Top 10 Tips To Win 2CP Everytime (Overwatch Assault Map Guide)

Top 10 Tips To Win 2CP Maps Everytime (Overwatch Assualt Guide) Learn how to play the gamemode and improve your gameplay and skill to rank up in competitive! Useful from all bronze, sliver, gold, platinum, diamond, masters and grandmaster!

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  1. Im plat and i know all these tips they are so simple but my teamates on the other hand doesn't even know where to go or when to go

  2. just saying, just a while ago you said that you can't really deal with competitive and you are stuck in elo hell, and here you are trying to lecture us on how to play, maybe you should probably escape "elo hell" first and then you can lecture us, there is probably a reason that you are in your rank, and that is your skill, throwers and leavers are a part of any rank, if you are better than the players of your current rank you will rank up, that is reality, people just don't want to believe that they are stuck for a reason, plat is the rank that people are stuck in the most because its the average rank, maybe if you get better you might feel better about your rank, so instead of trying to lecture us go play the game and get better.

  3. Dude I was plat from season 2 to 6, so basically better than u, now after a long break I came back and am the one who can learn from u haha, love your vids, keep it up

  4. Great video! I honestly really like those songs playing in the back, but sadly, you didnt link them. Id love to know the names of the songs! Thanks in advance!

  5. 10:20 "Healers" don't go back there. Ana and Zen go back there. Mercy goes to the right of choke (preferably on the outside of that hallway), same with Lucio. Brig depends on who she peeling for (the main tank or the main support): for tank she should be to the left of the gate to stun anyone who tries to push the main tank, for support she should either be near that back mini or right next to point itself so the enemy don't see her.

  6. If just 1 of your teammates dont want to help or even try, the game is lost. This is why Overwatch is not funny anymore. (Support main 3960 on pc here)

  7. nate!!! i already knew all these things its just that my teammates don't listen and they're all bad this video sucks you need to stop making videos REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! :9AFUIPEU((((

  8. I thought this would be about the respawn timer trick that I hear every master+ player talk about. Is that a myth or is it real? Something about more attackers contesting = longer respawn timers for defenders.

  9. You say that I get more games with idiots that don't listen or act like they know better then their plan fails and you wasted so much time or lose. Wish blizzard had report section for stubborn idiots so all of them can play together while people that actually want to play as a team can. Its more enjoyable to play with team that wants to work as one even if they lose then play with stubborn useless people and even win.

  10. Everytime on attack, I always tell everyone no chokestanding first, and then suggest a route. Then actually in game, those who listened go straight to the point, those who didn't just chokestand. Then the ones go the point got melted, and the chokestanding ones got stacked. Then we got rolled, and people just won't save their ult for any kind of combo.
    Everytime on defense, we either got grav & dragoned or got picked off by widow one by one because for some ****ing reason they just like to walk in front of the shield or standing still. And then we got rolled.

  11. I can't win more than I lose because I have to flex support or tank every single game even though dps is my strong suit, my teammates will literally defend at spawn or at a random spot near spawn. Any tips? When I ask them to back off a bit or come to my location only 1-2 out of 5 listen…

  12. My least favourite is capture, mainly because I prefer the map design and look of the 2CP maps, and I think the map design of capture isn't as good

  13. staggering is actually more of your teams fault??? hahahaha ofc your team is actually the main cause for every lost game dude, didn't you know? 😉

  14. Sym is probs the biggest sleeper pick in the entire game. Just tele on point and if the enemy aint prepped you just take over. Triple dps is really good for plays like this. Normally u have a torb and bastion too. Orisa is the best for this, because all u need to do is hold and repel the enemy off the point. Plus, mercy and zen is the BEST. All that dmg boost is ip


  16. Nate I already knew all these things it's just that my teammates don't listen and they're all bad this video sucks you need to stop making videos REEEEEEEE!!!!!! :9AFUIPEU((((((

  17. It’s important to remember that there is a difference between knowing these thing and actually doing them in game. A lot of people have the right gamesense but don’t use it when they play

  18. I don't know where you find people who listen I chat. A solid 95% of people don't in my games… and the people who even have mics is still a minority. console seems less useful than pc for chats…
    Had people even say grouping up doesn't matter in chat and proceed to trickle all game.

  19. nate but i've been masters before and i alredy knew this !! !:LIK!JO!JOI:j:DFJ o;awehjf: :)(((((((!!!!!

    edit : fuck I've just wasted 3 mins someone alredy did this.

  20. In my opinion,, the rank system is unjust,, and I will explain why and my suggestion to improve the rank system..
    If you win with your team,, you all get between 20 to 25 points and if you loose with your team,, you all decrease 20 to 25 points,, regardless what efforts you did in the game (even in you got 4 gold medals or MVP in the game)..
    My suggestion is that you get points depending on your efforts in the game.. For example,, if you win and you were the best player in your team,, you should get – for example – 30 to 35 points and if you were average player you get 20 to 25 points and if you were the worst player you get 10 to 15 points.. Also when you loose,, if you were the best player in your team (sometimes you get 4 models even if you lost) you decrease 10 to 15 points only,, and if you average 20 to 25 points and if you were the worst 30 to 35..
    Most of the times you find a player lost but he was the best player in the game and you find a player win but he was so bad and didn't do anything yo his team but he was lucky the he played the game with 3 or 4 excellent players and he got win wiyh them!!!!.. How could this player get 20 to 25 points and the other good player in the other team – with all the efforts he did – decrease 20 to 25 points??!!!!!!!!.. Something not logic at all in my opinion.. And that's why you find good players still stuck in gold and average players in plat (because only they play with a stack has excellent players)..

  21. Could we get some captions in these videos? Auto-generated is at least better than the title as the Captions for the entirety of the video. It’s annoying when they are taking up a huge portion of the screen. Loving the content!

  22. Use voice

    -forgets that people dont listen too kids
    -or people who sounds like a kid
    -or people who still havent hit puperty

  23. Excellent guide! It's so nice to hear the perspective of a GM player who started in Bronze. I take it a lot more seriously than the advice of a GM who started in Diamond, because you actually remember know how the lower ranks are.

  24. 2cps is my favourite game mode except volskaya I don’t like hybrids but the worst of the worst is control points

    EDIT: If counting arcade capture the flag is by far the best

  25. Good video man, but you gotta be less transparent about literally contradicting your title 0:33 seconds in. Overall good watch though, keep it up.

  26. The way you talk at 0:40 is unhealthy for the community. “This won’t help you EVERYTIME (despite that being in the clickbait title) because your team will be too heavy.”

    It often is the player’s fault for losing just as much as it is their team’s. Don’t be stupid and make others stupid. Do what’s best for everyone.

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