The Weekend Soldiers – On the battlefield with the WW2 reenactors [VR/360]

What I love, is spending my free time reenacting an American unit of the Second World War. We pay respect to those who fought for us. To do so, we rebuild their camps with original or reproduction military equipment. We also reenact battles. Today we’re getting ready for a reenactment weekend in Manhay. It’s the 74th anniversary of the battle of the Bulge. So, what is the Battle of the Bulge then ? It’s the last large offensive of the german army, they hoped to recapture this land. On one side there was the german forces and the other the american army : infantry, tanks… Go go go ! Everybody out ! Let’s go ! Don’t forget your weapons ! I’ve always been interested about this era. Maybe it was because my father told me a lot about it. Yeah that’s probably it. You’re okay guys ? Feeling ready for the big day ? Got enough ammo ? For the weekend, we stick to a scenario we’ve all agreed on beforehand. Somehow, it’s acting. We’re not becoming a fictional self though, we remain who we are. For a weekend, we’re trying to live as they lived. Tomorrow, there will be about a hundred american reenactors and a hundred german reenactors. Get in position guys ! Get the .30 at the front to secure the place, bazooka on the side bazooka behind and the gunners ! Section leader to unit two ! Section leader to unit two ! We are at the first spot. In front of us, next to the field there’s a German position. Around a dozen men. Bazooka ! ! It’s gonna blow ! You’re alright ? No one’s injured ? All good ! When we’re reenacting, we know we’re not risking anything. Back then, they didn’t know if they would return back home. We can reenact the scene, but we could never reenact how they’d feel. Ah fuck it, that’s it I’m getting out of there.

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