100 thoughts on “Top 5 YA Cliches I Hate

  1. I hate lack of motivation in characters… Be as evil and crazy as you want but please have a nice reason for it

  2. I stopped reading in HS for a bit and when I started reading again my taste changed. I started to really hate those troupes listed in the video but most of all that they are this I won't show weakness anymore. Like they will integrate themselves to their love interest world and will go back to their lives and say it's less or boring. Like can I get a protagonist who decides to live her life for herself and not obsess over her guy? Being vulnerable and crying is beautiful and asking for constant help shouldn't be looked down on. Especially if the girl is thrown into this turbulent world like I expect her to be saved most of the time. It's unrealistic for her to be this badass fighter within a month or even a year.

  3. This may sound psychopathic, but I really dislike stories when "love" is literally the only theme. It's usually that vanilla girl and the bad-boy from next door. The girl always seems so helpless and suddenly, she feels as if her only purpose in life is to get laid. And, the lad is merely pictured as someone who has deep, unseen scars; but that's about it – he just seems two dimensional and nearly as disappointing as the girl.
    I also find that there aren't many love stories/romances with male protagonists. Just something I've noticed – it's kind of weird.

  4. When a female character has no sexual or intimate experience with relationships at all, like hugs freak her out and the male character suddenly knows everything about sex…and the lack of talking about periods…


  6. Here's an idea for a story.

    Girl is dating Boy A.
    She meets Boy B.
    A love triangle ensues.
    Boy B realises he's dating a girl who's already in a relationship with Boy A and tells him.
    Boy A dumps girl and doesn't want her back. Ever.
    Boy B doesn't want to date a girl who cheats, and leaves her.
    Boys A + B don't hold anything against each other because neither of them knew what was going on.
    Girl spends rest of story learning to become a better person after being so shitty to people who cared about her.

  7. I dislike when people are insta great at fighting too. I mean Kip had to work his fat ass off in The Lightbringer Series 😂

  8. 1. I’m only a fan of love triangles when it’s obvious who the person will choose(which is 99% of the time the original person)
    2. I adore bad boy story lines, but when it becomes horribly abusive, that’s where I draw the line
    3. Honestly, so true. Though , it probably would be hard to replicate what exactly what would happen if you’re whole life was turned upside down.
    4. I’m honestly so sick of the basic nerdy girl.
    5. Dead parent storyline irks me now. And the kids constantly skipping school and staying out late and their parents are like “lol, cool” ? My mother would beat my ass

  9. Im new here.. how the HELL are those books staying on that wall ?? lol
    Great video, I hate the over the top bad boys it drives me crazy like coldest girl in cold town… U G H

  10. I hate when the author gives characters the exact hobbies they need in life to survive after everything gets crazy. Like oh, you have to survive in the wilderness all by yourself? Good thing you're the fastest runner in your school and have been taking a wilderness hunting class since you were 3!

  11. It annoys me when they make the main character lazy and they dont do theyre howework and are always in trouble at school and always late stuff like that to make them seem cool yet when they need to use theyre brain in the story theyre smart like no smart people arent late to class and they do theyre homework. Also when the main character is always the chosen one and theyre always good at things and always learn right alway. Its never theyre friends that are the chosen ones or a person they hate.

  12. I hate when authors make a book with this format: the bad girl who is secretly poor who has no mother or something like that. And she's all like oh! I don't need a man and then in the end their morals are completely twisted up like what? Is this supposed to be feminism?

  13. This isnt anything to do with anything but how are your books attached to your wall??? They look like they're just floating there…its so cool…

  14. I hate this line; "I can see something flash in his eyes was it…love?.."
    Sweetie, no one, LITERALLY no one can do that
    I've tried and my friends got freaked out and I had to explain this to them

  15. I don’t know how or why but I shit you not for a spilt second, when I head the loud ass intro I went blind. Like all I could see was black. Spooked me so hard I went blind!

  16. Point 3: Characters who don't react accordingly. You are right and i don't think authors are asking themselves: "What would i do in their situation?", i've seen it done before and i and i laugh or get angry at how the characters deal with it. Magic powers overnight and being masters within the hour? Sorry Daniel san that chick ain't flying. There's no such thing as natural talent, it is earned through hard work, practice, persistance and love and all that jazz.

  17. Ahaha, this is very accurate! Also I find every single boy has “mysterious blue/grey eyes” and brown hair of some kind. Even with books I’ve loved, they have the same kinda template. There is literally 1 book on my shelf (I checked) where the boy has something other than brown hair

  18. I hate when the female main character it's soooo in love of the main male character that she can't face life without him. Girl. They are like 10.000 million of people in the world. 50% are guys. That jerk is just one of them. Grow up, get over it a move on with your life.

