The Tech Behind a Virtual Museum | Intel Optane Technology | Intel

♪ ♪ Intel is an
enabling company. We innovate on technology
that allows the creator to take their work
to the next level. ♪ ♪ My name is Greg Downing and I’m a virtual reality photographer. Most of the artwork here
at the Smithsonian is extremely challenging
to bring over into VR. ♪ ♪ There is a lot of
data written to disk; it’s more than will fit
into memory. So having a tool like Optane where you can write it and pick it back up really quickly is hugely important. There’s a lot of talent
associated with each layer of what we build. It was really amazing
to see that they didn’t have limitations on what
they would create. Intel helps creators
by building the underlying tech that enables all this stuff
to happen. With Optane, we’re able to load content faster. Jobs that would take an hour
now take 30 minutes, allowing us to process
larger jobs on a machine that doesn’t cost
an astronomical amount. Through these digital means, through Sansar and the platforms that Intel has innovated, we can build a new kind of art that’s enabled by technology. ♪ ♪

4 thoughts on “The Tech Behind a Virtual Museum | Intel Optane Technology | Intel

  1. intel stocks lost 8% yesterday…
    WOW !!!
    I wonder if the $300 millions invested in diversity was that useful…

  2. why comming the i9 9900k coffelake refresh…. i think it come Ice lake i9 9900k…. than coffelake refresh comes …i dont buy the refresh prozessor! Intel i need Icelake i need more power…. i go to AMD… RIP intel

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