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hello my name’s Craig Moore I write about
tanks I research about tanks when I’m at museums like this I bring my tape
measure measuring equipment to look at armor to check facts and figures I’m a
writer and editor for tanks encyclopedia and also the tank hunter website I’ve
also written a couple of books I’ve been asked to come down to give you my top
five tanks this is number five on my list
it’s the Covenanter of tank David Fletcher on his five worst tanks included the
Covenanter tank he’s a hundred percent correct it was a badly designed tank the
engine compartment was too small they had to put the radiator in the front and
the course the radiator could be damaged easily so he had to put these armored
covers on the front if you visit the Tank Museum at bobbington and have a
look at the carving to check out the tracks they’re different they’re
different sizes this one is wider this track was used on the mark 3 and the
mark 4 the track on the other side is slightly
smaller and that was used on the mark 1 and the mark 2 versions of the coven 2
tank the reason why I’ve chosen this tank to
be part of my list was a personal connection I was very honored to be
allowed to be part of the dig team by Rick wedlock back in 2017 we went down
to the pit this tank had already been dug up but
the other tank had been left there and we removed all the chalk and we were
able to dig out the tank and what was lucky was one side was still in a good
condition the wheels went the suspension was going up and down but the other side
of the tank had been used for Satchel bombs the troops have been trained how
to knock out tanks with mines and grenades put into satchels into the
trenches into the tracks as the track went round they will explode and
count the wheels damaged the wheels and also damaged the track we already had or
Rick already had a turret which he’d rescued from the firing ranges and the
tank was recovered and it’s now in Manchester undergoing restoration
hopefully in be able to be in the driving addition and you might be able
to see it driving around the track at tankfest so this is the cover to tank
this is my number 5 and I really had a great time digging his sister up in
Dorking this is the Buffalo number 4 on my list now it will surprise some of you
why I’ve included this amphibious vehicle on my as my number 4 it’s
because of a personal link my uncle Arthur Moore was one of the troops that
on the 13th of April at 10:30 p.m. got into the back of a buffalo with around
about 30 to 40 other soldiers they crossed the river I saw and they made a
bridgehead on the other side this enabled a pontoon bridge to be built
over the river at 9 o’clock the Canadians move through their position
with tanks and they advanced into the town center and there’s lots of street
fighting 24 hours later my uncle was in the town square
on them have been liberated it’s not something that you find in many history
books David Fletcher has done a fantastic tank chat on this vehicle I
recommend you have a look at that on YouTube this is the media mark a whippet tank
it’s a world war 1 tank for the past year I’ve been involved on a secret
project researching in the archives diagrams plans maps of deployment and
photographs because dr. Tony cook and Kevin Jepsen are going to build a
life-sized version of this tank it will be drivable and hopefully it will appear
in tankfest driving around the arena and other military vehicle events but I just
want to show you a few other little points that I’ve learned well what they
they did on the tracks they had grousers track extenders teeth what they were was
metal boxes with a wooden rectangular lump of wood on the top they would be
clamped to the wood so when it was to the track so when it was stuck in the
mud it would have a bigger tooth and hopefully get itself out of trouble when
not in use they were attached to these metal straps these bands on the side
here and also at the back of the tank you can see a metal band underneath the
exhaust this was more of the safer position to put them on if they were in
the battlefield if you visit and look carefully here you will see that there’s
an indentation in the bodywork what happened was that on both sides there
were metal structures that came out and there was a storage box on the back here
you see this lip here that was to support part of the storage box and
there’s one on that side and the metal strap would go up to the top the other
thing that’s not visible was that the here you can see an indentation and
there’s one at the front of the tank a big bit of metal would come out here now
most tanks have tank guards not the whippets the Whippet is the first tank
ever to have a canvas mud guards but on this track let me show you a
couple of other features as you can see here it’s got mud shoots rather than bit
have a buildup of mud at the end and cause problems the mud in theory would
come down these chutes but the sloped Armour give it an added layer of
protection for the chassis hull you might also notice it looks very similar
to the World War 2 Matilda 2 tank layout the track layout it also had this type
of mud chute the reason I chose the mark 5 is said the mark for British World War
