THIS IS BATTLEFIELD – 4K Cinematic Short Film (2019)

My father used to tell me stories when I was a child About the giants of old Who gazed at the Earth Disappointed, in the wars of men Agony had filled their hearts Bringing with it Fire And ash Smoke blocked out the sun Robbing all of its warmth Destruction laid waste to lands once filled
with laughter In the end, the giants stepped in to put a
stop to the death Their judgement was swift And absolute I wish we had someone to do the same to us But when faced with evil The good must prevail Fighting for those next to us To protect those behind us Forging our bonds, in the fires of hell And as the bodies grow in number So will our perseverance This is who we are Those that fight in the dark In the mud In the deep To save those in the light To face the titans The demons The perilous To stretch across distant lands For it is our duty Our honor And our sworn mission To defend the ideals we believe in Because once we drop our swords Things will forever, be changed

100 thoughts on “THIS IS BATTLEFIELD – 4K Cinematic Short Film (2019)

  1. Nice video, and btw, i made a clip on Battlefield V, it's just 2 min, I need to know how my video is, so can you give me your opinion pls ? 😅

  2. I’d love to see the behind the scenes creation of this video. Both of these recent battlefield games made me feel things about the wars that has stayed with me more than any film or documentary ever has. No game has ever done this style of emotion before and it’s spectacular.

    Thanks for making this little video as your homage to the efforts of the people who allow us to continue in this free world.

  3. Wow! What an amazing video you made. This video left me speechless. I'm defiantly going to share this one with my friends.

  4. А где негры, бабы и азиаты-транссвеститы? Мир же ебнулся до такой степени, что скоро белый мужчина станет музейным экспанатом. Назовете меня расистом? Не получится, я желтый, азиат. Просто в связи с последними событиями, будь то свитер от гуччи или босоножки от Кэтти Пэрри, черного цвета, значит это расизм. Если в игре нет бабы, значит сексизм. Это нету гея или транса, значит ущемление гендерных прав. Просто нахуй все ебанулись разом.

  5. As magnificent as this was, it would have been almost Godly if it were to transition as a start of BF1 to BF5 then to BF3/BF4 if possible. Would have been super neat to see that. But top notch this was DICE needs to hire you so that their future campaigns dont suck.

  6. You make battlefield feel like real war .. thanks for such a beautiful video… rip to all the soldiers who died in war

  7. Im very grateful because as a battlefield player… i felt that was just a game.. but latter of this video.. i felt like i was part of something so inmense and chaotic that is war … you make this game look like a master piece.. like a movie … you make me feel as something more amazing than being in a movie… you brought to live battlefield … and that is beautiful… i play bf since 2009 and this video made me feel at home as a veteran remembering war.

  8. Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 are both the most fun ive ever had in the year 2017 and 2019 Ill be playing more of this amazing franchise regardless of how it looks like. If the fun and my love of destruction is there, battlefield will always be my beloved first person shooter.

  9. I… i'm speechless
    Masterwork quality bringing up thoughts, that were hidden. After watching this video I began to think about all those soldiers who fought under Verdun, over Somme, in Belgium, In Austrian/Italian Alps, Polish soldiers who fought against Germans in September and after 2 weeks got attacked by the Soviets and everyone else I didn't mentioned. They fought for their country, not every German was Nazi, not all French were cowards, not all Brits were traitors (when they "declared" war to Nazi Germany but didn't helped Poles when they could), not every Italian is a terrible soldier and not every Soviet soldier was rapist. Those were (mostly) after all just normal people that had no choice but to fight. The worst thing about nowadays teen-agers is that they don't respect those who fought for their freedom…Such a shame
    It is a wonderful video

  10. Great video 😀 I absolutely love the end where the camera is panning over the various battlefields from WW1 and WW2. That's some powerful imagery.

  11. of a veteran in the saga and videogames; I hope we never forget the reason why we play and less to leave the passion !!!

