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i’m indy neidell from the Great War
YouTube channel and I’m here at the Tank Museum bovington and these are my top
five favorite tanks coming in at number five the mark 8 now I have to say that
until about half an hour ago this was not actually on my top-five list at all
but walking around the museum and seat being right next to the tanks you see
that this is such a monster that you can’t not have it on your list I’m not
going to tell you which tank got knocked off my list that the topic for another
day but the mark 8 it was a joint British American venture right and these
never actually saw action during the first world war but they were going to
be they were going to win the war in 1919 they were designed to win the war
they’re compartmentalized they’re actually longer the reason it’s a
monster is it’s actually longer than say the mark Ford’s in the mark ones because
the tanks were designed to go across the trenches right but the Germans not being
fools thought well if they can go across the trenches why don’t we make our tanks
a bit I make our trenches wider and the British and Americans responded by
designing a longer tank so number 5 this monster the mark 8 number 4 the mark 4
in all its glory this was a British tank now the mark 1 was the first tank that
actually saw battle but the mark 4 was really when tank doctrine and tank
tactics began to mature and saw the first real successes in battle and now a
lot of people when they think of tank people today think of tanks they think
of tanks as a German thing because in all the films you see the Tigers from
the world war 2 and stuff but it was the British that really pioneered tank
development and and the mark 4 is really where it really began coming of age now
they were used throughout 1917 but at Arras and Passchendaele they hadn’t
really they hadn’t really got their tank doctrine figured out and didn’t know how
they were going to be used in battle once you’ve got the cambrian you saw
from the first day at Cambre when over 400 of these were deployed that’s when
you really saw success and saw what the tank could really do so me as a World
War one historian thinks well that was a groundbreaking day and this
with the ground-breaking tank so number four the british mark for number three
little lily this is where it all began right this tank is on my list mainly for
sentimental reasons in 1915 the British landships committee in just six weeks
built this the first real tank prototype now I know if many of you were choosing
your five favorite tanks they would be for maybe firepower or range or success
in some big battle and yeah looking at it objectively little Willy was a
failure sure I mean you look at the design it couldn’t cross the German
trench it would get Bob dude it would hit and go down and that led to them
making the rhomboid design of say the mark 1 and the mark 4 which were in fact
deployed but this still because it was the first because it led to all others
and was a breakthrough in thinking or how to break the stalemate which
eventually it would help lead to it makes my list at number 3
I have also another sentimental reason for this being on my list when I was
younger I paint houses and in painting houses we’d have music on in the
background and a lot of the time we would play sweets Greatest Hits and
track number nine on sweets Greatest Hits was the song little Willy from some
time in the mid 70s and I really liked that song a little Willy Willy won’t go
home but you can’t push Willy around Willy won’t go so for that sentimental
reason and for this being first it is number three on my five favorite tank number two the a7v now this was the only
tank the Germans manufactured during the war 20 of these saw combat in 1918 a
Germany lagged behind the French in the British in tank production but they did
something else they would capture British tanks like the mark force and
turned them into boys a Panzer they take them back to their workshops and replace
the British weapons with German weapons that they had tons of ammunition for and
then field them against their original owners now this had a huge crew we had a
crew of 18 units 17 guys and an officer in there you can see how big it is just
to go inside also here on the back here it says schnook now you can
make of this what you will but but rock-paper-scissors in German is called
snick snack Chinook so maybe that had something to do with it
yes it definitely had something to do with it but my favorite thing about this
tank and the reason that it’s number 2 on my list is because no two of the a7v
s were exactly alike being German and wanting to do everything to the highest
standard of the day all of these were handmade so all of them have variations
they’re slightly different what you don’t see on the other tanks so that’s
why the a7v number 2 on my list and number 1 on indy neidell x’ list of my
favorite tank is a french tank it is the renault ft-17 right here now this is an
awesome machine this was built in 1917 the French had had a couple of failures
with their two models before but this would be really successful thing as you
can see it’s kind of a product of the time this is a wooden wheel you don’t
think wooden wheels belong in tanks but it’s again 1917 however this is the
first modern looking tank because it has the turret
you know the rotating turret and that’s what you think of when you think of
tanks today you picture a tank with a rotating turret and that’s where this
began now you can see that this is pretty small so it’s not going to be
able to drive across a German trench like like the mark 8 that we saw which
was that monster that could cross the extra wide trenches this would just fall
in obviously but it wasn’t designed for that this was designed to be built and
sent out by the hundreds of like a swarm of mosquitoes covering the battlefield
but none of those reasons are the reason why the ft-17 is my favorite tank the
ft-17 is my favorite tank because it’s cute
I mean look at it it’s really cute look again from the side you see it wouldn’t
you like to have one of those I call this one Dave this is Days the cute
little ft-17 tank so there you have it my list of my five favorite tanks there
are many more that I actually like but these are the ones I really love in
particular Dave right here so there you are indy neidell top five
favorite tanks now you should definitely subscribe to the tank museum’s youtube
channel and please support them on patreon so they can continue doing all
of this awesome work and you really should visit this place because it’s
incredible keep on tanking

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Tanks – Indy Neidell | The Tank Museum

  1. My list is exactly the same but the a7v is replaced by the Cruiser mk 1 and little Willie swaps place with the mk IV

  2. the ft was the first having turret yes, but this tank had his engine at the back, then the men in the tank would not suffer of the heat. Also he could pass a trench because of his large and tall wheels…, well armored, very efficient and successfull. the best of this war

  3. I totally agree with Indy's choice of nr 1. Imagne having that on your garage front. You could cut any traffick stockings. Perhaps not as easily as with a modern day tank but still.

