volatile arcane energies, the life
blood of the titan spirit inside the planet, it spilled forth. The keepers labored day and night, crafting
magic wards around the gaping wound to stanch the escaping lifeblood and with their work
complete, all that remained was the lake. Does that mean that the dark trolls communicated
with the spirit inside of the planet which they came to known as Elune? That would be my bet, especially if we consider
the pillars of creation to be named after titans, Golganeth, Khas’garoth, Aggramar,
Aman’thul and then the Tears of Elune. Yet there are some things that suggest different
sources. During the war of the ancients trilogy we
have the instance of Nozdormu actually diving into the depths of the well to try and figure
out what is going on, why this massive time problem is being drawn in to this exact moment,
the war of the ancients. Nozdormu probed the lake, the well of eternity,
further. He was better aware than most that what appeared
a body of water was, in fact, so many things more. Mortal creatures could not comprehend the
full scope of it. Even his fellow Aspects likely did not understand
the waters as well as Nozdormu did and he knew that there were secrets hidden to him. Visually, it was as if he flew over the black
depths. In actuallity however, Nozdormu’s mind plied
a different realm. He battled a labyrinth of interlocking forces
that shielded the core of that which was called the Well from revelation. Almost it was as if either the waters themeslves
were alive or something had so insinuated itself into the Well that it now was part
of it. –
Deeper and deeper he dove. The intensity of the forces making up the
Well astounded him. The power the dragon sensed brought back memories
of the creators, whose ancient glory made Nozdormu the equivalent of slug climbing out
of the mud. Were they somehow tied to the Well’s secrets? The visual image still remained of him hovering
just above the shadowed surface. Only he and the Well had any stability in
this place beyond the mortal plane. The waters floated in space, a bottomless
lake stretching worlds across. He drew closer to the violet surface. On the mortal plane, it should have reflected
at least some of his image, but all Nozdormu saw was blacknhess. His mind reached deeper yet, burrowing along,
closing in on the core… and the truth. And then tendrils of inky water stretched
up and seized his wings, limbs and neck. There’s a darkness, whispers, inky tentacles
and a mouth that nearly devoured the bronze aspect of time, but he was able to get himself
out of there with the knowledge that some evil, the old gods, had corrupted the Well. Had they already got their foul influence
in there by the time that the dark trolls showed up? Maybe, I mean considering the whole light
and shadow thing that priests have got going on, but I doubt that the old gods are actually
elune. When we look at the powers granted to those
faithfull to her, the sisterhood of elune. They acted as spiritual leaders, helped defend
their territories from outside threats and during the war of the ancients, there was
one who was performing miracles. Where others sometimes failed in healing those
in need, Tyrande whisperwind left a near perfect track record. There was broxigar in his cage, hurt by Illidan’s
magic. Mother moon, hear my entreaties…’Ignoring
the aghast expressions of the guards, she took the orc’s fingers and kissed each ever
so gently. Tyrande then whispered to Elune, asking the
goddess to grant her the ability to ease Brox’s burden, to render who what Illidan had, in
his rashness, ruined.- The novice priestess looked up into the sky,
where the moon hovered just above. ‘Mother Moon… fill me with your purity,
your grace, your love…grant me the power to heal this…” As Tyrande repeated her plea, she heard a
gasp from one of the guards. Illidan started to turn, but then evidently
thought better than to possibly upset Tyrande further. A stream of silver light…Elune’s light…encompassed
the young priestess. Tyrande radiated as if she were the Moon herself. She felt the glory of the goddess become a
part of her. –
And as the moonlight touched Brox’s fingers, the burnt flesh healed, the gaps where bone
showed through regrew, and the horrific injury that Illidan had caused utterly vanished… “Thank you, Mother moon. Tyrande whispered, releasing Brox’s hand. The guards were amazed with what she accomplished
and asked for the blessing of elune, even brox respectfully wanted that blessing. Throughout the war not only did Tyrande perform
incredible feats of healing, she also embodied the aspect of the night warrior, the other
side of elune’s teachings. When the leader of the sisterhood passed away,
she was chosen to pick up the mantle and when she was kidnapped, taken into azshara’s
palace, Elune did not forsake her and kept her safe and alive. Elune is also responsible for creating the
wildkin that watched over her sacred sites, she made nightsabers silver and black so they
could melt into the shadows a moonlit night, a similar gift granted to the night elves
with their racial ability called shadowmeld. Elune can cleanse corruption from a living
creature as we’ve seen with Avrus Illwhisper, a fallen priestes and the green dragon Eranikus. SHe has blessed Omen with immortality and
her grace has allowed tyrande to perform incredible things herself like making duplicate warriors
of light or push the nightmare away, even visions were shown. All of it seems to point towards a source
of Light and for many, that source is from the Naaru. Prophet Velen even said that their description
oflune, as well as the demonstrated powers of the goddess, matched his experiences with
the naaru. He began offering advice as to how to commune
with them, but Tyrande quickly thanked him for his opinion and then cordially requested
that he would refrain from making such outlandish claims when in Darnassus or in the presence
of Elune’s priesthood. Just an old prophet saying silly things? Perhaps, but a similar situation has happened
before where the prophet tried to explain to the orcs that there was a naaru inside
of oshu’gun, something that the orcs also didn’t like to hear and in that case he
was absolutely right. To support the connection between Elune and
the Naaru we also have the quest in Legion where Khadgar is trying to unlock Light’s
Heart. We tried to do this with the naaru in the
exodar, but we failed since the naaru got whiped out, but Khadgar ‘s research through
