This Week in Ark. History, Ep. 36, “The Museum of Discovery”

Ep. 36 — June 25 Hi, I’m Secretary of State Mark Martin,
and welcome to This Week in Arkansas History. Last week I told you about Bernie Babcock,
the extraordinary woman who established the Museum of Natural History. Today, I want to tell you about the museum
itself. It was shuffled around in its early years
before moving into the Little Rock Arsenal at MacArthur Park. That was its home for 55 years. Then, in 1998, it reopened in the
River Market District as the Museum of Discovery. The first exhibits were taxidermy
and archeological pieces, including many donated by missionaries
from their travels. Through the years, the museum became accredited,
then affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute in 2003. The museum reopened in early 2012,
after a $9.2 million renovation. The Museum of Discovery offers exhibits on
biology, mechanics, history and technology, and I hope you’ll visit it soon. Join me next week for more Arkansas history.

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