The Truth About Battlefield V

[Look at this dude] I know I’m a little late to the party with
this one, but if I’d been in a coma since 2013 and woken up today, Battlefield’s overnight
total implosion would, without a shred of irony, be one of the most shocking things
to me about 2018. If this news is to be believed, of course,
because according to analysts who supposedly have access to the relevant information, Battlefield
V is lagging 85% behind Call of Duty four eyes in terms of preorders. And given the fact that EA’s Executive Vice
President stepped down immediately after this news broke, it seems like that number might
not be too far off. EA debuted the game with a trailer that I
can only describe as a kafkaesque nightmare devoid of any sense of meaning, logic, or
sanity. And I hear you already typing with your presumptive
little fingers – NO, it’s not because there’s a woman in the trailer. It’s because none of this makes any sense
At. All. Normally, the goal of a videogame trailer
is to showcase the stuff players should be excited for. It should be something that makes people go
“Wow, I would like to buy this game.” [Money can be exchanged for goods and services] Now, the Battlefield 1 trailer was easy to
follow because it took its time to show off the fact that Battlefield 1 had a new setting,
this was new for the franchise, but it showed it in a segmented way that was easy to digest. Battlefield 1 tracked AHEAD of the competing
Call of Duty title at the time. This is a case of a trailer being so good
it makes people go “Wow, I would like to buy this game right now.” and so they preorder
it. It’s almost as if preorder numbers are nearly
solely dependent on hype. And it’s almost as if the hype for a game
is solely dependent upon the quality of its marketing. And Battlefield V’s reveal trailer is a
masterclass in poor marketing. It’s a strange, exaggerated combination
of singleplayer linearity and multiplayer confusion that pretty much requires you to
watch it multiple times in order to have any grasp on what actually just happened.. And once you finally do get the point of the
trailer, you will be confronted by the reality that this trailer shows you absolutely nothing
to look forward to about Battlefield V whatsoever. There’s plenty of destruction and suspiciously
damaging, yet casually aimed shooting, but there is nothing of substance here. Scripted reveal trailers are nothing new,
obviously, but this one is different. There’s nothing to look forward to. Nothing really jumps out of this trailer that
makes Battlefield V look interesting or even cohesive. It seems like they threw everything at the
wall and hoped something would please, just something stick. especially when it comes to how out of place
so much of this looks for a World War II setting, and I understand they’re doing the whole
“experimental weapons” thing that Battlefield 1 so that game could have more than just like
bolt action rifles and chauchats, but Battlefield V’s trailer contrasts HEAVILY with how authentic
Battlefield 1’s theme first appeared when it tapped into the iconic imagery of World
War I that pretty much everybody knows. Battlefield V is jarring to a lot of people
because this a familiar chapter in history that is being juxtaposed alongside steampunk
looking claw-wielding women. People have an idea of what World War II is,
and this isn’t it. It’s pretty baffling that this is the franchise’s
idea of a “World War II like you’ve never seen it before” when World War II is rife
with unexplored opportunities that make infinitely more sense than what they ended up going for. If Battlefield is so set on the diversity
angle and including women into World War II there’s really no reason to re-write history
to do that. Why wouldn’t they just lead with a female
soviet sniper like Lyudmila Pavlichenko, who had 309 confirmed kills? Or maybe tell story of the female Guerrilla
fighters who resisted a japanese invasion in China. Women did serve in World War II, but they
just looked like normal people and probably didn’t wield cricket bats. At this point, Battlefield V’s problem is
that it simply doesn’t have the kind of hype behind it that it compels balding middle
age men to slither out from their basements and camp outside gamestops into the wee hours
of the night instead of waiting until the next morning like productive members of society. If you yourself are a balding middle age man,
no offense. I was there too. My point is that this trailer doesn’t exactly
turn heads, and neither do the other more gameplay-oriented trailers, either. They’re much better than the reveal, but
not enough to really carry a whole marketing campaign. People who are going to pre-order Call of
Duty, are going to pre-order Call of Duty, especially since that franchise is going back
to what people know with Black Ops Four. When people buy a game, they want what they
expect. But with Battlefield V people don’t really
know what to expect. This game is missing the “only in battlefield”
kind of flair that anchored the franchise before. The kind of marketing that established Battlefield
as being THE big sandbox multiplayer shooter in the first place. The point of the “only in battlefield”
marketing is that crazy moments like this can only happen in a battlefield game which
is a huge draw. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people
just sort of forgot about Battlefield V after watching the reveal trailer because it really
isn’t a good first impression. People aren’t hyped about this game because
there isn’t anything to be excited about. You won’t find anyone looking forward to
it other than people with dyed hair, diehard battlefield fans, and the people who have
already gotten to play it. That being said, it’s time to get down to
brass tacks, youtube has made it clear that there are only two real sides to this debate. Either you unironically buy into the “gamers
rise up” meme and think that somehow a majority of people that would otherwise be interested
in a Battlefield game decided to not buy this one in particular because it is “historically
inaccurate” and because one of the developers said “if you don’t want women in it, don’t
play it.” Or there’s other people who say that Battlefield
V isn’t selling well because, apparently 85% of people that would normally pre-order
battlefield games are sexist. Both of these options require a frankly unbelievable
number of people to be simultaneously both outraged about and aware of the political
controversy of Battlefield V. If Battlefront II barely missed its estimated
sales numbers while being the most hated game in the universe, it is incredibly unlikely
that Battlefield V’s problems stem from the controversy around it alone. Like, maybe the fact that it’s set to release
between the two biggest games of the year. Which is probably the reason why Battlefield
V was just delayed an additional month. Dice claims that they did this to ensure that
they ‘get things right’ with Battlefield V and improve a new mode called “tides of
war”, and somehow I don’t think that this involves scrubbing the game of the existing
female characters. It’s amazing how the people who assert that
EA only cares about their bottom line are the same people accusing them of political
pandering that is tanking their game. If EA thought that getting “woke” is the
reason they’re about to go “broke” then I think we can all agree that they would have
pulled those female soldiers from the game as soon as is conceivably possible. Instead, I’d say we’re likely to see a
very aggressive marketing push for Battlefield V touting the “tides of war” mode that
supposedly isn’t quite finished yet in an effort to make up for lost time. In no way am I saying that I agree with the
choices made in Battlefield V, but I am saying that claiming this is all because of a public
outrage mob is naive at best and outright disingenuous at worst. The reason this game looks dead on arrival
isn’t because of the presence of women, it is because of the absence of quite literally
anything interesting. If you think that everybody is so mired in
politics these days that people choose their games along their political leanings, you
might just be living in a Hugbox.

