Top 5 Most Popular Heroes In Overwatch History

Hello, everybody! Disciple here with Overwatch Curios! So by now it’s obvious that Blizzard has
created a rich world full of lore, backstory, and a-mei-zing heroes, but today we’re going
to be talking about the top five most popular heroes in Overwatch’s history. Now this list is going to talk about the most
played, and not necessarily the best heroes. The ones that have been a go-to pick for players
ranging from the casual arcade modes to competitive play over the past year. And with that said, let’s jump straight
in to number five, D.Va. D.Va originally boosted into the Overwatch
scene during closed beta as part of a triple hero release patch shortly after Blizzcon
of 2015. Accompanied in this patch by the likes of
Genji and Mei, D.Va rose in popularity quickly largely in part to her back-story and accompanying
attitude. At first, it was Genji who received all of
the attention. The cyborg ninja had been the most sought-after
hero from early concept arts because of the sword he carried, but fans instantly fell
in love with the professional gamer angst and attitude D.Va brought to Overwatch. For those of you who still aren’t brushed
up on your lore, D.Va is a former professional gamer and world-wide idol. South Korea began recruiting talent to pilot
new mechs designed to combat Overwatch’s equivalent of Godzilla, a gigantic omnic that
would emerge from the sea to wreak havoc on coastal cities. It was because of D.Va’s skill as a gamer
that she was recruited to pilot one such mech. In-game, D.Va serves as a commanding front-line
tank with a forgiving playstyle for less-experienced players. Her lack of a reload mechanic is definitely
forgiving for players new to first-person shooters, and defense matrix gives that tactical
edge and control for players who want to look beyond clicking on heads constantly. By far though, the biggest appeal in D.Va
however has to be cosmetically. And no, not like that. D.Va has arguably some of the best skins in
the game, and is currently the only hero with a legendary emote, and man is it worth every
gold piece. She’s a BM, play-to-win type of gamer that
everyone can relate to, and because of that she easily pilots in to our 5th spot. Up next, we have the guardian angel herself,
Mercy flying in at number four. Doctor Angela Ziegler was one of the more
seasoned members of the now-defunct Overwatch team and earned that spot due to both her
medical knowledge and scientific prowess, which resulted in the Valkyrie suit she herself
pilots into battle. Ass Jeff Kaplan tells us, Mercy was the original
name for Pharah, with Mercy being known as Angelica during development. (source:
) In-game, it’s Mercy’s effective ease of
use, high mobility, and more traditional approach to healing that make her so appealing. Her Caduceus staff draws parallels for support
players transitioning from Team Fortress 2, and in the early stages of the game her damage
boost would increase damage dealt by a huge 50%, making her an absolute must pick in a
dark age where a boosted Widowmaker could deal 225 damage with body shots. Thankfully for us all, those days are gone. On top of that Mercy’s ultimate, Resurrect,
is one of the most impactful abilities in the game and it’s because of these principles
that she’s been a staple pick for the masses since release. Don’t take Mercy’s ease of use as a sign
of weakness though. Mercy mains know all the subtle nuances of
their go-to pick, and will be quick to call you out if you’re not performing like a
pro Mercy( maybe reference the mercy main argument?
