Top five assaults on politicians – This is Genius

Politicians can be infuriating. So, although
it’ll probably get you bundled to the ground, sometimes it’s worth grabbing whatevers to
hand and walloping them with it. 5. PLACARDS On January 20th it was UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s
turn to get it from an anti fox-hunting protestor with a placard or makeshift kosh. 4. EGGS A classic this. Countless politicians have
taken these to the face, including Ed Miliband at a market. Something something protest free
range market economy pun. As rolly poly jolly sort John Prescott. Charming…
Proved, when hit with dairy products, you can get even Or in David Cameron’s case you can get hungry. 3. Manifestos Sort of a flip reverse, this. Godfrey Bloom
taking it out on Channel 4 News’ Michael Crick. See, he’s not racist, he’s taking that magazine
full of white people and using it to beat down a white person. 2. A ladder To Taiwan now where in 2010 a brawl kicked
off in parliament. Politicians from the Democratic Progressive party hauled one of their comrades
up so he could lash out at a group of opposition politicians. Who responded with brute force
and a… er… cushion. That’s not how you do it. A ladder, better. Security quickly intervened before anyone
was hurt in the brawl, which kicked off over a law to change how local judges are selected. 1. Shoes And we were going to end with President Kennedy
being hit with bullets but that was a bit dark and the footage was expensive, so here’s
journalist Muntadar Al Zaidi giving George Bush a gift from the people of Iraq in 2008.

61 thoughts on “Top five assaults on politicians – This is Genius

  1. .  not that acting like some smack head  is a good thing ,
    Nigel Farage
    fox hunting p.m.s.l .. think some one did to much drugs and got the wrong man .

  2. Whatever happened to the shoe guy? I heard he was gonna do time but there was giant outrage and he was released, and I also remember the shoe manufactures couldn't keep that brand in stock either

  3. Youtube this – 'Nigel Farage UKIP : We Are Now Run By Big Business, Big Banks and Big Bureaucrats'
    How our democracy is being destroyed by the EU.

  4. Omfg did u just be serious with that "taking a magazine from white people and beat up white people with it"? If so then go fuck u and ur fucking channel if this is ur opinion to racism that these simple things of shit are acts of racism? Damn
    And if u were making fun im apologizing heartly and want u to know that anger makes me dumb

  5. Let's be fair on Nigel Farage! I was at the demo, also filming, and Farage was tapped on the head by someone protesting about his racist policies. He's a bit more anti-people than he is anti-animals! My film is called Nigel Farage in Margate.

  6. Hey that politician should be jailed that wasn't his slave to punish. He destroying someone's. Property sorry bad joke but unfortunately those on the work force are the new slave. Reporters are generally no different unless you're part of the state-run media, then your slowly selling out your species and forfeiting your soul, spreading and aiding lies that effect you as much as those they betray. Remember you gotta live in this mess aswell

  7. i like how when nigel farage gets hit by an egg he runs off in his range rover (in another video), but ed milliband just takes it and carries on. 

  8. Haha george bush looked like he was used to getting shoes thrown because they were good dodges 😂

  9. John Prescott/is clearly in the wrong game/he should of joined a gym and took up boxing ha ha brilliant watching that farmers face expression change so quickly.


  11. this is not as bad as Trump suppurters being beaten up by liberals on the streets, or nacionalists being threatened by muslims in Europe , or whites being anihilated and brutaly murdered Just because they claim independence in south africa

  12. Bush looked kind of amused when he was dodging the shoes being thrown at him. Also, he dodged them pretty well like he's used to having things thrown at him.

  13. History often paints Winston Churchill in a favourable light. Justifiably too some may argue. But he was as much detested in some quarters as applauded. Before the second World War he promised the industrial workers of the Midlands a better deal. Then he changed political allegiance and reneged on his promises. Many of the factory workers had previously lost friends, sons and brothers at Gallipoli which was viewed by some as Churchill's vainglorious folly. For right or wrong they never forgave the man.
    So when Churchill later visited Wednesbury all the workers filed out of the factories and lined the Wood Green Road where his car would approach from. There were hundreds of them on each side of the road.
    They stood in silence, then as Churchill's car drove past they turned their backs on him as they turned their coats inside out.
    Not as funny as an egg to his face but a lot more savage.

  14. They say if you stab right wing politician you get paid by go funding in Australia… And Aussies enjoy watching physical attacks.

  15. I wonder if the person posting this has been advised that inciting others to assault is itself a criminal offence? Saying it’s worth a protester grabbing whatever is to hand and walloping them with it, is I would suggest sufficient evidence of incitement……is that a heavy knocking you can hear at your door?

  16. The magazine thing was great. Who unironically counts and cares about the colour of faces on a broschure?

  17. Farage is a wimp. He shouts at Euro MPs in a setting where he knows they won't deck him, but look at him here. Pathetic.

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