  19. I really want to see a main character where they know they are beautiful and when people compliment them they are like "yeah, I know"
    And a love interest that isn't stunning

  20. Ugh Bella's dad." How did you break your hand, Bella? "
    "Well, Jacob was forcing himself on me, and I hurt myself while fighting him off."
    "Well boy's will be boys. That's hilarious."
    "Dad… aren't you the sheriff? I was sexually assaulted, and you're literally laughing it off with your friends. like dafuq?"

  21. I hate the trope where there is this best friend who has been in love with the protagonist for years, but has never said a damn thing to her, then when she finds someone else, he has the audacity to be upset, as if he put all these years of friendship as a down payment for romance.

  22. 4:18 I understand what you are saying and I agree with you, but this can also be a problem. I once read a book, where the MC in the beginning of the story finds out that he is a werewolf. And he (and also his mother) spends more then 2/3 of this book denying that werewolves exist. That would be realistic. If I would tell people that they are werewolves, nobody would belive me, untill they are finally transforming. BUT this book is super boring, because the MC literally spends 2/3 not beliving in werewolves and that 2/3 are super boring because absolutly nothing supernatural happends! Nothing! It's just a boring, normal live they are living with boring everyday happening-stuff for 2/3! If he would have started beliving in werewolves sooner, mabey the plot wouldn't be so unnecessary boring and slow.

  23. Eragon does weapons and magic training really well. It shows him starting from near scratch and amps him up to a badass with proper timing and pacing.

  24. I don't like bad boys. I like chaotic good boys. You know, the kinds where they are actually pretty sweet but when sh*t goes down, they aren't afraid to throw some hands. Like, say that the MC is doing some pretty stupid sh*t and gets the entire team into trouble. The love interest goes up to them and lays down the justice on them and takes none of their bs

  25. The dreaded Love Triange…..A key trope, Always involving at least one individual who enjoys psychological/sexual/physical abuse and is elevated to be the "perfect" man. Slow hand clap "Yep make a generation of women think that Domestic Violence is mysterious and sexy….great role models".

    Most "Bad Boys" end up being abusive in very insidious ways. When I hear women go "oh I love Bad boys" and then 3 months later are trapped in a Domestic Violent relationship it's hard to feel sorry for them.

  26. Just once, I would like to see a love triangle end with the heroine breaking things off with both people, having realised that the situation existing in the first place means she can't really love either of them. She realises she needs to get to know herself better before finding her soulmate, and… CUT. The end. Seriously, why does she HAVE to end the book in a relationship?

  27. The protagonist with no personality, we do not what she wants, desiers or watch she likes and why she is just boring and bland and is just more reactive to the plot that following what she or he wants.

  28. I think a lot of writers get “flirty teasing” confused with “we actually really hate each other and it’s toxic but we’re going to date”. I don’t mind characters who at first hate each other and turn out loving each other, but the disdain needs to be equally mutual, they need to challenge each other healthily and help the other grow, and people can dislike each other without it having to be a bullying relationship. I hate it so much when a character is verbally and sometimes physically abusive to the MC and he ends up the love interest!

  29. The guy who is worth fixing but then awww he's been dealt a real shitty hand and his family is in jail or his parents were in a plane crash or something. .. old as time. I think it was a trope on the first Beverly Hills 90210 when I was in 9th grade and I am 43! I'm watching this ya stuff to get the most non crap into a piece I'm writing that's now almost book length and I guess would be in ya genre. I usually don't do fiction anymore. That's the truth about this badass boy example set by the rebel without any class and I have seen the women in my life (myself included ) go to the worst rudest guy in the bar and make a beeline because it is my theory that the trope sticks in some of our hearts/heads. The boy nobody else wanted to read to. Or raise. The orphan. The one who was abused by a father so severely it borders on the criminal. I think it was fueling the fire and I know that a lot of my own friends from high school years ended up with at least one person who had physically and emotionally abused them but we are not telling each other until now when our daughters are giving thru the same thing and the sense of this made us open to each other.

  30. If I were the female protagonist in all those cliches,I would fit properly because I tend to jump from one guy to another and I'm someone who has crush on lots of guys. The only thing that won't go with the plot is I would end up single because I'm just as boring as the introductory part of the story says🤣🤣 Btw I love you and your vids♥️♥️♥️

  31. I personally don’t like it when authors try to make characters relatable because I don’t read stories so I can see myself in them, I read it to live other people’s life and I never put myself in any character… in all honesty I feel like an Omni-present spirit in the midst of the story while I am reading it. 😆.

    Relatable characters are special when they are ACTUALLY relatable and not when they are a vague random person.

  32. This might just be in films, but the ‘mean girl’ being the childhood best friend of either the main character or the main characters best friend.