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Battlefield V

  1. Thank You for this ! 🙂 i still am a hardcore BF BF 😀 but everything after BF 4 is just … heartbreaking and sad as F… Cosmetics! Aim assist !! Headshot HitmarkerS !!! What about Each player starts with 50'000 points and you just lose some of them each time you'd die… otherwise you can keep all the points… hiding somwhere, not fighting at all…. that would be a great invention… don't u think EA ? please telll me… how else can we destroy a Miracle of Fun ? 😀 …… :-/ 🙁

  2. Im going to go out on a lim here, but I just going to say that the guy who written the definition of Hugbox is the type of person who want a safe spaces in universities

  3. I played if for a few hours… and it sucks. I think I'll go back to planet side 2 . it's free and more fun. ALSO there is almost no vehicles you can use….. I remember BF1942/43 which had more vehicles planes etc.

  4. Honestly videos like this are so cheap. At this point it would actually be controversial to give the game (which isn't even fucking out yet) a chance. All these retards act like they are experts of game design, when we all know that the only reason they don't like the game is because of the controversy over the trailer/marketing (which has no real bearing on the gameplay). This is so obviously the case, considering not a single one of the comments is actually concerned with the design of the game. That would be like if everyone trashed on rainbow 6 siege because the developers are a bunch of SJWs, even though the game itself is good.

  5. So I bought the game a week ago and the first match online was absolutely disappointing. But I figured I just wasn't getting the hang of it, and gave it a week or so of gameplay…… still a complete disappointment. I can't believe a franchise I always trusted to bring me a badass and exciting fps has released this heaping pile of shit.

  6. Woah woah woah hold the fuck up. Did you just make a whole video and not blame its failure on the implementation of women? And instead focused on its marketing?

    Did you just make a whole video where you had to critically think about the failure of BFV instead of hoping on the band wagon and being outraged over something trivial. Albeit it doesnt make historical sense, but thank fucking God someone who isnt in that "WOMEN DIDNT FIGHT IN WW2 REEEEE" Echo chamber made a video of BFV's failure. I thought critical thinking skills have become extinct.

    …Thank you…Thank you so much.

  7. It’s the worst Battlefield of the franchise. On top of things it is so boring. Nor does it have that battlefield “zest” to it. I can’t believe I paid money for this game.

  8. There was almost 10 years between bf2 and bf3 and it was a blast.
    Then EA ogres noticed that Activision ghouls were doing great with almost a game a year and decided to copy that.

