Top 12 other scrapped features from Battlefield

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  1. This is bullshit.

    You're telling me they had to cut a riot shield out of the game because of console memory limitations, yet they could've had 3d cloud generation instead? You sound autistic

  2. Don’t understand why people cried out against the M16A3 being in BF4 because it was ‘OP’ in BF3; what sense does that make? As far as a game is concerned, a gun is just a model, it’s stats can be changed.

    Then again, there were already far too many similar guns in BF4.

  3. Never understood why people hated the sandstorm in BF4, I loved how it changed the map. Pssh fog and sandstorm does not make the game less fun

  4. I still hope for some kind of follow up on the 2142 game. God I miss that titan mode so much… Nevertheless I'm happy with how BF1 turned out.

  5. Hey dannyonpc you missed something with the Titan supposed to fly off. It was supposed to fly and crash in the middle of the map! But it has been removed due to performance issue (fps drop). It could be freaking epic just like the Monte grappa levolution.

  6. Fun fact the doors that are in the thumbnail that are in certain maps have a glitch where you can get inside the walls on interior side of the doors

  7. I unlocked the phantom bow by literally doing nothing somehow and my friend always told me you are supposed to do a ton of stuff to get it supposedly and he was always mad about it lol even tho the thing sucks

  8. I liked how M16A3 wasn't in BF4. The M16A4 was beastly enough anyway but people were too scared to learn the burst timing. It was the best weapon in the game for my taste.

  9. They were going to release more night ops maps on bf4. Golmud railway would have been foggy and dark as shit with the lack of lights (which sounds like fucking aids because of how big the map is and tanks with thermal scopes would dominate.) And Siege of Shanghai would have had a night time mode lit up by the city lights (AND NO ATTACK HELICOPTER TO RUIN THE BATTLE AT THE TOP!!) Which sounds fantastic. You could play these 2 in the CTE. But the ps3 and xb360 couldnt handle it or something like that so they didnt add them. Such a shame.

  10. Just for the record, there was never any plans to make the RPG lock-on capable at any point after the beta. It was there during the beta simply to test the functionality of the lock-on mechanics.

  11. Unless you are fucking the Red Baron, you cannot be inside the Red Baron as he was a person, not the classic red plane.

  12. "The sandstorm makes Battlefield less fun." I disagree. Trying to traverse the map in a sandstorm was probably the most fun I've had in Battlefield. Not being able to see across the street made every maneuver a gritty and harrowing endeavor.

  13. Please for the love of god, ether get a mic with less quality or don't sit so fucking close to the mic where I can hear you smack your saliva and heavily breath every other fucking word.

  14. Weather effects suck i BF1? My ass they do. It forces you to change up the game play and think about what youre doing more. This isnt COD. Sorry but if you feel differently youre opinion is wrong

  15. The last one wasn't exactly a scrapped feature, though. In one of the Co-op missions you and your partner have to evade the area using that same SUV model.

  16. Something funny about the M16 from BF3 is that I only ever used the burst fire variant to begin with, so jokes on you, DICE.

  17. I can understand to a degree why people like clear weather maps, you know cause the weather is clear. BUT the sandstorm in Oman changes the whole map, I’ve had times in which D on the beach got swarmed from F and G in such a way that it was almost cinema quality…

    … I’m talking about helicopter strafing runs, tanks pushing up and infantry swarming over the sands as just a few soldier have to remain in D to hold out till reinforcements came…

    None of that would of been possible if the weather stayed clear, we would of seen them coming and taken care of them before they could sneak up on us.

  18. the rpg thing on bf4 was only in the beta and they did it because they did not yet make the lock on guns i think they even had said it it was only for the beta

  19. I love the dynamic weather effect in BF1, it brings another dimension to the game. Forces you to review your tactic on the ground, use different weaponry and path to the enemy.

  20. Probably didn't want to do the landslide due to players abusing head glitches and such, combat wouldn't be fun with hundreds of trenches all along each other.

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  22. 5 stars and hats off to dice or whoever's responsible for some of the most beautiful maps I seen in a game. runner up….. the last of us

  23. The levlelution that worked best was bf3 where the buildings broke away and added a layer of gameplay to contest a few pushes but only a few

  24. The suv could have been related to that single player mission in bf4 where they are driving away from an attack helicopter

  25. But sandstorm on gulf oman and thunder storm on parcel storm was really lit and made those maps my favorite

  26. i dont know what is so problematic with the sandstorm in BF1 or the fog, its a god damn level hazard, its suppose to hinder you and everyone, but i wouldnt mind the sandwstorm in silk road as it can give some of the thermal stuff extended use, also there is no "lock on" you claim to exist, because if it existed then people would use nothing but LMGs and sniper rifles

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