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In 1999, the Swedish game development company
Refraction Games released Codename Eagle. A war-based first-person shooter set in an
alternate history timeline featuring expansive outdoor environments and a multitude of usable
vehicles. The game received mixed reviews but managed
to peak the interest of a fellow Swedish game development company known as Digital Illusions
Creative Entertainment, acronymed as DICE. Refraction Games was later acquired by DICE
in 2000 and using the in-house Refractor Engine the expanded team began development of a successor
to Codename Eagle. Battlefield 1942 was released in 2002 and
was an instant success. It was built upon the same formula and many
of the concepts introduced in Codename Eagle but instead featured a more realistic and
historically accurate setting. Set in World War II, it featured massive open
battlefields, a class system, multiple game modes, and a vast variety of vehicles and
weapons. While you did have the ability to play against
bots in single-player, the focus and main attraction of the game was the unscripted and chaotic
nature of the massive online 64-player battles. Battlefield 1942 was, no doubt, a pivotal
moment in online multiplayer history. Two years later, in 2004, the company released the first,
of many, sequels in the form of Battlefield Vietnam. Battlefield 2 became the third installment in the
franchise and was released in 2005 to critical acclaim. This time, the war switched from historical
reenactments to a fictional modern setting. This new direction proved so successful that
most Battlefield games from here on out would focus solely on modern military combat. Though a few exceptions slipped through the
cracks. Battlefield: Bad Company was the first game
in the series to feature a fully fledged single-player campaign as well as destructible environments
thanks to the newly developed Frostbite Engine. And the upcoming Battlefield 1 will be the
15th installment in franchise and the first to take place in the first World War. Given that DICE is a Swedish game developer,
there’s a ton of Swedish-related easter eggs and references hidden throughout the franchise. And you know, given the fact that I’m Swedish
myself, why not cover a few of them. Claymore’s in Battlefield 2 has the text “DENNA
SIDA MOT FIENDEN” printed on the front which is Swedish for
“THIS SIDE TOWARDS THE ENEMY”. In Battlefield 3, the rolling text on the
M-COM stations is actually a Swedish folk song called “Ack Värmeland, du sköna” or
“Värmlandsvisan” and sounds like this. At various locations in multiple installments
it’s possible to find easter eggs in the form of tiny sand castles with a small Swedish
flag planted on top. The sand castles in Battlefield 3 also include
a Norwegian flag to celebrate the increase in Norwegian developers on the team. The absence of a Danish flag is also cause
for celebration. At various locations in Battlefield 4 you
can find pieces of paper from the Swedish Tax Agency. You can also find beer bottles with the brand
label “Bakis” which is slang for “Hungover”. The phrase “STOR LÅDA MED SAKER I” can be
found printed on the side of various wooden crates which translates to
“LARGE BOX WITH THINGS IN IT”. After a patch was released for Battlefield 4,
a maypole could be found on the Community Test Environment
version of Hainan Resort. The maypole is a reference to midsummer which
is one of the largest holidays celebrated here in Sweden and will also trigger a common
midsummer carol. As previously mentioned, following the acquisition
of Refraction Games in 2000, the team began development of a game that would later be
released as Battlefield 1942. However the Battlefield franchise could have
been very different as a military first-person shooter set in World War II was not the initial
concept for the game. Between 2000-2001 DICE worked on a title known
as Urban Combat with a focus on, well, urban combat and was essentially
a cops-and-robbers game. Multiple early prototypes where developed
but nothing was ever revealed to the public. And while the game worked on paper the team
could never get the concept to work in practice so the game was eventually canceled in favor
of a military shooter. Now, as some of you might have already guessed,
this idea and these early prototypes would almost a decade later serve as
the inspiration for Battlefield: Hardline. Some of the radio chatter and miscellaneous
quotes heard during gameplay in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are actually taken from real
life military communications. For example, these lines can be heard while
operating a UAV. These samples where extracted from
US military footage of a strafing run in Iraq. In a similar fashion, the teaser
trailer for Battlefield 3 includes a voice clip of someone
yelling “Holy shit!” in panic. This was taken from an
actual recording of a US Air Force pilot evading multiple
incoming surface-to-air missiles. Soon after Battlefield 4 was released, keen-eyed
players noticed multiple hints which alluded to a prehistoric megalodon shark being included
as an easter egg somewhere in the game. It was eventually discovered that if 10 players gathered
around a buoy on the map Nansha Strike, this happens. However, certain hints suggested that
a similar easter egg could also be found
on the map Paracel Storm. For example, this hint on the map Lumphini
Garden shows an outlined map of Paracel Storm along with the phrase “The monster is real!”