  9. I love how this idiot speaks about how the game showcases nothing of what to expect. Christ guy get of you shitty CoD game and play it. You will experience all of this craziness, those scenes happen. Just because you cant expect this kind of stuff in CoD doesn't mean this stuff doesn't happen in game. Idiot with idiodic points that are just lies. Hearing your arguments are just cringeworthy knowing you're commenting on games you know nothing about.

  10. Aren't those British or French troops running away from British tanks? I don't see any German helmets running or jumping out of the windows,, only Barretts

  11. "I dont have a problem with diversity in media, I have a problem with you assuming I have i problem with it"

    -Gavin McInnes

  12. 4:34
    Ain't that the truth. I just learned that it already released like two weeks ago and that was only because I saw a Facebook ad about it. It went completely under my radar after the initial controversy.

  13. Real Battlefielders like me got sick of the new changes and directions they wanted to go. Stay real to your fans or get left @ the stands. Download the rest of this comment for 29.99.

  14. They didn't remove female soldiers from the game, because they doubled down on their SJW philosophy. They can't be wrong their narrative is true and just!!! Profits be damned!!!

  15. 3 months later and ive been playing for hours. its pretty fun. the only problem is not jumping high enough and infinite loading screens but im sure thats what updates are for….

  16. EA pandered to the politically correct blue-haired crowd who review their games, rather than the fans who play their games.
    When fans complained about their cultural Marxist, woke take on WWII history, EA told them to go fuck themselves.
    It didn't help that the game is a generic COD clone that released alongside Black Ops 4 and Red Dead 2.

  17. Its a good game, but after you play it for 10 hours, you already unlocked everything and etc, and matches become so repetitiv and boring. In BF1 the behemots and smaller maps made players to fight, because you always find an enemy at the front. In BFV after taking a trip towards the next objective, you mostly not going to run into someone. Gunfights are same, the one with the faster fire rate wins. If you enjoy it, do it its not a bad game, but for me, after maxing out everything, theres nothing new, even the tides of war is just boring, yeah its a good idea but sooooo repetitiv.

  18. I myself have played bf series since bf 1942. I even enjoyed hardline said to be the worst series. But if it is Bf5, i would say this game has been shitty since poor skilled producers participated in making this game. They really should have let those bf1 producers make the new series again, not those fucking egoists who think they actually made a 'masterpiece'. Most of all, i fucking don't understand why they put such irritating system in which ammunition of vehicles doesn't get restored unless going back to base. And the same goes for hp of infantry. Well, I kinda understand how much they want this game to be as realistic as possible. but it doesn't have to be this much as long as it is just a game. Because slow paced gameplay forced by the irritating system ultimately leads to boredom. Also, getting my sight blocked by the lame back position when shooting is what makes this game even worse than COD ww2 that has the same background.

  19. I was a hardcore BF2 player. A non-stop fun game. I took a 10 year break from gaming then decided to give BF4 a try. BEYOND BORING and a shameless pimp attitude that everything was for sale. BF1 = BORING! BF5 = BORING. EA kills everything they touch.

  20. IMO its much worse than BF1, 85% of the characters in oline game are Women came on!.. its full of bugs, illumination and character skinning looks like 10 years ago games.. ITS BORING.. not even close to BF1. Why they didnt jut use BF1 game and change scenarios for WW2?? I will go back to play Minecraft. Thanks DICE for this piece of **

  21. good game. loving it. I'm just not an anti-sjw pussy so I don't have a temper tantrum whenever I see boobs

    want to be angry? How about the fact that you're paying money to have fun based on a historical event that ruined lives, left families in agony, and survivors with life-long trauma that never allowed them to be happy again. You want to pay to have fun based on those events.

    but when boobies come around, every pussy has a tantrum lmao

  22. We only make the EA as strong as it is. I say we continue to not purchase their releases until they meet demands of the public! For now we should look to support indie ww2 developers and other genres from companies who are listening to us

  23. It’s not that the consumers are looking for their own politics in a game. It’s that EA and Dice are forcing their own political ideologies into the game and telling people like me the consumer that if I question it at all it’s because I’m uneducated or sexist or whatever. I was just hoping for a badass ww2 game. Instead I’m being force fed their politics and their shitty marketing scheme to try and take every dime they can get. That’s why I didn’t buy it and prob won’t play it if they gave me a copy…. they would literally have to pay me to play that shit at this point but I still prob wouldn’t just on principle. EA and Dice need to go under or replace staff. If this and battlefield 2 are not a wake up call for them then they should go under

  24. If I actually saw the trailer I would have definitely not purchased the game, got a refund, repurchase because I thought it was getting and update, then missed my refund window and now I am stuck with this pathetic game.