1 tank was because of the innovations that happened this was the tank that
went to the end of the war the main thing was it had a new engine and a new
gearbox and drone steering system which enabled one man to drive the tank on the
mark 4 you had to have four people four people
to drive the tank there’s other improvements as well if you can see at
the top the unde Isham beam now has a spring system so that the I’m ditching
beam can be released inside the tank one of the easiest ways are telling between
the mark 4 mart one and the mark 5 tank is to look for this grille the mark 5
had this air intake grille the only problem was they found going through the
mud of the battlefield the mud was coming off here and also water was
coming off here and getting sucked in to the engine system in the cooling system
so what they came up with initially they had one louvered cover here to stop it
but they found that wasn’t enough so they then did two louvered covers but
still the mud and the water was getting into the air intake so eventually what
they did was an inverted V but covered over the air intake the most effective
form of communication on the battlefield from the tank was by pigeon each tank
had two three four pigeons given to it and each time they reach
ejected they were send off a pigeon to headquarters if they were ditched they
were send off a pigeon but on the mark-5 they introduced semaphore so the
commander now been relieved of his driving requirements had the cabin at
the back and there was a semaphore tower so he could send messages out here are a
few things you might not have noticed on the mark 5 this bit of metal here this
is a bullet stopper a splash guard to help protect the driver and the
co-driver in here what would happen is bullets were hitting the Glacius plates
shattering and going up the slope into the vision ports this l-shaped bit of
metal was stopping the bullets going up have you ever wondered why there’s a gap
here it’s not present on the mark one tank but it is on the mark 4 and the
mark 5 the reason why the gap was there was that there was a vision of making
the tracks wider it never happened on the mark 5 or the mark 4 but in the
museum there is the mark 9 tank and it has the wider tracks that were destined
going here but never happened but two other little features I want to point
out over here there are two holes that was for fixing the headlights down
pointing headlights but there’s this little thing here this should be like
that that was so that the machine could be strapped down onto the top of the
tank and it was a hook to hold down the cable or the chains if you look under
the tank there’s a circular hole with an armored cover that’s a pistol port so
when the tank is going over the trenches it needs to needs to be they can slide
the armor back and shoot directly down into the trench so number two was the
mark 5 World War 1 British tank now this is my number one choice it’s
hidden behind the screen it’s not the DD tank it is the Sherman in British
service armed with the standard 75 millimeter gun why I have a family
connection with this tank which I like to talk to you about the Sherman was
with the tank with my uncle lost his leg he was involved in operation totalize
this was the advance from corn down to fillets the problem with previous
attacks was that they were done over open far airfield fields and farmlands
the Germans had the advantage that their guns the 88 and the high-velocity 75
millimeter guns could fire at a longer range than the British tanks so over to
overcome this advantage they decided to do a night attack this was the first
armored Knight attack of the war it was relatively successful at 3 a.m. in the
morning my uncle’s regiment 144th royal armored Corps they were waiting for the
infantry the Highlanders to catch up with them and carry through and attack
the village of Kranz mill a 320 a.m. there was a huge explosion and my
uncle’s tank got hit with what we believed to be a Panzer fast that was a
handheld bazooka but used by the German infantry my uncle
was the only one to get out he was badly burnt his leg was a mess everybody else
in the tank died his main concern when he was out trying to get the out of the
tank rolling around trying to get the flames
out was that he wasn’t bayonetted by some Scottish infantry guy as he was
screaming in pain because their instructions were to anything out of
that armoured vehicle was the enemy and to shoot it or bang it it all he could
think about was saying the password and he wasn’t quite sure that would work so
he started yelling abuse of them about their
Scottish heritage about the men wearing kilts and luckily that worked because
all he got was a kick and the called Sasson AK and off they went
BAE survived well that’s it I hope you enjoyed my five choices I know they’re a
bit unusual but each one was either connected to my family or a research
project that I’m involved in please remember to subscribe to the tank
museums YouTube channel and also support them by becoming a member of patreon so
they can carry on the great work that they already do thank you very much

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