some ancient cosmology tomes indicate that the prime naaru may have been created by Elune
during the great ordering of Light and Shadow. If Elune did create Xe’ra, then it stands
to reason that we could use the tears of Elune to unlock the secrets of Light’s heart and
since the tears did to the job, perhaps his research is right. Perhaps Elune is responsible for the creation
of the naaru. Then the mythology behind Elune, the stories
passed down through the ages or in some cases, events that we’ve actually seen play out
in the game. There’s the connection to the wild god goldrinn
who’s feral insistence disappointed Elune. It was his unwillingness to tame his savagery
and bloodlust that overshadowed his noble heart. When her great light illuminated the dark
during the full moons, it was as if her eyes glared down upon him in judgement. His anger at her conviction caused Goldrinn
to become even more bloodthirsty and indomitable than ever. The druids of the pack figured it would be
a good idea to try and draw upon the fury of goldrinn, but the form was uncontrollable. To fix it, they tried to tame Goldrinn’s
fury with the essence of Elune creating the Scythe of Elune, but that just failed horrible. Goldrinn rejected the moon goddes and instead
of controlling their form, the druids were transformed into the feral worgen. Many years later Elune granted a vision to
Tyrande, a vision of the war of the ancients where the ferocious Goldrinn sacrificed himself
in the defense of Azeroth. Another wolf picked up the battle after the
ancient fell, a wolf that transformed into a man as the demons transformed into orcs. This vision, this man, it was Varian Wrynn
showing Tyrande that he was goldrinn’s chosen and he was meant to lead the alliance. Goldrinn had chosen the human king because
of his ferocity, but also because of his ability to conquer his bloodlust to uphold his beliefs
and protect his people. Perhaps through this choice, he had redeemed
himself in the eyes of Elune as well, Tyrande thought to herself. So the Worgen and Varian’s leadership are
part of the Goldrinn/Elune mythology. As I mentioned before, the night elves claimed
that Cenarius was the son of Malorne and Elune herself. The tauren also worship Elune as the left
eye of the Earthmother, but they do not worship her as a sentient deity. That said, they do have a tale called the
white stag and the moon which talks about the relation between Malorne and Elune. Into the brave hearts of her pure children,
the Earthmother placed the love of the hunt. For the creatures of the first dawn were savage
and fierce. They hid from the Earthmother, finding solace
in the shadows and the wild places of the land. The Shu’halo hunted these beasts wherever
they could be found and tamed them with the Earthmother’s blessing. One great spirit eluded them, however. Apa’ro (known as Malorne to the night elves),
was a proud stag of snow white fur. His antlers scraped the roof of the heavens
and his mighty hooves stamped out the deep places of the world. The Shu’halo hunted Apa’ro to the corners
of the dawning world – and closed in to snare the proud stag. Seeking to escape, the great stag leapt into
the sky. Yet, as his escape seemed assured, his mighty
antlers tangled in the stars which held him fast. Though he kicked and struggled, Apa’ro could
not loose himself from the heavens. It was then that Mu’sha found him as she chased
her brother, An’she, towards the dawn. Mu’sha saw the mighty stag as he struggled
and fell in love with him immediately. The clever moon made a bargain with the great
stag – she would set him free from the snare of the stars if he would love her and end
her loneliness. Mu’sha loved Apa’ro and conceived a child
by him. The child, a demigod some would claim, was
born in the shadowed forests of the night. He would be called Cenarius, and walk the
starry path between the waking world and the kingdom of the heavens. Somehow, what ever Elune is, she was able
to have a child with Malorne, a child named Cenarius. Cenarius had children of his own, Remulos,
Zaetas, Ordanus and Lunara, Lunara being named after her grandmother Elune. Cenarius’ adopted mother was Ysera who was
devestated when she saw Malorne fall during the War of the Ancients and her connection
to that mythical family carried over into Val’Sharah. There we saw Xavius use the Tears of Elune
to corrupt Ysera, forcing us to take her down and as we did…this happened. “Val’sharah cinematic” Not an old god, not a naaru, not a spirit
inside of Azeroth, the freaking moon itself reaches down and lifts her spirit up into
the sky so she can have her own constellation while we still have an image of her, perhaps
her spirit itself walking around in the emerald dream. The mystery of what Elune is carries on since
it seems to change all the time. It could be a naaru, responsible for the creation
of the naaru, it could be the titan spirit or the moon? Can moons have intercourse with stags? I…I really don’t know, but I love that
this is still one of those mysterious pieces within the lore. I personally think that the most realistic
idea behind Elune is the name used for the spirit inside of Azeroth considering the pillar
of creation sharing the name and the dark trolls communicating with her through the
well. What I think would be the most awesome thing
to have is Elune being the counterpart of the void lords. Where as in the past we believed that the
old gods were the most bad ass evil thing you can imagine, the chronicles turned them… not really less bad ass, but there’s even
something greater behind them. The force that send them into our reality,
the void lords. Two sides, light and darkness so why not have
Elune be the name used for the Light in the universe. Where as in the past we believed that the
naaru were the most bad ass holy thing you can imagine, why not turn them into minions
as well as have Elune be responsible for their creation. It would fit with Khadgar’s research and
the events that happened with Xe’ra, but like I said…the mystery of Elune is still
there and I really like that we can still speculate on what it might be. I’m sure we all have our own ideas behind
it. But with that ladies and gentleman it’s
time to wrap up this video so as always, thank you very much for watching everyone! Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like
if you enjoyed this one aaaaaaand until next time guys….see ya!