  4. "Dave" has a Hotchkiss sticking out the turret. How the heck did they manage to feed those long metal strips inside that tiny turret? Did they use short feed strips?

  5. ahh a WW1 theme 🙂 cant argue with that. Though tbh, how many more tanks in ww1 were there? Not that many types to choose from!

  6. The name on the German A7-v were all different , one made its way back to Brisbane Australia after the first WW the name on that one was Mestepho which meant the devil . Apparently they all had different names just like tank crews these days name their tanks.

  7. Great top pick. (Absolutely stunned that he picked all WWI, and pre-war models. And by stunned, I mean not.)

  8. Indie, is the Mark VIII the same tank featured in first Indiana Jones movie?  Schnuck is a grocery store chain in St. Louis.

  9. A little piece of fabulous French engineering. Compact, powerful, armoured. Absolute French quality.
    Too bad he can't talk about the B1-Bis, which just rolled over the German troops during the early days of WW2

  10. Britain Invented Tanks then other nation improved it in their own ways.
    Just like how Britain colonised and then the colonies broke off and gain their own nationality XD

  11. Indy is hands down one of the greatest commentators and hosts ever I want him to have a tv show with the Great War crew

  12. Wasn't the Mark VIII's treads so long that they broke when it tried to turn? Or was that the Mark X?

  13. In a bizarre twist of irony, Schnuck (also spelled Shnook) is a Yiddish term for a dope or an idiot. Of course the irony is that within 15 years the fascist Wehrmact would aim to eradicate Jews, the people whose languages include Yiddish.

  14. My top 5 tanks: 5 pzkpfw IV, 4 pzkpfw VI Tiger, 3 m1 Abrams, 2 Leopard 2a6, 1 Pzkpfw V Panther

    You might think im german and if you do you're totally right!

  15. As a german I don't really think the name "Schnuck" derives from the "Schnick-Schnack-Schnuck" game. It is more a nickname for cute little things. So it may be the same reason why the FT is your number 1 tank – because it's cute 😉

  16. Indy said: "Subscribe and comment.", so I subscribe and comment. Indy says,"Think for yourself.": and I say: "What the hell Indy. I am caught in a paradox here, and it is all your fault.".

  17. My #1 would be the Matilda I. It just looks like it would be fun to tear up a muddy field in. Drop in a hemi for attitude and it might be something like this; , but with a turret and guns and armor and stuff.

  18. Great choices. I’d probably put them in a slightly different order and perhaps drop the Mk VIII for the Whippet but other wise a great list.

  19. Remember, tanks in the great war,were built for one purpose only,not to ko other tanks,since there no others.
    But to BRING MGs close and protect the crew.
    This was the main goal,which the FT17 did very well,and was in use in Spainish war,well into the 1930's.

  20. Indy Neidell has the best list and picked the right #1 IMO, Renault FT-17, the first "real" tank. Did I mention the cool sprung suspension? It has cool sprung suspension …

  21. Enough with the sarky comments re people doing their top 5. I would have thought you would want the input of a WW1 expert. He looks at the evolution of the very early stages. He is not one of the mob who always go German large and heavy. This video probably exposed a large group of people to the original tanks. Thank god for Indy

  22. “Some of you chose you’re lists of 5 tanks because of their successes and achievements” – Indy Neidell.
    …….well er yes isn’t that the idea 😳
    Your list was maybe relevant up until 1919.
    I’ve seen quite a few of these lists by various people now and this is by far the most ridiculous !

  23. Beautiful French tank – really classy. Ought to be in a Star Wars film.

    Of course those British tanks look horrible – with those ugly sponsons sticking out the sides. But you can mount a helluva big gun. You can't in that petite Renault turret.

    French is taught as a language in less than 11% of American schools. No wonder Americans hate French words. Indy, the 'L' is silent – pronounced something like 'ren-owe' gets pretty close. Ian McCullough hates French words even more.

  24. The shortest top 5 tank episode is obviously starring indy neidell and the longest is obviously starring lindybeige – what did i expect?

    nah jk, great video, tanks indy <3

  25. I think its kind of comical how every youtuber I watch some how ends up doing a video on The Tank Museums channel

  26. Indy's attire resembles the avatar from impossible mission. An 8-bit video game of some historical import to commodore 64 players. It is a platform game with a waistcoat clad figure dodges robots and searches for clues and foil the bad guy, one Alvin Atombender. No…no …noooo.

  27. Honestly the ft 17 was my favorite tank in battlefield 1 next is a tie between the A7V with the flame throwers & the Mark IV landship with the squad support loadout partly due to the unique grenade deflector mesh & the Becker 20mm autocannon

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