Theme Exhibition: Human Limitations – Limited Humanity

The basic question before we dive into the exhibitions is
why do we develop technologies? And there are two interesting basic patterns. One is very
practical and pragmatic: we are limited as human beings. We have these limitations of
our humanity, our physicality. The most beautiful example is, if you are born without fur
and it is winter, you will only survive if you have
technology. That is why we have been developing tools for thousands of
years to overcome our limits, our limitations – the real ones as well as the perceived ones. We have focused on questioning the two essential
technologies, that we believe will fundamentally change our image of
humanity, our image of society, in the near future. As humans, do we remain at the centre of controlling what we
develop, what we incite with AI? The key is responsibility. Particularly in the confrontation with the artistic works –
most of which, originate from the submissions to the Prix
Ars Electronica – several focal points have emerged that the artists are
obviously very concerned with and which, as a result of this development, have also become essential
elements of the theme exhibition. One of these is the subject of language. A second sub-theme, which interprets human limitations in a
broader sense in the form of an individual approach, is the limitations of
the body itself. I think this is an exciting paradox in its simplicity: we have never before had so many opportunities to go beyond
our limits. The typical limitations of humans can be removed and
overcome with technology. We have robots that run faster than us, we have AI systems
that can do certain things much better than us. At the moment we are asking ourselves whether humanity as
such is at its limit?

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