Top 20 NEW Upcoming Mac Games 2020

– So many amazing games are dropping on Mac computers in 2020. So, let’s take a look. Number 20 we have Warcraft 3: Reforged. Reforged is a complete reimagining of the classic real-time strategy originally released in 2002. This new version will bring support for the Metal Graphics API, but also, it’s obviously
going to bring an updated UI, rebalanced gameplay and
improved visuals for cutscenes and just overall gameplay. Warcraft 3: Reforged
will be available to buy on the 28th of January, 2020,
from the app. Its requirements are yet to be released. Number 19 is Firmament. Here we have a steampunk
puzzle adventure by Cyan, the studio that brought you
Myst, Riven, Uru and Obduction. Firmament is said to have a
stronger focus on narrative. For instance, you have a device now that becomes a vital part of the journey, and will help you to solve puzzles. Firmament will have support
for the Metal Graphics API, and what I do know is that it will be a graphically demanding game, so it might not work
well on older Mac models, especially MacBooks or MacBook Airs. Firmament is estimated
to release July 2020. Number 18 we have Path of Exile. Path of Exile is a
free-to-play action RPG, which isn’t exactly new. But in late 2019, it was announced on the game’s official Twitter page that in 2020 a Mac version will arrive. I’d say the reason for its Mac OS port is because Grinding Gear
Games are also porting it to iPhone and iPads later year. You’ll be able to download
it for free from Steam, and it should be supported
on most Macs back to 2012. Number 17 is Those Who Remain. The Mac platform is not
short of horror games, from SOMA, Outlast, Alien
Isolation, or Layers of Fear. Those Who Remain is looking
to be another great addition. You play as Edward, who is trying to pass through
a dark and small town. It’s going to have an up-close
and psychological tone. Those Who Remain is releasing in Q1 2020. The game should be playable
on most Macs back to 2012. Number 16 we have Hollow Knight: Silksong. Silksong is the second
game by Team Cherry, and is a sequel to Hollow Knight. This time the game takes place in a whole new kingdom
ruled by silk and song. You’ll be playing as Hornet, the princess protector of Hollownest. The aim of the game is to
get to the kingdom’s peak. So, to do this, players
will battle many new foes and solve mysteries as you explore. Hollow Knight: Silksong should be playable on most Macs out there when it releases. Number 15 is The Pathless. Originally set to release in
late 2019 on Apple Arcade, The Pathless was recently
delayed until 2020. It’s an atmospheric adventure game by developer Giant Squid who previously brought you ABZU. You play as a hunter who
is a master of archery, and together with your eagle, you’ll try to save the world
from a curse of darkness. The Pathless should be playable
on all Macs back to 2012. Number 14 we had The Pedestrian. After being in development
for seven years, Skookum Arts is finally ready to release their game to the masses. It mixes a dynamic 3D world
with a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-platforming gameplay element. It’s super, super cool. So it works by you rearranging and reconnecting public signs so you can continue to
advance to the next stage. The Pedestrian is releasing
on the 30th of January, 2020, and will be available from Steam. It’s requirements are yet to be released. Number 13 is System Shock. System Shock is a reboot of the 1994 video game of the same name. While the game is going to have a completely overhauled graphics, the core of the gameplay is
still true to the original. In fact, the developer, Nightdive Studios has been collaborating with the original developers of System Shock 1, and also have brought on
board industry veterans from games like Fallout: New Vegas, Mass Effect and Bioshock. On the game’s official website,
it confirms a Mac version. Number 12 we have Relic Hunters Legend. Here we have a great upcoming
free-to-play Steam game. It’s an online top-down
cooperative shooter that will feature fast,
fluid and fun gameplay. Players can go online with
up to four other players, and together, you can go
against the opposing team or try out the story mode. The game has gorgeous visuals
that mix 2D and 3D elements. Relic Hunters Legend is
set to release in Q1 2020. Number 11 is Psychonauts 2. Back in 2015, Double Fine Productions launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a sequel to Psychonauts. Thanks to the backing
from thousands of fans, the game is in development. It was set to release in late
2019, but for whatever reason, it was delayed until sometime this year. It will be a third-person
platform adventure, similar to its predecessor, but will bring new psychic abilities, worlds and modern puzzles. Number 10 we have Crusader Kings III. Paradox Interactive are finally releasing their next installment in
their grand strategy series. This time it’s set from the Viking Age to the Fall of Byzantium. According to Paradox,
“It’s a new generation “of grand strategy, with
new 3D character models “and even more detailed maps.” The Mac requirements on Steam
have not been revealed yet, so I can’t really say much. Also, if you didn’t
know, Crusader Kings II is now free to play on Steam. Number nine is CARRION. CARRION is a reverse horror game, where you play as a terrifying creature that is stalking and consuming
