Thunder Spear Revenge! Eren Vs Armor Titan Round 2 | Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 2

it’s revenge time Eren versus the
armored Titan round 2 so what’s up guys Foxen here!
The new attack on Titan anime episode is here finally. How would the survey corps
deal with the beast titan army? Impressive one at that. Before getting
started if you enjoy this anime videos be sure to give Colossal thumbs up and
subscribe so let’s get started. For the Beast Titan here notice all those
mindless Titans particularly their bodies. I’m still loving the way attack
on titan just inject some perhaps unintended humor via the mindless Titans. Manga
readers deadly know Isayama does is always on purpose and it is just great
to see some of this stuff returning for the attack on Titan season 2 anime
you know no Titans last season no funny Titans at that. As for the Armor Titan
it oh hell yeah time for the armored Titan
to get super hard in the anime. You got some ultra crystal claws both for the
feet and hands. Bluish crystal just like Eren. Looks like Eren isn’t the only
new Titan with a few new tricks. Reiner you should have done that back in
season 2 come on. Then over on the Beast Titan inside you got all of them on this
Titan circling creating this whole perimeter no escape. Notably the animal
abuse backpack Titan is sticking close by the Beast someone call PETA so they
could start hash tagging over this but hold up a second surprise look at this
dude so close up super ugly and deformed looking. Why does this thing have a
freaking duck face? It reminds me of like Daffy Duck. Then the actual backpack or I
guess cargo I should say come on can we take a peek at what’s inside the barrels?
Right here make me picture this Donkey Kong situation with the beast Titan. Come
on picture it too! They could be full of bananas but seriously turn out this mr.
backpack Titan is the reason the scouts got discovered early on. I actually recall
reading this years ago. Originally I suspected the grandpa Titan that gave
the scouts away. To be fair to me some of the past Isayama Titan art was
rough looking so wasn’t too much of a stretch to think that titan and the
grandpa Titan were the same Titan but I was super wrong and really quickly just
looking back at the mindless Titans you got this big around one over here move over
Thor Titan. Then this one over here on the right this one remained me of All Might especially that one all might move from the movie finale. I’m not even
sure what this one is doing running. Come on having some fun moments via
Titan like this is just so genius. Anyway getting into Erwin debating over his
options he did note that’s potentially becoming a battle of attrition but let’s
be real and honest that was never gonna happen as long as a war chief was down
there and I do have to actually appreciate them drawing up the stills
for the scenario of all scouts being stranded on the wall top. You even have
this one of Eren looking so starved and maybe thirsty. This actually brings up
the question what would a Titan from a starving or low energy person look like.
Would they even be able to get into Titan mode? Maybe not you might end up
looking like the skin and bones Titan over here. uh oh I know so do notice is
super buff one on the bottom left. It almost looked like a mini Reiner without
the armor but getting back to Erwin you really have to love this commander
especially is dedicate your heart and ‘susume’ moment. Most important out of
all of this is Erwin’s plan Levi you got to be the one to take out the beast
Titan and goddamn look at what they’ve done to this hairy beast. Can you say
nightmare fuel? This is what you get when you fuse Santa Claus with this devil elf.
Oh it looks like the battery on those red eyes ran out aww. So switching it over
to Reiner’s point of view you got him proclaiming something super interesting
that humanity strongest would fall against their Warchief. Come on really
Reiner? I guess to be fair Reiner hasn’t really seen Levi Ackerman in action
before not him going full out. Hey Reiner go ahead and ask Annie how that encounter
went oh right you might be waiting a while for that reply. As for the plot
armor Titan’s unique ability or I guess general Titan ability I’ve actually seen
a lot of questions from all a lot of you how exactly Reiner survived that
previous encounter. How come Levi screwed up and yeah to be
honest it is pretty much an asspull. Reiner supposedly claimed he
transferred his mind throughout his body never mind the fact that Levi pretty
much sliced him immediately that freakin Ackerman speed. Come on there’s no way
Reiner had a moment to actually notice that. Honestly I really wish they
explained this differently but looks like that didn’t happen. On the flip side
now that it’s been established. Hey Eren get your ass over here Levi wants to do
some new Titan training. Putting that little thing aside you
actually have Reiner further deepened thought he’s actually quite the thinker.
Here Reiner dropped this key important piece of information it almost seemed like
throw away information. That being that Eren was actually able to learn how to
get his Titan hard in only two months. If you recall that’s not exactly the case.
Eren actually used that Titan viagra potion that he found. The important
takeaway here is that you have Reiner implying the Titan shifters could learn
how to wield the Titan crystal without this external Titan potion pretty
important Titan information. Anyway you really have to love commander Erwin
sare down here. He’s like I’m the goddamn commander yeah my plan is
forcing you to obey and act. Get your rock-hard Titan ass down there and start
playing fetch with Eren’s Titan but really Reiner? For being the thinker you
just shown looks like you ran out of gas Reiner should have really quickly
super hit Erwin just throw the guy like a Titan sized Chihuahua and sure I know
what you’re thinking. It could fail Erwin could get away but really I would have
taken like five or ten seconds to only try it out. Anyway over on the Hange’s
squad side. I really like how Eren was so sure about how Reiner would act here.
Eren was really just thinking back to the good buddy Reiner. The question does
remains though was this Scout Reiner or warrior Reiner who was engaged in battle.
Perhaps the two sides aren’t too different after all. Getting into Eren
versus armored Titan round two just noticed them fighting this Titan
brawl all out right where all started. It is pretty nice to hear
there’s pretty confident Eren at the start right here where he addresses
how he in fact that kick Reiner’s ass back in season two. There is no colossal Titan
around to save your ass this time Reiner. Oh you’re gonna hate me minor nitpick
here. The face on Eren’s Titan just looks super weird enough come on WIT
studio please fix us for the blu-ray release . As for Eren getting his Titan hard forget about Titan clwas how about tithing crystal knuckles? Too bad