68 thoughts on “The Story of/ What is Elune [Lore]

  1. If Elune is revealed to be just a bunch of random shapes I will fucking riot, she better be the most graceful and badass looking being (think Athena or Freja from their mythological descriptions) that Blizzard have and will ever create if they do ever reveal her.

  2. I remember back during Wrath/Cata i thought Elune was a tranformed Loa that was around during the dark troll days. And since it was the only "loa" the newly born night elfs worshiped it was super powerful.

  3. Why is your title "THe Story of/ What is Elune" whenyou just spended 15 minutes of guessing? lol

    what a useless video

  4. Elune is most likely Eonar the life binding titan. She gave freya the keeper her nature powers, created the emerald dream and was the titan that cared for the well of eternity before sargeras destroyed her physical form. Her soul has been hiding on the planet Elunaria. Now that’s a hint if I ever seen one from the writers.

  5. I think Elune is much, muuuuuch more powerful than anything you guys ever suggested. Her power was never shown to fail no matter the odds (burning legion, old gods) i think she is the creator of everything

  6. I'd like to belive that Elune is the spirit of the moon, just as a planet can have a spirit I think other astronomical bodies can have spirits as well. When the dark trolls comunicated with Elune through the well of eternety they communicated the the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water. The reason why you cant use any reflection might be because of the well's magic nature. The moon wells might work the same way as the well of eternety just on a smaller scale.

  7. Actually it was not even the Moon, it was something behind the Moon, Elune. The Titans are Arcane beings. Their powers deal with order. Elune is light, therefore she is the opposite of the Void Lords.
    Light represents purity and order. Arcane is order which is pure. Light > Arcane. Therefore the Light created Arcane.
    Void represents destruction and corruption. Fel is chaos which corrupts. Void > Fel. Therefore Void created Fel.

  8. I was reading in the war of the ancient trilogy that Cenarius is son of Ysera and Malorn… Just in the end of the Sundering when Malorn dies by the hand of Archmonde

  9. I too think Elune is the counterpart of a Void Lord, however I disagree with the darkness being viewed as corruption. Its stated that the Darkness came first, and the light corrupted its perfection. So anything that has affinity to the light is in a corrupted state, and it has been shown that its easier for a Light associated being to return to the darkness than vice versa. That would make sense in that the universe always tries to return things to their simplest state, also called Entropy.