  33. I don't know why is everyone going crazy about asshole characters. It's not a cliche, I'm an asshole to my friends a lot of times, and at least I have something to identify with. I'm not proud of it, but we do exist you know, and our real friends still love us.

  34. The things about families… I can understand it when they're teens…. but you know, when they are young adults (20 or more) and it's totally normal to live out of the their parents house (Really, 25 years old person can live without hisher family),so I guess it's makes more sense for their family not to be involved much in their life. Not every single step they make, they parents know about.

    But other than that, I agree

  35. I feel like we dislike many tropes because it seems like lazy writing, for example, the family aspect, I feel like many writers are just like 'nah, it's too hard to write about the family'

  36. Is that a School for Good and Evil book I see behind you ? Also, here are the cliches I hate so much :

    1. The introducer

    Hi I’m Pearle and I live at … (It’s honestly annoying. Why bother reading the book in the first place when the character already told you all his information ?)

    2. Pretty Ugly

    I’m nothing but an ugly little girl. * Yet describes her as a freaking model * (I honestly hate it)

    3. To find out

    Well, you have to read my story to find out.

    Here’s my story… ( Do I have to explain it ?)

    4. Bad boy

    5. Vampires

    6. “I bumped into a hard wall. Oh, wait ! It was actually a cute guy !”

    7. Starbucks

    (One unrelated topic: That moment when you’re only 11 and you can write better than a 14 year old)

  37. I honestly haven't read any stories with a plain girl attracting tall dark and handsome with a terrible personality. xD The ones i've seen, the girl is always attractive, opinionated and sometimes has a southern accent, not to mention comes from a well to do happy family. Then again, only a certain type of genre attracts me and that's usually romance/fiction or historical romance, not to mention Time travel romantic novels/series and other dimensions. xD

    So, maybe I missed those books with the plain girl, but I'm curious of what books those are; gives me something a little different to read.

  38. I'm quite proud of the fact that my characters get really easily confused when they get given new information on what's happening to them that's going to change their lives to at least some degree

  39. i found it funny how almost all of these cliches are on twilight xD
    those were literally the first books i've read in my life, so for me they weren't cliches but super originals and interesting hahahaha now i look back and say "wow, why did i like them THAT much?"

  40. I hate stories where like sex (maybe kissing) is such a taboo thing. They are always 16 yr old girls and they find this guy who's had tons of sex but she's a virgin that's waiting for the special guy

  41. One thing I hate is the blonde mean girls. I know I'm not blonde but still don't be hating on blonds like that I'm sure they aren't all that bad.

  42. I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES!!!! I mean, love is support to be between two people who DON'T have eyes for another, no matter how 'mysterious and irresistible' the other person. What's even annoying is that the main character knows they're leading that 1st/2nd person on and say they love the other person, but when that 2nd/1st person starts to move on, the main character suddenly 'loves' them again. You only love the attention. Stop playing with their heart strings!!!😡😡😡😡💔💔💔💔

  43. I cringe whenever I read about the misunderstood bad boy who is just abusive to the fragile girl who is described as strong and pure of heart but without him she is just lost and she is the only one who can save him and I understand this is a run-on sentence but this irks me so much I just had to rant.

  44. I really hate the 'I'm the most bullied/hated kid in school' trope. It creates this princess complex, as if this person cannot function without their 'quirky and outgoing bestfriend' or their potential love interest defending them.

  45. #2 about the bad boy trope, EXACTLY. I have a character in an on-going teen fiction story hat contradicts the bad boy concept, but fits in too: mysterious and brooding, wearing black leather and stuff, but is also the top student at school, and silver-tongued savage. His best friend is also a girl, not some jock or a gay guy like 75% of YA fiction has.

    Also, I really hate the idea that every male lead has this testosteroney attitude that pisses girls off at first convo, but then ends up falling for them in the end. That's just….ugh. And I'm a straight guy, so that just says alot.

  46. Hey, you should read this, it's a fantasy world shrunk into a short story. I think first of its kind. Let me know your review. https://www.amazon.com/Lighting-world-broke-thrice-single-ebook/dp/B07NDGB675/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=87DWNQ1W75GX1HFM4XMG

  47. Omg the TOG series is the first cliche like celaena in the first books is like a love you but then she is like no I love you more, and then after a monster battle fight she suddenly doesn’t love him goes to another continent and loves this other dude who was her soulmate all along. I wish they just introduced him in the first book but tbh celaena got boring after the first three but I love elide, manon, and yrene.

  48. why do all of the stories have to be in a woman/girls point of view, I mean, I'm a girl… but I would like to see some books that are under the guys point of view. guys have feelings too.

  49. The ones I hate the most is the plain-jane who attracts the hottest guy ever & the love interest who is mean to the main character and somehow he/she falls in love with them! In real life that is so abusive!

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