they already gave it away on the poster and opening. For me the cherry on top was
Eren’s callback back to Annie at this very moment. It really is so wonderful
how Eren picked up so much from one of their warriors. Let’s see if Eren
could learn Reiner’s claw technique and hell yes seeing Eren smash Reiner’s face in
was so freaking satisfying. Armored Titan your face is wrecked
give up now. By the way here’s something very important I need to point out.
Looks like there’s no actual scene from the opening that was reused here.
Honestly I have mixed feelings about this. First off the positive this
actually does make the opening scene not so lazy after all
plus it does give me some hope for the Colossal Titan looking far better in the
non opening version. Still on 99% chance to be CG but at least don’t be ps1 CG.
Then my negative slight negative ironically the extra animation in the
opening does look better. Oh well I guess we can’t have it all
it’s only attack on Titan. Anyway back to Eren actually I really like what they
did for Eren’s Titan right before his mighty roar it looks like they brought
back the green eyes but this time it’s not strictly all green very very nice
touch here. Arguably this actually shows Eren’s progression with him handling
his Titan abilities. Anyway switching it over to squad Mikasa
oh yeah the thunder spears have arrived for the attack on Titan anime. By the way
I don’t recall Armin strapping one of these new toys on too. Either way it’s
Michael Bay time. Switching it over to the common Scouts funny how Floch here
is almost crying while these guys were taking care of the horses. Interesting too
hell Marlow is really pulling its weight and taking command of this simple but
important task. As for the Ackermann here really mindess Titans vs Levi we’re still
doing this? You might as well be shooting this vibranium shield with this dildo
gun. Not the brightest idea giving humanity’s strongest of warm-up exercise.
You might accidentally pissed Levi home and you wouldn’t like Levi when he’s
angry. So getting into Erwin’s big moment you do have the harsh reality setting in.
Oh how the Survey Corps have fallen little by little over the years. Anyone
recall humanity’s second strongest? You know the guy without the Ackerman
steroids. Even Erwin himself became that Titan chew toy in attack on in season
two. So many sacrifices just to get to this one beast Titan war. It does feel
like Erwin was being way too hard on himself here. You do have this very
powerful imagery with the mountain of corpses.
Hey talking about Mike too. It’s just made even more impactful with these poor
fallen Scouts looking back at Erwin almost as if judging him from beyond the
grave. Were all these guys simply a stepping stone for this Mad Men
or is there more to this? You got Erwin speaking about tricking everyone
including himself but it always seemed to me like the opposite had been true
that Eren thought too harshly on himself for having this grand dream
fuelling himself and his actions. In other words having the certain thirst
and curiosity that the other scouts didn’t have. By the way a quick side note
finally the Levi no regrets anime flash effect made it into the main
attack on Titan anime. Definitely go ahead and check that out if you haven’t
already! Switching back over to Reiner versus Eren I almost started feeling
bad for Reiner. Dude you did not come prepared what a one-sided Titan beatdown.
Finally had Eren clearly showing where this Titan was capable of although
perhaps I spoke too soon. Even Eren looked like he got too overconfident
with his win here for a bit. Luckily Reiner missed that smash on his face and
terrible just terrible move on the Reiner’s part letting go of eren’s Titan
leg he should have crushed it. As for the thunder spear flashback about time
Hange cooked up some explosions. Is anyone surprised it took her this long?
Although to be a fair to Hange I’m sure she’s now using some previously locked
away technology. I definitely know of a certain crazy girl who will love this
tech. So back to Reiner and Eren ooh am i interrupting something?
That is the Warriors ass. Getting into the Thunder spear scene I just love that
they added that shot of Hange almost sliding through the air. She was
definitely having some fun there. Looking at the two top female scout’s handiwork
right for Reiner’s ball sockets but notice notice anything interesting it is subtle
but looks like this is hinting at Mikasa’s ackerman strength. Mikasa had no
problem getting that Thunder spear to hit right in the bullseye. Right in the
center on the other hand Hange was off by a little bit and just to be clear
this is not a knock-on Hange. As for Hange’s explanation about the dangers of
the using the Thunder spears to be honest I don’t know the tech behind this
sorry I have no real experience with explosives but I don’t know why she made
this stuff so restrictive. Why not just allow the rocket to fire off from the
distance? I guess our technology at this point made the range pretty short. Then
you have a b team coming in. Gotta kill these guys their moment too but don’t get me
wrong guys I do love the potato girl Sasha do not worry and this added Connie
scene was fun too! I don’t even have to check the manga to
tell you that definitely wasn’t in there. Then you have this very human reaction
to these guys not wanting to kill Reiner. If you think back to the attack on
season two finale they were still trying to talk it out to the very end but
really are these guys not prepared yet? The very odd person here should be
Mikasa I mean she freakin failed to kill them.
She already screwed up once. By the way good game Reiner someone just used
explosion on the poor armored Titan. Come on this guy got super wrecked. It’s
almost not even fair or funny although I should take this time to remind anyone
feeling bad for Reiner how the Warriors are responsible for over 100,000 people
dying after he smashed in wall Maria Karma is a bitch. Also let me not forget
once again I do have to say no reusedu shot from the new opening although this
does mean perhaps I should lower my expectation for other upcoming stuff. I’m
sure you have an idea. For this episode overall the Titan stuff in this episode
really reminded me of the feeling that I got from watching this in attack
on titan season two. Naturally this does include Eren vs the armored Titan
round one. I almost can’t believe you’re finally seeing this manga stuff in the
anime form. It almost feels like a dream an attack on Titan dream thousands of
years in the making. Anyway I definitely need to hear from
you post below. How much did you freaking enjoy this episode? Especially for Eren
fans? Is anyone feeling bad for Reiner? Anyway
unfortunately someone flagged my first episode review let’s see if that comes
back. In the meantime a super in-depth opening breakdown video is up now. Also
my manga vs. anime analysis for the very first episode.
Definitely watch those next and I’ll see you guys later!