  10. with how shitty the naaru are looking these days i'm all for elune being their boss, mainly because that would draw parallels to God and the angels (A great, infallible deity of good and light and his less perfect creations that represent order and nobility and not much else). tho that would open up the can of worms on why her creations are doing things we would hope she wouldn't approve of.

  11. PLOT TWIST: Elune is the Mother of Titans and she just made Ysera a new titan inside one of those stars/planets she created.

    PLOT TWIST 2: There is only one Void Lord and it's the Father of Titans hence all the titans and ALL the creatures in the universe inherit a good side and a bad side from birth and it's up to them what to become when they grow.

    According to our real world lore (Mythology) this is how it works.

    "In Greek mythology, the Titans (Greek: Τιτάν, Titán, plural: Τiτᾶνες, Titânes) and Titanesses (or Titanides; Greek: Τιτανίς, Titanís, plural: Τιτανίδες, Titanídes) were members of the second generation of divine beings, descending from the primordial deities and preceding the Olympians. Based on Mount Othrys, the Titans most famously included the first twelve children of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Sky)." – From Wikipedia Titan page

  12. What if the Moon has its own soul within and she reflected her own light in that well of eternity. 🙂

    If Azeroth can be best girl, why not Elune da Moon.

  13. As much as I defend WoW and Blizz, the Val'sharah storyline ending was shit and I'm still pissed they shrugged off killing Ysera as much as they did.
    I main a Druid too and I feel like we should have had an extra followup quest dealing with the repercussions of that.

  14. What if Elune literally is the moon? Soo when the power was leaking from the scar where did that energy go? Maybe the moon? So possibly a being of comparable power to a titan but only a part.

  15. Elune is Everything …light shadow balance equality…and i hope im not the only one who cried when i had to kill Yursa ….i actually sobbed like a baby …may Elune light your path and may the wind take you whare you need to go.

  16. If the Moon is Elune, what about the Sun that the Blood Elves worship? If some Elune is considered her a Greater Prime Naaru or a Titan, is the Sun can be considered a Naaru or a Titan too?

  17. i wonder if Nozdormu actually fet the remnant of Yasharaj as he was essentially pulled out of that precise spot if even 1% of his body remained very deep under neath maybe it can be revived that or Nozdormu just transcended into the old gods plain of existence under neath the earth plain and just got grabbed by Nzoth in the gates of Nialotha ^_^

  18. I always saw Elune to be a child of a Void Lord, and the light equivalent. We don't really know if that was a Naru.

  19. Eonar is Elune.
    Here's why: Elunaria is the emerald dream and it's one of azeroth moons, the other one is the shadowlands. You can see Azeroth and the Shadowlands in the Antorusraid while being on Elunaria. There is also proof in the demonhunter class hall, where a purple (shadowlands) and a green (Elunaria/Emerald Dream) Moon are orbiting azeroth. You can also see this on the map of the cosmic forces. The emerald dream itself is a part of Eonar, when Sargeras killed her, she took refugee on this part of herself. Titans are being of arcane power and elune is offering arcane powers.

  20. Elune is the supreme power over light and shadow. We all have seen that coming. Another uber force "alliance-ish" neutral that they put up copying eastern mythology but had no idea how to work out in game.

  21. @Nobbel87
    If planets has Worldsouls, what about moons? If you say that moons may or may not have such, what about Stars? We see the moon shadowing the star, but then we see light coming from behind the moon. The light around it in reality is the chromosphere of the star, so in theory, that could of saved up some graphics rendering that represent "celestial souls" or Celestial Lords as opposite to the Void Lords as Nobbel said. The conclusion – what if Elune is a Celestial Lord? In both cases we do not have representations for neither Void lords or any stronger than the Titans. And we know that Titans are the bane of Old Gods, from some other videos of yours where depicting top 10 strongest in WoW universe. There the Void Lords are on the Top, so no one can oppose them from the known entities. Celestial Lords fit the picture perfectly, as they are stars and actively fighting the void by giving light. It has logic, right 🙂

  22. I'm not ashamed to say that when I had to kill Ysera for first time I shed a few tears. Hats off to blizzard no other game could have that effect on me.