  12. Hey i'd love to make something like this but wasnt sure if BF5 had a replay mode with free-cam. Is this the case?

  13. Some of my favourite moments in gaming came from battlefield 1, for example

    Suez: charging up a the final objective by myself with no hope of actually surviving, then I looked to my side and saw 10 men charging up the hill with me, my face lit up, I bayonet charged into one man, opened fire on others with my m1918 trench, pulled out my handgun and somehow didn’t die!

    Fao Fortress: charging the gates in operations and clinging for cover the second we got through the door with machine gun and sniper fire raining down on us, against all odds, we won the match

    Argonne forest: the countless times we held onto objectives for dear life with smoke, gas, and fire everywhere in these cramped tunnels.

    St Quentin scar: surrounded by enemies holding onto the few trenches we had with nothing but an A7V and a few soldiers with medic boxes and ammo crates everywhere, then, when all hope was lost, a friendly bomber and fighter started attacking the surrounding enemies, I still can’t believe that actually happened.

    Empires edge: Every, dam, game was hectic af, trying to capture the castle with nothing but a flare gun and a gewher 98 infantry, how fun that was.

    Looking back on these memories makes me smile, I’ll never get the same experience again, but either way, in my eyes, battlefield 1 is in my top 5 games of all time, it’s probably in second place behind Black Ops1.
    Hope others can relate to these experiences.

  14. I would like to see the narrators written down! The narration is just amazing and i want to know exactly what he said, since I dont trust Youtube CC

  15. Son: Dad, you remember when you say that Battlefield is JUST a fictional war game?
    Father- yes son, its just a game
    Son- i want you to watch this video.
    Father- Okay. *watches video *. Start tearing ( crying ). * hug son really tight *
    Son: are you okay dad? see i told you, is not just a game.
    Father: gets up and start walking away crying. he comes back with an old photo.
    Father: here take this, * son takes the photo *
    Son: what is this?
    Father: this is your great,great,great,great grandfather who fought in WW2 in the invasion of Narvik.
    Son: * starts crying, run towards dad, and hug him really tight *
    Father and son sitting on the floor hugging each other crying for the love one.
    like my comment if you like this.

  16. At the end of the day, we can all agree that the Battlefield franchise will better than COD.

  17. This reminds me of something that seemed like a scripted thing but was completely spontaneous just the other day

    We were trying to hold an objective on operations, and me and three other supports were on the second floor of a bombed out building, just constantly firing at the enemy team

    They rushed us and we were the only people left to defend it, and there were explosions absolutely everywhere and a squad tried taking us out from a building opposite so two of us took them out while the other two kept holding the rest of them back

    We were being constantly shelled, and then one of us was shot in the head by a sniper

    We held out for about 3 or 4 minutes more until a huge group of friendlies came at the objective with two tanks, killing almost everybody trying to take the objective and causing the rest to run away

    And it felt like a war movie or scripted level, but it all happened completely randomly over the space of ten or so minutes. Me and the other supports weren’t even in the same squad, we were just holding the objective for as long as we could

    Also this is absolutely amazing, almost brought me to tears. The music, voice over and footage was so perfect. So basically everything was perfect

  18. Amazing work, one of the greatest
    But there's a little error: when there are all the maps at the end, the map that you called samogneux is caporetto. Obviously this is an amazing work. Very very good job!!!

  19. If they'd had to film in a random multiplayer server then they would probably find me tea bagging a dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. There was a report that said bf1 was the game DICE wanted to make since bf4.
    Many of the more experienced supposedly left after. DICE has the potential. But will they chose to use it again. All I'm saying DICE. If you ever decide to follow the path of being independent. We got your back.

  21. You know what would make this better, if EA wasn’t a corporate shill and just tries to suck all the money out of this title

  22. My gran father was a real Nazi he served the SS for 4 years till he deserted.

    His name was Erich Patzig he was a SS-Sturmbandführer, he stood on Hitlers and Himmlers side and he shook the hand of the fuhrer. So yeah i don’t care how many are disrespecting germany for that.. im still proud of that what they have done!

    5 big empires.. does this to one

  23. Я сначала понять не мог, думал может видос лагает так или видео обрабатывает видюха так.. А оказывается эту херню сняли с лагами. Господи настолько ущербно смотрится, эти дебильные подергивания. Удалите это говно..

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