TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM – Learning about Japanese Culture and History

Good morning! It’s another fine day in Tokyo and today, I am again going to meet up with Liz and Justine. Like last sunday and also saturday. And today we are going to the Museum of Western Arts that is somewhere near Ueno station/Ueno park, somewhere in that area. I never went there before. I’m not going to museums very often you see. So let’s see how it is to … Let’s take a look at it today. I just went out and the weather is so great today. I’m so happy! It’s finally getting a little bit warmer in Japan now. Today we’ll have around 14 degrees. It’s amazing! It’s just February! Let’s go! As you can see here, we’re here and you can go downstairs, and you can go the stairs up here. And I have to take this way. The National Museum of Modern Art is obviously closed today! Why is it closed? Noooo….! It’s like my trip to Hokkaido! The first of our goals is closed today. And the article, we found on the website of Tokyo Cheapo… It’s not the first time this happens! That they write an article about something being free and in the end it’s like… not free or not open at all! Like today. Obviously… We double-checked the date! Like it’s not like we’re too stupid to read! Yeah, it’s end of February 2018. This was a big fail! Epic fail! Yeah, I don’t know why it’s just like, half of the times we plan anything, something like that happens. I don’t know… So basically, I will still film a little bit today but I have no idea what I will film, because we have no other plans for today, so… There’s a festival going on! There’s a festival going on! A japanese traditional culture festival… Now we decided not to go to the National Museum but instead to the Museum of Western art. Because it’s open! And the festival we discovered before, was not really exciting. It was like food all everywhere! And that was it! So the price here, for a nomal ticket seems to be around 620 Yen. Now standing in front of the Tokyo National Museum. I already went there like twice. This is my third time, but as the other museum was closed, we are going here. The Tokyo National Museum, “Tōkyō Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan” was established in 1872. It is the oldest Japanese National Museum and the largest art museum in Japan. And on top of that, it is one of the largest art museums in the world! The museum collects and preserves the comprehensive collection of artworks and archaeological objects of Asia, they were focusing on Japan. All in all, it holds over 110,000 objects! Look at all these details! So beautiful! Just finished the first room of the museum and today are many people here because it’s Saturday. And they’re lining up… I always told you, japanese people like to line up and every room that we enter, you have to stand in a line in order to see all the things. Somewhere inside the museum, there is… or outside the museum is a balcony… you follow the route, you can go outside and you are suddenly in a japanese garden! The museum exhibits a variete of japanese historical artifacts from ancient times to the 19th century. Including antique Buddhist statues, painted sliding doors, scrolls, ceramics and maps in addition to cultural items such as masks, costumes, armor and weapons. There are so many things to see at a museum, that it’s maybe the best thing to get a map of the museum and to pick what you want to do and what I want to see beforehand. Kimonos! Very old kimonos! Look at all those kimonos! They’re so beautiful! I love the colors and the pattern! This one has a really cool helmet! And for me, it looks like a little bit like, out of an anime… manga… We are in the museum shop again and here are so many cute things that I just need to film! What is this? Guys, what is this? The even have socks! This is creepy! I definitely wouldn’t buy this as a souvenir! Just, filiming a little bit more. We’re now inside of the Asian gallery which obviously belongs to the museum. And everybody is so quiet here! We were just discussing where Egypt lies, because they also have an Egypt exhibition at this Asia exhibition… We were discussing if Egypt is in Africa or in Asia… well… discussing… geography… The museum is open between 9:30 and 5:00, 6:00 or 8:00 p.m. depending on the weekday. It is closed on Mondays and of course on holidays. Now I found something interesting! uhh… yeah.. You should definitely check out the homepage of the museum like for example this one. And from time to time always some special events. which sounds really amazing! We’re done with the museum so we checked everything out, and now I’m sitting in front of this… We’re chilling now a little bit outside. Just takeing a break. Cause we’re so exhausted! It was really hot inside of the building! I will end the video here. See you in the next video, next week! Subscribe to my channel, etc. A japanese garden! So we could go inside without paying extra. For example special exhibitions may have longer opening hours.

7 thoughts on “TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM – Learning about Japanese Culture and History

  1. 日本へようこそ、 .歴史の紹介ありがとうございました。また来て下さいね❗

  2. I am also a person that learn the history of them whenever I visit foreign countries.
    By the way, when I travelled around Germany for weeks, I felt that people in regions used to be of the Roman Empire are more organized .
    On the other hand, people in regions used to be Germania in the ancient era kind of act wilder (of course in a good way).

    For example,
    i felt that people in muchen are behaving completely differently from Berliner.

    Cultural influences of ancient time still remains in Germany today?
    Or is it because of the feudal era?

    In Japan, we have still cultural influences of ancient era when Japan wasnot like today.
    The most major difference is lying between the East and the West of Japan.
    There are many minor differences other than it.

  3. The Museum was closed, but there was a traditional festival. … It's Tokyo, there seems to be always a festival happening. I loved the video. Keep going.

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