TOP NOTCH: Battlefield 1’s DLC Packs Ranked from Worst to Best

All of Battlefield 1’s downloadable content
has arrived, and each of the game’s DLC packs has its positives and negatives. There are some great maps, weapons, and vehicles
in all of them – but let’s look at how they stack up against each other. Here are all four Battlefield 1 expansions
ranked from worst to best. Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse DLC might be
the newest expansion to the game, but it’s far from the best. This DLC took the curious route of dividing
content between traditional maps and an Air Assault game mode. There are only three maps featuring ground
combat in the expansion – and we’ve come to expect four as a minimum. Although Air Assault added two aerial maps,
I’ve yet to touch the new game mode, because it doesn’t really appeal to me. That’s about half the DLC that I’m not
playing, which leaves Apocalypse feeling a little underwhelming. Apocalypse did add some new weapons. The Howell Automatic Rifle, LMG 08/18, Ross
Rifle, and Revolver Mk VI are all excellent, but the RSC SMG and Enfield rifle are a bit
awkward to use. DICE also added a couple aircraft that brought
some visual variety if nothing else. Another bright spot in the DLC is the Livens
Projector. This emplacement is fun to use on ground maps
like Caporetto, especially if you know where all the locations are. If you don’t you can check out the video
link on the screen or in the description. Lastly, DICE didn’t disappoint with the
expansion’s melee weapons. Apocalypse content was touted as brutal and
improvised, and they nailed that description with the meat cleaver and prybar. The challenge to unlock the broken bottle
was also a nice touch. Although Apocalypse brought some solid additions
to Battlefield 1, it just doesn’t measure up to the amount of content added with my
number 3 choice – In the Name of the Tsar. The Russian-themed DLC was in a word, “Massive.” It featured six maps, and some of the largest
in Battlefield 1, like Volga River and Galicia. However, for me it’s all about quality over
quantity. I love Lupkow Pass, Brusilov Keep, and Tsaritsyn,
but the others just seem to be Russian sniper conventions. What In the Name of the Tsar lacked in map
quality, it made up for in weapons. The DLC added a whopping 11 new guns, and
most of them are excellent. Players love the Fedorov Avtomat, the Obrez,
and the now-beastly SMG 08/18. The DLC also gave some love to the cavalry
class, adding the lance. For vehicles, the Putilov Garford is largely
forgettable, but the monstrous Ilya Muromets bomber is a force to be reckoned with, especially
in the right hands. In second place is Turning Tides. Although the naval-themed DLC had fewer maps
than In the Name of the Tsar, they are all blockbusters. Achi Baba is one of the best infantry-only
maps in Battlefield 1, and Heligoland Bight features a crazy amount of vehicles and hot
behemoth on behemoth action. Cape Helles and Zeebrugge are fun amphibious
maps with some serious historical flair. The weapons in Turning Tides were fewer, but
more unique. The assault class got the minimatico and semi-auto
Trench Carbine (car-bine), while the Medic class added the versatile Farquhar-Hill. Scouts seem to love the Arisaka and Carcano,
and the Browning LMG is a solid option for Support players. New vehicles included the C-Class airship
and Destroyer, plus we also got a new elite in the Infiltrator. To me, Turning Tides is smaller in scale than
other DLCs, but it’s all killer and no filler. Still, it can’t really hold a candle to
the best expansion of Battlefield 1: The French-themed They Shall Not Pass. This DLC was full of surprises. By bumping the number of maps from four to
six, developers kind of made up for the long wait for new content after Giant’s Shadow. They Shall Not Pass added two of my favorite
maps in Battlefield 1: Verdun Heights and Fort de Vaux. These infantry-only maps are everything I
love about the Battlefield franchise. Soissons and Rupture aren’t bad either,
providing a compelling setting for air and land battles. The surprise addition of Nivelle Nights and
Prise de Tahure to the DLC was a welcome one, and they gave players a taste of night combat. The expansion also added a new Behemoth in
the gargantuan Char 2C, plus a new elite in the wily Trench Raider. The Saint Chamond tank stands apart from other
options due to its low profile, and don’t forget the DLC added the Siege Howitzer. The guns of They Shall Not Pass remain some
of my favorite to date. The Sjogren Shotgun and Ribeyrolles gave the
Assault class the ability to dig in, the Chauchat gave support players a skill cannon, Scouts
enjoy the higher ammo capacity offered by the Lebel, and Medics love the one-two punch
of the RSC. I’d be lying if I didn’t say one of the
main reasons this DLC ranks #1 is the addition of the French Army itself. Many players were bewildered by DICE’s decision
not to include France in the base game, given the location of the fighting on the Western
Front. I’m happy to say They Shall Not Pass was
a worthy tribute to the Poilu. What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1’s
DLC? How would you rank them? Tell me
in the comments.