  25. I’ll say it for you. Women shouldn’t have been in the game as soldiers. They made her look like furiosa from mad max and in that movie there was feminist sjw shit too.

  26. Like 400 women died I think in actual combat during ww2. Fuck those women. In the civil war alone 600,000 white men died fighting. Fucking bitches.

  27. I wouldn't discount how consequential falsely accusing your fanbase of bigotry can be. Look at the Ghostbusters remake marketing. It was actually quite inoffensive and forgettable, and had good critics reviews, but the fanbase was turned away by politics and I think the same thing has happened here, as much as you'd like to deny it.

  28. If anyone ever releases another WWII game they could add the battles during U.S's advances to take over the island Japan dominated leading up to the two nukes or the German's attempt to conquer Russia, Japan incessant take over the near lands. Instead of doing the same old Omaha Beach scene(not that it's bad just too repetitive). I don't know if BfV did this, didn't play just saying what I think.

    Please do correct me if anything I said was incorrect.

  29. Let's grab the heatshield of an MG42 and run around shooting it. What could possibly go wrong? 3/10, immersion broken.

  30. To be fair battlefield V is one of the most enjoyable recent battlefield titles.
    Battlefield 1 sucked major donkey dick.
    Battlefront 1 and 2 were just horrible and dumbed down.
    Battlefield 4 was good, but only after like a year or 2 of patches, updates and DLC's.

    Gotta say though, battlefield V is very fun and skill-based at last.

  31. This game is dumb. Doesn't include the Nazi symbols because it's too "offensive". You can't change history. And where are the Japanese or the major battles like D day or other important battles. This game sucks

  32. I will say, I have no idea why everyone lit Battlefield V up for it not looking authentic and Battlefield 1 got a pass for all the retarded shit they had in the game.
    Machine gun knights underslunging lewis mgs while wading into battle surviving full-sized rifle caliber blasts to the head because the slab of metal totally mitigates all kinetic energy isn't what I would call authentic.
    Basically Infinite warfare was announced at the same time and people were mad about that so it was the cool thing to jump onto the BF dick. It's pretty much that simple. Memes and being a part of the "in group" is a helluva drug.

  33. I like it, its a good game, and for the pricing i got plenty of hours out of it.
    Thank you Dice.

    I know everyone seeks out to be offended, apparently thats the world now.
    If you like being angry every day, keep up the good work.

  34. You wanna know why BFV is shit ?

    Because …… and stay with me here …..

    Its because it IS shit what a shocker

  35. Unique and dynamic gameplay in BFV with free dlc vs cod copy paste mentality and crazy microtransactions where one sight cost 1$

  36. BF1 was absolutely amazing. The behemoths made games interesting, teams could make comebacks if they knew to shoot out the AA guns from the blimp in order to keep it afloat. The planes were amazing, and fighting other planes was so satisfying. BF5, everything is so weak and just sucks.. the planes are OK.. but they still suck, I mean, dropping a carpet bomb on several people and only killing like 1 or even no people is so unrealistic. Everyone cried about the AA cannon being too strong, the airplane with the auto cannon out the front and that dropped a line of grenades was too strong, the darts in the fighter were too strong, several guns were too strong, the snipers especially, the grenades were too strong, they cried and cried and now look what we get… you can sit on top a grenade and only take 66dmg now in BF5… everything is so fuckin weak.

    Then to actually play the game, where there isn’t even a fraction the amount of action they show in the trailer. Where people are just camping cause they’re sick of getting shot in the back around every corner from someone they never even saw… tanks will fuck you so hard yet, a tank takes like 3 panzer rockets and dynamite or two, or three, to kill the tank. The maps are just a big circle so people shoot you from every single angle cause you never know where they’re coming from. The only map I do really good on is the snow one that’s pretty linear and I actually know where the fuck the enemies will be coming from.. fckn shit game, shit company. Probably never buy another game from EA again.

  37. The problem wasn't that there were women, the problem was that the women didn't historically serve in the positions the game wants them to. I feel like, in this way, the developers are actually doing the OPPOSITE of their intended purpose, which is creating representation for women, because they're turning a blind eye to the things women ACTUALLY DID to assist the war effort. Apparently, the only way to help during wartime is to be a soldier on the front lines. Forget about all the female medics, factory workers, cooks… And forget about the fact that THEY WERE THE ONES WHO KEPT COUNTRIES RUNNING while the men were fighting. I don't think so.