written in Chinese. Another hint, found on the side of a metal
crate, depicts a rebus that reads: Paracel Storm + [Something]=Megalodon. Avid fans continued to search for this elusive easter egg
for several months but still came up empty handed. Which is not surprising as in early 2015 it
was revealed by a DICE employee that the megalodon easter egg on Paracel Strom had never been
activated as it had never been fully completed and could thus not be triggered in the first
place. While DICE had initially intended to complete
the easter egg, it was eventually deemed too resource demanding and too similar to the
easter egg on Nansha Strike and thus all related assets were eventually removed from the game. However, thanks to the Community Test Environment
version of the game, the incomplete easter egg was later included in the CTE version
of Paracel Storm. To trigger the easter egg you had to land
on a wind turbine, get struck by lightning, climb a palm three, and finally shoot a mysterious
light in the ocean. If done correctly, a UFO will then appear
inspecting the surface with a search light before plunging into the ocean. Only then will the megalodon surface from
beneath the depths. In the third mission of the single-player
campaign in Battlefield 3 there’s a sequence in which you have to stab
a rat with your knife. The animal rights organization known as People for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals, acronymed as PETA, condemned the sequence writing in a press release that
the game “…treats animals in a sadistic manner.” They also claimed that this type of violence has
“a brutalizing effect on the young male target audience.” Out of all the things in the Battlefield franchise. This is where they draw the line. I mean, it would be somewhat understandable
if the protagonist casually interrupted otherwise perfectly normal missions to stab some rodents
every now and then… Yeah, you know what?
I just forgot to do something. But no, you actually have to kill the rat
because if you don’t, you get shot in the face. Then again, PETA once got mad at Obama for
swatting a fly so their opinions are practically invalid at this point. A select few weapons in Battlefield: Hardline
and one pistol in Battlefield 4 have a unique reload animation that have a 1/10,000 chance
of being activated. This is the reload animation of the
Unica 6 in Battlefield 4. And these are all the unique reload
animations in Battlefield: Hardline. Before the announcement and subsequent release
of Battlefield 2142 in 2006, DICE included a few references to the upcoming title in
Battlefield 2. For example, a vehicle on the map Midnight
Sun features a license plate with the number 2142 and a wristwatch on a billboard display
the time as 21:42. Now, subsequent titles in the franchise have included
similar allusions to a possible sequel to the game. For example, on the map Operation Riverside
in Battlefield 3 you can find this futuristic drone near the edge of the map and in both
Battlefield 3 and 4 you can find these plastic containers with the number 2143 printed on
the side. Than there’s the fact that the entire Final
Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 is practically a distant prequel to 2142. Now, given that Battlefield 1942 received
a sequel in the form of Battlefield 1943, many have assumed that these findings mean
that Battlefield 2142 will at some point receive a sequel in the form of Battlefield 2143. However, DICE has neither confirmed nor denied
the rumors and thus we’re left to speculate. Even though Germany in Battlefield 1942 is
based on the Third Reich, references to fascism, Nazism, or Adolf Hitler is nowhere to be found. For example, iconic Nazi symbolism such as
the red and white swastika flag has been replaced by a modified version of a flag used by the
German Empire. The cross in the middle of the flag, which
can also be seen elsewhere in the game, resembles a symbol know as the Balkenkreuz which was
used by the German military. All of this was done in order to release the
game in Germany as Germanic law is very strict about the
use of Nazi symbols. While the megalodon easter egg is quite spectacular,
it’s far from the most complicated. One of the most elaborate easter eggs in all
of Battlefield, and definitely the most intricate easter egg I’ve ever seen myself, can be found
on the map Dragon Valley. As far as I can tell, most
of this was uncovered and pieced together by a popular
YouTuber known as JackFrags. So this is nothing more than a showcase of
what other people have already found. Okay, the easter egg begins with seven minuscule
buttons hidden across the map. One is located underneath a concrete block. A second underwater. A third under a walkway. A forth behind a furnace. A fifth under a rock. A sixth on the edge of a building. And a seventh is located inside a tree. I don’t know how they fou- It’s inside the tree! Each button controls a random number of twenty
lanterns attached to the ceiling of a building in the center of the map. The lanterns can be toggled on or off so it
can be assumed that all twenty lanterns need to be lit in order to progress. But it’s actually quite difficult as more
than one button can control the same lantern. So if I press this button, one of the lanterns
is turned off. But if I then press this other button, the
same lantern is switched on again. But after a few hours of back and forth, it
is actually possible to light all twenty lanterns. This will activate a hidden keypad
next to the building. Pressing any key on the keypad will cause
the lantern above to blink. This is actually Morse code
and once translated it reads. This cryptic message is a reference to the
map Zavod: Graveyard Shift and under a large rock along the northern edge of the map, a
strange sound can be heard. After increasing the speed and applying
some noise reduction, it sounds like this. This is a sample taken from the animated
series Battlefield Friends. So back to the clue, if we take the longest word and the
succeeding word from the lyrics we get “LITTLE BIRDY”. We obviously can’t multiply letters so if
each letter is replaced with its corresponding numerical position in the alphabet and each
number is sequentially multiplied, we get: 83,980,800,000. Inputting the code into the keypad will trigger
yet another Morse code message. This time, it reads. If we head over to the water tower and then
wait for two minutes, yet another button will appear. Interacting with the button will activate
a yet another keypad. As we input the final code received in the
final Morse code message, the easter egg has finally been completed. After all that hard work, you unlock a unique
camouflage known as DICE LA. What I love the most about this easter
egg is that many of the codes and solutions will be different in every play-through. So to complete the easter egg and to acquire
the camo for yourself you must go through the entire process on your own. It’s gonna be really interesting to see what
lies hidden in Battlefield 1.

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