100 thoughts on “TOP NOTCH: Battlefield 1’s DLC Packs Ranked from Worst to Best

  1. Wish they put in the Serbians cause seriously the Italians did almost nothing except for capareto but that map sucks

  2. Am I imagining things or was 4 new behemoths and 4 new elite kits promised in the season pass? I genuinely don't know if my mind imagined it but I remember being excited about the DLCs specifically for behemoths??

  3. Okay, to balance this commenting conquest: I really like Apocalypse, more than anything in Tsar. Tsar might have more maps but half of them were boring filler copypasta. Three maps in Apo are the most detailed and complex maps in game.

  4. I love the French dlc but night maps in bf1 are annoying too play because everyone hides and I have terrible night vision.

  5. TSNP by far had the best maps, ITNOTS has the best guns. No joke probably 2/3 of my time played are on the French maps alone

  6. In my opinnion In The Name Of The Tsar is best DLC, because we got 11 guns, 6 maps, eastern front and russian civil war

  7. i feel like in the name of tsar didn't really have good maps in the dlc mostly because they were so huge but the weapons in the dlc are amazing

  8. My ranking would be
    1. They Shall Not Pass
    2. In the Name of the Tsar
    3. Turning Tides
    4. Apocalypse
    And you already said the reason why They Shall Not Pass is the best DLC the weapons, the new vehicle, the elite class and the maps.

  9. My favourite Battlefield One map is still Galicia, it being one of the few maps where it felt more like trenchline vs. attackers instead of running around with an SMG.

  10. Apocalypse dlc was kinda dissapointing. I was hoping for more apocalypse maps like the french Verdun and night maps. I was also expecting the distant gass clouds in pashiondale to cover the map halfway through and make it so everyone has to wear a gasmask

  11. 4. Apocalypse (worst)
    3. Turning Tides
    2. Russian
    1 French
    They just kept getting worse and worse, so much for going out with a bang.

    Side note: Conquest Assult sucks.

  12. My favorite DLCs for weapons are the Russian DLC and Apocalypse. The Howell on medic and the Ross on scout are really fun to use. But map wise, Turning Tides is my favorite.

  13. All the DLCs are amazing, but the best one is IN THE NAME OF TSAR.
    When they relased this DLC they gave us a fully enjoyable maps, guns, game mode and the new “Perk” system, a huge change in the game were added, the game became more playable, I hope they avoid what they did wrong in BF1 so the next BF game become THE BEST FPS Game on current generation.

  14. Uhhhh whoever decided to rank turning tides above in the name of the tsar needs to be shot with a fucking coastal cannon

  15. The air assault ruined apocalypse if we got 2 more infantry maps and a faction like the Belgian army or the Canadians it would be a better dlc. Vimy Ridge would be a good map.

  16. I’d rank them like this:
    1) They Shall Not Pass
    2) In the Name of the Tsar
    3) Turning Tides
    4) Apocalypse

    They Shall Not Pass is easily the best one. Great content and map variety. When it came out, it is all I played for a month in BF 1.

    In the Name of the Czar is second for me because of the snow maps, in addition to several excellent weapons introduced. Tsaritsyn, Albion, Brusslov’s Keep, and Lupkow Pass all felt very immersive and fairly well-balanced for fighting. Galicia and Volga River admittedly feel like a sniper fest, so that puts it in my #2 slot.