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  2. Sweet reveng? Eren has shit on the aurmor titan twice now anyone who can soumin that ice power can beat the arumor titan so hes the weakest titan.

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    but I thought Hanji lost an eye and Molbit to figure out that being too close to the Thunder Spears when the go off was a bad idea.
    I could easily remember it wrong, cuz it's been a while since I caught up with this part of the manga and I could've sworn that the hypothetical attack on Reiner was Hanji and Molbit testing them on the well Eren tried to go Titan in.

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  7. Wouldn’t transferring his mind trough his body Make him lose memories?
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  8. Don’t eren have the power to control the other titans y don’t he use it to turn them against the armor titan an beast titan ?

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  11. I’ve read the manga and used to know a lot, but I forget a lot. Annie’s Titan still has no official name right? (There’s no way Marley calls it the Female Titan) And what are her titans special powers?? Does she naturally have the crystal power or did she learn it the same way? Like if she learned it the same way I don’t see any special gift her Titan has

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    Reiner doesn't die
    Beast titan got him and escape
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  16. First thing i thought of when i saw Reiner having blue hardened claws was why has he never used hardened punch against Eren. Or why doesn't he use it to protect himself.
    Can he only get hardened claws? Even then one slash with those over Eren's face could blind him temporarily giving Reiner time to finish him off. Hell he could possibly use his clawed hand to rip Eren out if he grabbed the nape and dug his nails deep. At this point in the anime and manga im sort of salty toward Reiner for being such a fuckup at the same time in both latest anime and manga chapter.

    I always thought his claws were the same as his yellow armor

  17. As a person who likes Reiner's character i don't feel that bad. More angry because he is a dumbass. Not only in this but seemingly in all fights he has had with Eren.

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  25. i don't will bad about Reiner because he was the one that started this and because HE WAS THE ONE WHO CUST EREN MOTHER TO DIE

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