everything in its path. Why? Well, because it’s been
imprisoned and it wants out. The creature will grow
and evolve as you play, gaining new abilities. The game has and incredibly strong focus on violence and action. So if that’s not for
you, then maybe skip it. According to the game’s
Steam requirements, CARRION should be playable
on most Macs out there. Number eight we have Eastward. Here we have a charming adventure RPG set in the world of Eastward. The developer, Pixpil where inspired by 90s Japanese animation
when creating this game. You can see this from the game’s
3D the lighting techniques and soulful retro pixel art. In the game, players can travel,
fight monsters and bosses, switch between characters, solve puzzles and talk to and NPCs. According to the game’s
Steam requirements, it should be playable
on most Macs out there. Number seven is Creaks. Nothing much is known about Creaks yet. It’s Amanita Design’s
next puzzle adventure. All I know is that, in the game, you and meeting new neighbors.
Whatever that means. You may remember Amanita
Design’s previous games, from Pilgrims on Apple Arcade, CHUCHEL, the Samorost series or Machinarium. Creaks should be playable
on most Macs back to 2012. Number six we have Sky: Children of Light. Originally released on
iPhone and iPads in 2019, Thatgamecompany plan to port this open-world adventure
to Mac OS in 2020. The Mac version should be, well, exactly the same as
the mobile counterpart. The only difference will be the ability to play with a mouse and keyboard, and having access to higher
resolutions up to 4K. And obviously, the game will still support controllers on this platform too. The good news too, is that
the the game will be playable on all Macs back to 2012. Number five is Prodeus. So, Prodeus is an interesting game. It’s a fast-paced FPS, mixing both old and modern
rendering techniques. The developer, Bounding Box Software want the game to match the
quality of a AAA title, but still stick to the
roots of older FPS games and technical hardware. So far, the requirements
for this one are rather low. That said, to get a steady 60 frames, you’ll want to play on a
recent iMac or Mac Pro. Also, no release date has been
shared, apart from just 2020. Number four we have The Last Night. This incredibly beautiful
cinematic platformer has been delayed after delayed. I actually thought it was canceled, though according to Twitter, the team, Odd Tales is still hard at work. Since the game was initially shown, it has gone through some
big graphical improvements. The Mac version will have support for 4K resolution and 60-FPS gameplay. However, running at those settings will require a powerful Mac. Number three is A Total War Saga: Troy. In late 2019, Feral
Interactive went public, stating that they will port
Troy to Mac OS in 2020. This should not have come
as a big surprise though, as they are not shy
working on Mac versions of the Total War games. TROY is inspired by Homer’s Iliad, so it focuses on the historical flashpoint of the Trojan War. A Total War Saga: TROY will come to Mac OS shortly after the Windows release in 2020. Number two we have Beyond a Steel Sky. Beyond a Steel Sky is set to release on Apple Arcade in early 2020. It’s the sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky. So, this new version has 30 years of Revolution’s history wrapped into it. It’s a big experience, guys, with advanced 3D graphics,
professional voice acting and intricate adventure
and puzzle gameplay. Beyond a Steel Sky should be supported on all Macs back to 2012. Number one we have Wasteland 3. The next game in the
acclaimed RPG strategy series is coming to Mac this year. Wasteland 3 will take you to the American Southwest,
and to Colorado. This time around there
is a bigger emphasis on a few aspects of the game, from deep reactivity,
replayability and strategy combat. Wasteland 3 is set to release on the 19th of May, 2020 on Steam and GOG, and possibly other platforms. The game will be best
played on recent iMacs or Mac Pros with dedicated graphics. Which Mac games are you
most excited to try in 2020? Let me know in the comments. If you found this video
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22 thoughts on “Top 20 NEW Upcoming Mac Games 2020

  1. “Beyond a steel sky” has my attention. I’m craving to play “dragon raja”. I almost tried to download the Chinese version, but the whole process is annoying and feels a little illegal. Feb 29 can’t come fast enough.

  2. @MrMacRight, Is Insurgency: Sandstorm still coming to MacOS in 2020? I believe you mentioned that it would be ported over to Mac in a previous video.

  3. I played System Shock (1994) back in the days.
    When I told Nightdive Studio to launch a Kickstarter project for the New System Shock, I right away back them up.

  4. I'm looking forward to Beyond a Steel Sky. I enjoyed its predecessor on old Linux computers. It was one of the few good games available back then on Linux. I like Sci-Fi themed games. Anyone remember Marathon years ago on Macs?

  5. I want More New Mac games on 2020, let there be please with all Mac games ported for 64 bit, DOOM Eternal, COD AW, Quake 2 RTX, Postal 2, Postal 4, All games needs to be on Mac for 64 bit support, Let’s break in Catalina with 64 bit

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