TisTheSeasonAThon is back!!

[Music: tis the season to be jolly…] I have not done this in so long that I do not know how to frame this. This lighting is terrible but… I hate it. What can you do? Hi. It’s been a while. I am back to announce the second round of
tis the season a thon. This is a Christmas or holiday themed read-a-thon
that is happening for one week, the first full week of December, so it’s the 2nd
through the 8th. We did this read-a-thon last year and the creator is Heather
from Bookables. I am a host, Chelsea from chelseadolling reads is a host,
Kristin from Super Space Chick is a host, and Amy from A Court of Crowns and
Quills is a host. We have 5 reading challenges, let me read those. You don’t
have to do these challenges, they’re optional, they’re just there to kind of
spark you know some inspiration of which books you’re picking out near the end of
the year. Those challenges are read a book with snow on the cover, read a
holiday themed book, read a book that you received as a
gift at some point, read a book while eating your favorite holiday treat or
just your favorite treat period, and then the last challenge is to read a book
with a title somehow related to music. So I came up with this one and I kind of
want to explain it a little bit. Um specifically Maurene Goo, she’s written a lot
of contemporary romance books that have song titles as the titles like I Believe
In a Thing Called Love, Somewhere Only We Know, and then there was that Morgan
Matson book Since You’ve Been Gone and like I literally can’t think of that
book or even say the title without screech singing it in my head like Kelly
Clarkson did. Last year some of us read a book called Dashing Through the Snow,
that’s the title of a holiday song so I think it won’t be too difficult to find
books like this but you’re also not restricted to picking up only a book
that has a full song title as the book’s title. Anything in the title could just
be related to music, you know. It could say something about notes or it could be
part of a song lyric. You can stretch this as much as you want to and you know
like every song out there probably says “hey baby.” If baby is in the title
in some way, count it as a song lyric. So those are our five reading challenges.
Like with just about every booktube read-a-thon you can mix and match
these. You can have one book that fits all five challenges, you can read five
different books, whatever you’re comfortable with
during a read-a-thon. And we do have a group buddy read. It is 10 Blind Dates by
Ashley Elston. This is totally optional, if you want to pick it up with us you
can but the hosts are going to be buddy reading this so that we can like just
have a book to discuss and chat about during that week. We will be having
Twitter sprints on Twitter. I’ll put our, um, the official account’s Twitter… name right
here. We will also be doing stuff on Instagram and having photo challenges on
Instagram so I hope you guys will join us. I’m not sure how much I will be
participating in video stuff other than you know I hope to talk about the books
that I’ve read, I hope to have a TBR. I haven’t set my TBR yet. It’s just
gonna kind of depend on what I can get in that week. Thank you guys so much for
still being here, if you care about this video at all. I do apologize for being so
absent. I think the last video I posted was probably back in April, like six or
seven months ago and I didn’t mean to take a break it just… things got very
overwhelming. Um it’s very hard for me to actually find the time to edit. Editing
takes up the most of my time with videos and it was taking me over a month just
to edit like a little seven minute long video and I just got to a point where it
it was like a chore, like a burden and I didn’t want my channel to feel like that
so I had to step away for a little bit, focus more on the family. We are looking
to move soon. We’ve been working on this for a couple of months now, I think since
like September, and um our market is just so horrible.
We’re putting a lot of our time and energy towards that and just not as much
time for the channel. But that’s where I’ve been and that’s the information
about this read-a-thon. I am still part of it, they’ve so graciously not kicked
me out even I’m not as active as I used to be but
during this read-a-thon I will be tweeting about the books I’m reading and
I will be helping them run Twitter sprints and stuff like that. Thank you
guys so much for watching, so much for still being here, and that’s all I can
really say. I’m just really grateful for this community and everything that it
has been to me and I hope that I can get back into videos soon. Hopefully. I mean
it may not happen but I still have lots of love for you guys. Thanks for watching
and I’ll see you in the comments. [instrumental holiday music]

6 thoughts on “TisTheSeasonAThon is back!!

  1. Yay!!!! So excited to be hosting with you again this year<333 I still love your music prompt so much! It’s so creative!

  2. Good to see you back!! Booktube shouldn't be stressful for you so only do videos when you can. Take care of you and your family.

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