) Tall, dark, handsome, and immovable, Reinhardt
hammers down our third spot on the list. The senior member of the cast, Reinhardt has
seen more battle than virtually every other hero both in the game world and in actual
games as well, but continues to thrive off the thrill of combat time and time again. He’s a staple pick for teams as a main tank
due to the power and presence of his Barrier Field. The barrier creates a safe zone for teammates
to hopefully hide behind, and with such a large health pool it can be problematic for
enemy teams that refuse to deal with it quickly. Reinhardt’s fanbase thrive off of his ability
to make key plays more than shield allies, however. Clutch Charges, long-ranged Fire Strikes,
and the power of Earthshatter to set up team wipes make playing Reinhardt engaging and
fun match after match, despite spending the largest portion of your time as a spartan
shield wall. And if your teammates can’t follow-up on
your 6 man Earthshatter, Reinhardt has all the power to wipe enemy teams single-handedly
thanks to the AoE nature of his hammer, Blizzard did a great job of making the hammer feel
visceral and satisfying to use, both visually and audibly. Of course, we also can’t ignore the wealth
of awesome skins that Reinhardt has, including 7 Legendaries, ensuring that every time you
charge into battle you’ll be the sharpest looking hero on the field. Taking command as the second most popular
hero on our list is the strike commander himself, Jack Morrison, or as you may know him, Soldier:
76. Jack takes a lot of influence from the military
side of first person shooters, like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Complete with a rifle and the ability to sprint,
when 76 was first announced by Blizzard fans were slightly let down by him as a hero. However Geoff Goodman flipped the script in
a reddit AMA and opened all of our eyes to the importance of a hero like this for the
game: (source ) So to answer specifically about Soldier: Seventy
Six, we actually got to a point where we have so many crazy characters jumping and flying
all over our maps, someone more rooted in the Call of Duties of the genre really does
stand on his own as a unique character among other unique characters. On top of that, because of the popularity
of these games (and believe me, we all love CoD as well), we found that a lot of players’
first reaction to the game was this feeling of being overwhelmed by our crazy cast of
characters and they really wanted to start with a character that they could be somewhat
familiar with. We’d hear feedback like “Don’t you guys just
have a character with a normal rifle or something?”. So we were like, “yea you know what, we really
should have that character…” Since release, Soldier 76 has seen an exponential
growth in terms of playtime and is now the staple DPS pick for virtually any team composition. He’s effective at virtually any range, can
deal burst damage to quickly eliminate supports thanks to his Helix Rocket, and tends to do
very well against one of Overwatch’s more frustrating DPS heroes, a well played Pharah. On top of that he brings support to his team
in the form of his healing station, and his ultimate Tactical Visor is an extremely effective
tool at picking off important enemy heroes with the only requirement being line of sight. With the ability to Sprint, you’ll always
be able to quickly reposition for the play of the game and it’s because of these factors
that he’s booked it straight to number 2 on our list. Now before we reveal Overwatch’s most popular
hero, we wanted to give some honorable mentions to a couple heroes that we thought should
make the list but however didn’t make the final cut. First off we have Roadhog. A brutal, violence driven madman, Roadhog’s
popularity has surged as time goes on largely thanks to his Chain Hook and relative high
DPS for a tank hero. A perfect pick for that flex player who’s
team needs a second tank but also needs DPS to uhhh.. DPS, Roadhog’s ability to set up entry kills
has a huge influence on team fights and Whole Hog is great at melting through the likes
of Reinhardt’s barrier or repositioning enemies, including, but not limited to off
of the map. Ana was the first hero released after the
official launch of Overwatch, but is a beloved figure in the game now more commonly referred
to as Mom. With some playful emotes, the power of sleep
dart, and a fun and unique approach to healing, Ana remains a highly-valued pick even after
balance changes brought her more in-line with the other supports on the roster. And of course, we have to pay honor to the
cyborg ninja, Genji. Birthed by fandom and fueled by anime, Genji
has been one of the most popular heroes in the game since his early beta release, and
only drops off of the list due to having arguably Overwatch’s highest skillcap of any hero. A well-trained Genji can single-handedly carry
teams, but a poorly played Genji single-handedly carries the enemy team. Despite this skillcap, he’s still one of
the community’s favorite heroes and the sound of his ultimate is the stuff nightmares
are made of. So that brings us to the drop, the moment
that everyone has been amped up for. Who is Overwatch’s most popular hero? None other than the rollerskating DJ himself,
Lucio. The predominant pick for support thanks to
his ability to constantly heal multiple allies at the same time, Lucio has had the highest
pick rate of any hero for the duration of the professional Overwatch circuit. And thanks to his speed boost’s ability
to create aggressive engagements or quick disengagements, he looks to remain the top
pick for support players for generations to come. A freedom fighter turned hero, Lucio stole
Vishkar technology that was being used to control his community and instead used it
as a tool to inspire them and drive back the oppressive Vishkar. That explains his particular distaste for
Symmetra. In-game, Lucio’s mobility and wall-riding
is an asset for the team and for returning to teamfights faster than others, and even
inspires custom game modes based around skating the maps. Wall-riding gives good Lucio players a mechanic
to continually improve on and increase his skillcap in terms of positioning. He’s a hard to hit target with the ability
to fight back against enemy flankers fairly reliably and his ultimate Sound Barrier is
a powerful tool for mitigating damage from enemy ultimates like Tactical Visor or Dragon
Blade. But of course Lucio’s most powerful tool
and most popular tool is the iconic boop. Capable of knocking enemies off of control
points or off of maps entirely, Lucio’s ability to both heal teammates and capitalize
on and punish poor enemy positioning keep him as Overwatch’s most popular hero. So what do you all think of our list? Are there any heroes you feel should’ve
made the cut, or any heroes you think we’ve over-rated? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you haven’t already, make sure to
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video. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys
next time.

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