  23. Elune is an Old God. She's Hope, as in the fable of Pandora's Box. All those evils came out when the box was open, and at the bottom was Hope, shining and glorious. She's more powerful than C'Thun, Yogg-Saron, and so forth, but the Old Gods use their power to influence rather than directly involve themselves in mortal affairs. When they do it's pretty amazing, and Elune is impressive when she gets direct. As Azeroth is the last Titan (that we know about), Elune will be the last Old God once we've killed all the others.

  24. So a goddess and stagg produced a centaur and no one thought that was strange? I hope Blizz never reveals what Elune is.

  25. Ooh la la. I am very interested in mythical origion stories. The night elves are my favorite race. So a story of Night Elf origin is just the kind of thing for me. I am surprized they evolved from trolls. I like to have a whole video about the moon goddess of Elune. She has links to both nature and the light. Maybe this is why night elves can be both druids and priests. Elune gives night elves good stealth and shadowmeld ability. Mybe this is why nightelves can be rogues. Night elves can train warriors like other races. They are also good with archery and nature, so they become hunters. That accounts for all classes night elves can be in vanilla. They did add mage in cataclism. I found it wierd. I thought night elves hated the arcane, and even banished those practicing that. Blood elves on the other hand had access to the mage class since thier debut in burning crusade. It makes sense as blood elves are attached obsessivly to arcane magic. I like the idea of Elune being the titan inside Azeroth. Maybe this same titan is called the Earthmother by the tauren. It is deity inside the earth. So having some kind of mother earth aspect would make sense. It is cool that the moon goddess is linked to werewolves. Both have a strong affinity for the moon. I am very fond of worgen as well. Thier starting zone is my favorite questing area in the whole game. I am familiar with the story. The first worgan were renegade night elf druids, which developed the form of the wolf. Later the worgen bit the humans of Gilnaus. Then the humans become the kind of worgen that is playable. The worgen connect with the night elves, regain humanity and fight forsaken zombies. The story is so touching and so awesome. Now that I think of it, there are wargin in Gilnaus and Silverpine in northern part of Eastern Kingdoms. That is close to where the blood elves live. Maybe the night elf wargan went with the night elf mages in the exile. There are also Forsaken there too. THey are based on another human kingdom called Lorderon. Then the Scourge turned them into zombies. Sylvanas was a blood elf turned to a zombie. She revolted against the Scourge with zombies and formed the forsaken. I have just thought more about the worgen of Ginaus. They are wolf people. They live in the north. They put a wall on thier northern border to keep zombies out. They prefer to stay out of the politics of the mighty Stromwind Empire of the south. So in way, the worgen are a lot like the Starks, which is my favorite house in Game of Thrones. When I play a worgen in the starking zone, I like to think of jokes. The worgen silly emotes are hillarious. I like to add the joke "Let's build the wall and make the Forsaken pay for it". Now I can think of another joke for the first signs of Forsaken invasion. I can say "Winter is coming". Genn Greymane was good friends with Anduin Wyrnn. Maybe they are like Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon respectively. The story of Elune falling in love with a beautiful white stag to form dryads is odd. That does remind me of a Greek myth. It really does not make the Minoan people look good. The Minoans had a magnificent white bull. The king was supposed to sacrifice the bull to the deities. However he decided to keep him for himself. The deities gave a strange punishment. The king had a female relative. She fell in love with the white bull. She eventually bred with him. Then they had a horrible monster, called the Minotaur. After this origin story, the Minotaur was involved by the labrynth and Thesius. I wonder if there can be similar humanoid on cattle affairs and breeding. That could explain the origin of the Tauren. These kinds of shenanningans seem strange, but they happen all the time in folklore. The are called animal bridegroom stories or beauty and the beast stories. The minotaur origion story isn't even the only one in Greek mythology. There is also Europa and the Bull, and Leda and the Swan. What can I say? Zeus got around. The most touching in my opinion was Eros and Psyche. Apollo goes even further and messes with plants. The most famous is the Daphne affair which explains his fondness for laurel trees. I like to imagine animal bridegroom stories. My favorite scenario is hot woman on stallion action. I just have a wierd fondness for horses. Now that it think of it, it could explain the origin of centaurs. It could work for Greek mythology or WoW. Humans can't breed at all with other species in real life. The only possible exception I know of is neandrathals. Mixing is fantasy is odd. It could lead to some interesting designs for hybrid creatures.

  26. Elune is the sun, its just a misconception by the mortal races that she is the moon. She is the mother of azeroth and the moon lit in the sky is just the light of the sun. Boom

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