    Turning Tides’ weapons were much less exciting IMHO. The maps were pretty good. Zebrugge is a blast to play and Achi Baba is one of my absolute favorite infantry-only maps as well. However, Cape Helles doesn’t seem to stand out very much as far as map design goes, and though I think Heligoland Bight is stunning to look at, as far as infantry combat goes, it heavily favors snipers and longer range combat. IMHO, it would have been improved with a network of tunnels (Fort Vaux style) running through the central mountain. That would bring assaults and closer range weapons into play more.

    Finally, Apocalyse. Ah, Apocalypse. It could have been so much more. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fun to play, and I actually really like Caporetto. Nonetheless, I feel it was a waste to devote 2 maps to solely air combat. DICE can’t outdo War Thunder when it comes to arcade flying and they definitely can’t appeal to hardcore flight simmers enough to warrant giving air combat its own exclusive maps. I should know. I’ve flown the WW1 flight sim “Rise of Flight” for more than 5 years now. My mentality is that if I want to fly a biplane, I’ll do it in Rise of Flight. I come to BF 1 for the infantry combat. Thus, I am disappointed that Apocalypse did not include more conquest maps. But hey, maybe they’ll release a few more maps like they did with the French DLC? C’mon DICE… 🙂

  17. Whenever I think of rupture or soisonn I think of getting absolutely dunked on by planes whenever I play as infantry

  18. Personally I like the RSC SMG very much. I think it feels very powerful, but sure it looks bad and the magazine is small. I just like the punch it feels it has when I hipfire

  19. The order in which they were released is best to worst. They shall not pass is the best. Apocalypse is the worst.

  20. The French DLC was the best in my opinion too for all the same reasons but I felt that it got the least amount of love

  21. Honestly Turning Tides was my favorite. I liked that two maps were ground combat and the other two were naval as I LOVE naval combat. And the rest of the content added was amazing for me. All the guns were great (yes even the minimatico) and the new elite kit was by far my favorite of all the elite classes in the game.

  22. In my opinion, In The Name of Tsar is the best. The weapons are pretty good, and also the heavy bomber plane, assault truck, and the calvary lance.

  23. Imagine what would happen if they made a HUGE map larger than Amiens and Argonne Forest combined, with 100 vs 100. That would be so cool. And some would say it would be a sniper cluster fuck, but I think it would make the game very cinematic.

  24. Best DLC: turning tides.Best maps:Halligoland bight, Amiens, achibaba, verdun, passendaile, Somme, zeebrugge, soisson.My least favorite is, and contrary to popular opinion is fort de vaux, way too much grenade spam.

  25. I love the turning tides DLC because on heligoland bight you have naval warfare with battleship vs battleship, destroyers, coastal airships, planes, torpedo boats, and vs the new elite which can attack ships with the flare.

  26. I absolutely hated turning tides. It was mostly the map design of the operation maps. Grenade cluster fucks and spawn trapping for days. Apocalypse was ass too. In the name of the Tsar was good and the French dlc was amazing

  27. In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, They Shall Not Pass, and then Apocalypse is my list from greatest to worst.

  28. Never got the game when it came out but played a little with friends, just got the game and all the dlc for $9 on the Microsoft store

  29. Apocalypse was so disappointing. I wish we got a map between the Russians and Ottomans in the Caucasus area, and a new faction like Japan or Bulgaria. Maybe even a map based on the Battle of Jutland.

  30. They Shall Not Pass.
    Soissons is beautiful and everyone gets a chance at trench raider on Nivelle Nights
    Overall, trench raider is dope.

  31. really wish for a Nazi DLC so we can get there point of view
    and just cause I'm Greek I would've loved a Greek DLC but it's okay it's not in the game

  32. Ranked in my opinion:

    In the name of the tsar: My god I sank stupid hours into this. I know every inch of Tsaritsin and Volga River
    They Shall Not Pass: Really immersive. Some of my favourite maps ever. Also blue French uniforms
    Apocalypse: Little underwhelming but the maps really felt like WW1
    Turning Tides: Liked Zeebrugge and Heligoland but massively hurt by biding split in two imo

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