Tokugawa Art Museum – Nagoya – Aichi – 徳川美術館 – 4K Ultra HD

Nagoya’s Tokugawa Art Museum was founded in 1935 and built on the grounds of the Owari’s former feudal residence, one of the three major branches of the ruling Tokugawa family in Nagoya during the Edo Period. Tokugawa Art Museum offers visitors the chance to enjoy some of Japan’s oldest arts as well as many past artifacts donated by the Tokugawa Yoshichika itself, including samurai armor and swords, and also antique Kimono and tea ceremony utensils. Not only is the Tokugawa Art Museum worth a visit, but its beautiful garden is also something that needs to be experienced and enjoyed, either on your own or with your family.

8 thoughts on “Tokugawa Art Museum – Nagoya – Aichi – 徳川美術館 – 4K Ultra HD

  1. So peaceful. Something like this is what I imagine a future utopia to be, minus all the hard work we cannot see here. But that's what automation/robots will be for.

  2. Was there in May. Went with friends from Nagoya, a couple of whom had never been before! The Koi in the pond are fun. I did notice that like a lot of japanese gardens there are very few flowers though. Also saw the Tale of Genji scroll in the museum😊

  3. I visited Nagoya with my mom this summer, and I still remember how I was so taken aback by the beauty of this garden! Watching this video really brings back the memories… Thank you, Japan, for giving me and my mom an unforgettable experience! If you get a chance, you HAVE to visit this place. The art museum is breathtaking too!

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