Top 8 scrapped features from Battlefield

86 thoughts on “Top 8 scrapped features from Battlefield

  1. totally didnt add that in bf4 they were going to make it possible to use a ballistic shield and shoot a pistol. They werent able to put it into the game because last gen consoles couldn't handle it.

  2. Shanghai at night, under water weapons in bf2, hitting grenades with your shovel and trench digging in bf1, I wish they made it to the full game. Its weird how I pictured all those except for under water weapons in bf2, before I even saw the video. Oh, an NEEBS GAMING!!!

  3. a top (insert number here) list that is straight to the point and isn't stretched to over 10:00 long? dont mind if i do.

  4. Star Wars battlefront 2 was supposed to have a sequel. Though the game was never released, it's alpha was found and was released on the Xbox 360 though the system has to be modded to allow the game to run.

  5. For a split second at 1:35, Battlefield Friends reference It says "Jeep Stuff".
    Which is what the nOOb in the series calls C4

  6. I can see the heal dart being removed for difficulty. Imagine Ana from Overwatch except you only have one shot and have to reload every shot, even if you miss.

  7. Anyone else notice that kill with the C4 on the tank (during the nighttime Siege of Shanghai clip) came up on screen as "Jeep Stuff"? Love it. 🙂

  8. An enemy wheel barrel would have changed the way we viewed the battlefield franchise for years to come. So sad…

  9. I miss proper clicky TV missiles. I miss the two-seater bombers and the laser-designated bombs. They were great, and they never came back. ;_;

  10. The "Hitting Grenades back" would be so useful with todays meta in BF1 of Grenade Spam.
    I would've also loved to have been able to dig trenches, expecially in the French DLC maps where there's so much open land.

  11. digging would have been cool but lets be honest that would cause so many issues in the maps not yo mention players can be real assholes and woukd without a doubt exploit the shit out of digging

  12. i still play bf4 cuz its better game than bf1 (when i play beta its looks better) so i want back night mode of maps its looks better and at this moment we have only one night map ah and in bfhardline shield cover ur backs when u didn use it in bf 4 not maybe update? xD

  13. When I heard about bf1 oh this would be cool watching two teams charge at each other to their trenches under fire but it’s COD with boots on the ground with player vehicles

  14. Are you telling me I could have had actual trench warfare in Battlefield 1 whose layout was dictated by player action and DICE chose NOT to implement it because they thought it would screw up the map?! JFC DICE! Just make it so you can’t dig a damn hole within a certain distance of a solid object or building! Jeez…

  15. The two things I'm most pissed about with Battlefield is leaving out Siege and Golmud night maps and the trench digging. I really really wanted the two night maps because they looked so good and more mp games need night maps.

  16. There are left over un-used files in BF2:SF which were for "Fast ropes" so you can eject from a blackhawk. Because it was too buggy, and the pilot would require it to be utterly still, it was scrapped. Though the same similar files have been used in project reality for the grapling hook.

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