67 thoughts on “Top 20 Free Mac Games RIGHT NOW

  1. Hay, im thinking of putting an external screen on a 2017 macbook pro, the one with usb-c and external corsair k68 keyboard, it would be amazing if you could make a video about it!!!

  2. Great List MrMacRight. Most of these games I play but there are a few I will be trying out like Brawlhalla.

  3. had no idea about halomd. im downloading it tonight! if they could bump the gfx closer to h3 it would be perfect.

  4. In the bottom left corner…It tells you about what macs can run it like old, new or medium. Which category is this one in???

  5. Mr Mac i know your from Australia and u cant try out Geforce Now, but I can tell you its a game changer, were going from unplayable to have playable, and i have an awful wifi connection, im pretty sure a big part of your audience would be very interested.( just that that my bad wifi makes my game stop sometimes)

  6. 20:Unreal Tournament
    18:Shadow fight 2
    15:Heroes of the storm
    14:Cave Story+
    13:0 A.D.
    11:Dota 2
    9:War Thunder
    7:World of Tanks Blitz
    6:League of legends
    5:Doki Doki Literature Club
    4:Team fortress 2
    2:Starcraft 2

    ye thank me later

  7. MrMacRight can you make a video of the best latest easy to run games. Or games that don't make my laptop blow so hard!

  8. i use a macbook air 2015 and im able to run fortnite with ease but if u want more performance download windows thats how i run fortnite with ease

  9. Can you help me with something I have this 2017 iMac and I launch fortnite it works but a few minutes t crashes plz help.

  10. great and informing list, understandable why fortnite made the list however no out of the box MBP can run it unfortunately (like you mentioned need an upgraded graphics card)

  11. Thanks for all you do. Your editing is stellar. I'm gonna recommend your channel to my friends and family

  12. Remove fortnite one… It can only be played on 2015 MACS and above not 2014 and wont work at all on any lower one

    EDIT: do you think you can do like top 5 free open world games for mac?

  13. also I wish I could play fornite on my Mac but its the latest Mac Pro 13 so I cant connect a mouse so I'm trying to found a good rechargeable wireless mouse or try to connect a controller

  14. smite and unturned are the best on this list, smite is best moba with a unique twist with the third person concept instead of the above view, unturned is an amazing survival game

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