    There are a thousand better ways to do this. Besides telling the story of actual women who served, they could create their own story while still being realistic. Perhaps a woman served as a medic, and in a surprise attack she was forced to take a weapon and fight back to get away. It'd follow a small group of soldiers who were on the run, and over the course of the game you'd get more powerful as your character learned and for used to using firearms effectively. And this is just something I came up with in the span of a few minutes.

    Representation DOES NOT MEAN that the roles people serve have to be the same. Everybody plays their part in a war, and to disregard the essential importance of all the women in WWII is (or should be) more offensive than not making them playable. This isn't political correctness, this is ignorance.

    I know this is old, but I really wanted to rant.

  38. Battlefield peaked at BF2. Then it was dumbed down for the 12 year old console cunts and then turned out as a sleazy whore for weapon upgrades.

  39. I bought the game, after much debating and doubt after an uneventful beta test. I hope they would add other ww2 guns that were popular in other games, but it looks like itll be added content. Other then a grind fest, the game in its current state is a bit dismal. They need to add new content in, like other factions, weps, and maps. Even BF1 had that issue, but with DLC, it diversified gameplay a lil bit, kept it fresh. BFV lacks that, even jumping in on the battle royale phase, but behind a price tag. It should be a crime to make a ww2 game without adding m1 garrand. As of this comment's date, I hope BFV gets updates to make the game worth its price tag. Wished I didnt get it full priced :L

  40. BFV can be fun.

    But holy shit its not battlefield or WW2.

    The trailer was ass, and my group of friends believe it's due to the fact that the BF1 trailer did so damn good they though any shit they do would get them money.

  41. This dude is clueless. Yes, the sale numbers are a reflection of the politics. Hence the reason this game sold well in Europe and other regions, while selling poorly in America. The type of politics DICE slapped everybody across the face with go down well in Europe. Not so much in America. If this wasn't about politics, and solely about the game, why did it do sell well in Europe , but not North America? I wonder if he would blame consumers for opting out of this game if he knew why they really did it. He's right, typically people don't care about politics. However, when you slap people across the face with it, and then tell them they're uneducated when they give you some feedback, yeah, people tend not to buy your game. Especially Americans in an era where they just elected a celebrity reality TV star as a symbolic middle finger to all of the people who did the exact same thing DICE just did.

  42. Man, I used to be a fan of battlefield franchise, the one I liked best was battlefield 2, when I was informed about this scandal of battlefield 5, a game whose goal was to spread left politics instead of providing fun or epic experiences to the player, I was shocked by it, I now see that I was a little naive for thinking that the dirty politics would never reach the realms of games, to be fair, I never really paused to think about it, it felt like a nightmare when I realized that from now on some games will be used for political propaganda, my hope is in the free market, I have hope that the free market will simply do what it does best, that is, hope that other games like battlefield 5 get smashed by common sense and don’t get to be successful at all.

  43. The moral of this story is, that men are sexist punks who still live in the 1950s. Bunch of idiots if you ask me. I'm a guy who supports women. I'm not some stereotypical American beer loving brute who thinks women are inferior.

  44. Thanks for bringing up all the other women whose stories they could have used. If we'd get to play a badass group of Chinese guerillas, maybe 3 4chan users would give a single damn that they are women. Why? Cause guerilla fighters are cool. If it's a real story, it's even cooler. Steampunk soldiers with bats in a supposedly authentic WW2 game are just dumb, regardless of gender.

    Do people seriously think, that if it was a man in the trailer, people wouldn't have hated it?

  45. Especially the last part is so fucking important. Poeple here on Youtube are so fucking naive and far from reality it seems they completely lost touch with the real customers. I had this realization when I saw all the hate videos about Star Wars Battlefront 2 back in the days and geniunly thought this game wouldnt sell a single copy. When I walked to my university after the release the first thing i heard were people people talking about how they bought battlefront and how great the combat is. At that point everything seemed so clear: The dumbing down off all triple aaa games, the trashy stories, the monetization. These people there were the average customers and they like what the publishers do. Its not evil EA. Its people still buying games from them. Publishers only do things that they think will make more money. The majority of people are dumb (or lets say "undemanding") and the publishers want them. Sadly this happens to every medium that enters mainstream: Dumbing things down for the masses. It happened to Youtube content (look at all the popular youtubers…. THIS is what the majority wants), it happens to games. It surely has happened to things before. Doesnt mean there arent good things around.

  46. I hate it how ea doesn't show much gameplay before the game comes out. Always makes me think why wouldn't they show us? What are they afraid of?

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